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The Block Is Open For Inspection This Weekend

If you live in Melbourne and want to check out the deluxe apartments the four teams have been renovating well now is your chance this week.

The Block is open for inspection.

Here are the details:

The Block is open for inspection this weekend. Thousands of people are expected to attend this great family day out as Alisa, Lysandra, Brad, Dale, Kyal, Kara, Steve and Chantelle open their doors to give the public an exclusive sneak peek of the luxury warehouse apartments they have created. Host Scott Cam and site foreman Keith will also be there to meet and greet fans of Nine’s top-rating program.

WHEN: Saturday, March 22 & Sunday, March 23 between 10.00am – 2.00pm

WHERE: 47 O’Grady Street, Albert Park

Hopefully Steve will have shaved off his wolverine beard off by now.


1 Carol (without the e) { 03.20.14 at 11:24 am }

Would anyone seriously consider flying to another state to see this? I imagine that accommodation will be hard to get… and parking? forget it!

Even if it was in Sydney, I still think the crowds would be enough to put you off.

Does anyone on this board live in Melbourne and do you plan to go and have a look?

2 Tell It Like It Is { 03.20.14 at 12:06 pm }

Couldn’t imagine anything worse. Standing in queues for hours on end. Screaming brats. Fake hype. Roped off rooms. Crowds pushing and shoving. No room to stand back and appreciate any of the rooms. I wouldn’t go even if I lived one “Block” away.

3 Maz { 03.20.14 at 12:11 pm }

I think it would depend on a)how obsess you are with the show b) whether you won the competition they are currently running to see the Block and c) whether or not there are outstanding design/architectural features that warrant closer inspection.

We all know the latter c) is absent. b)we never win anything so why bother entering; and a) define obsession?

But if anyone lives close by and visits please spare no details on this site :)

4 Lebay { 03.20.14 at 3:12 pm }

Hubby wanted to drive down from Sydney to go but made a mistake with his dates. D’oh! We went to the open for All Stars and it was great! Some tips? One person hop in the line, the other find parking. The lines look long but actually move quite fast, and people come up and down the lines handing out freebies and with entertainment. Be careful what you say, because they are taping EVERYTHING, hubby and I were filmed (unaware) talking to Phil and Amity and it ended up on the final episode (we are middle aged, didn’t have kids with us and not at all photogenic). We are going to go to the Mitre 10 quite a few suburbs away to see Brad and Dale though :)

5 Eliza { 03.20.14 at 3:41 pm }

Back when they had the show in Bondi I never bothered because that place is hard enough to find a park on a normal day! If you live in Melbourne though Albert Park is easily accessible on the tram.

The twins will be appearing at my local shopping centre early next month for a “styling session” but I sadly (or happily) will be away on holidays.

6 bella vita { 03.21.14 at 4:00 am }

I’ve been past all The Block apartments in Melbourne over the years in my own time. Some of the couples I’ve either seen out the front too. Never been to an open (but friends have and they got there at 2am and some still missed out). I’m too old and stupid to do that!!

7 Gabby { 03.21.14 at 12:21 pm }

If I lived in Melbourne or happened to be down there, I would go along for a squizz. Why not? After all I have been following it nightly, I’d love to see it in the flesh.
Where are you off to for your holidays Eliza, are you taking Internet so you are able to keep in touch?

8 Andrea Owens { 03.21.14 at 7:32 pm }

I took my daughter to the Block Sky High last year. Yes we got there at 7am and had to stand in a line for five hours, but it was worth it. We got to meet the couples. We even met Keith and Scotty. The rooms were not roped off and you could enter every room. We got heaps of goodies, t-shirts and hats. It was a great day.

9 Gabby { 03.23.14 at 2:04 pm }

Everyone is getting a bit antsy as it gets nearer to completion of Masters and ensuite’s.
Loving the twin’s void. Not sure about the boy’s and the size of their ensuite with the bath in it. I still think the bath should have gone in the main bathroom or both.
One thing I think Steve and Chantelle are making a big mistake with, is going for black in the main bedroom. Don’t they remember what happened in the challenge at the pub when they designed bedrooms and one of the teams did a black bedroom and the judges hated it and said you should never do black in the the bedroom? Obviously they don’t. For goodness sake, Shelley tried to drop enough hints.
Also caught a glimpse of a lamp Steve was hanging and it looks like C has been back to one of her favourite bargain shops to help with her styling.
Loving the sound of the K’s bathroom.
Bring on tonight.