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The Face Australia – The Top 12 Now Selected


Naomi Campbell certainly got her scrag on in the first episode of The Face Australia. However in some of the scenes her fiery nature appeared to be an act to create faux tension on the reality TV show.

Nicole Trunfio, Naomi and Cheyenne Tozzi are the mentors and like The Voice they have to pick a team of models they are going to mentor. Cheyenne kept out of the inter mentor debate by just selecting girls no one else wanted but Nicole was not shy about taking Naomi on.

Both of them wanted Sarah a very slim 18 year old who looked a bit like Nicole herself. Nicole in her pitched told Sarah she would give her more time then Naomi would. Basically saying Naomi is only going to be there when the cameras are on. Naomi told her she was rude and to take it back. She then stormed off  leaving Sarah standing on stage like a shag on a rock.

Petulant’s in an over 40 year old woman is not something you see very often but it Naomi has it down to a fine art. Though not sure why she was being like that considering none of the models would be game to go with anyone but the supermodel. Sarah did select her over Nicole as did Chantel.

All the mentors need to work on the rejections of the models as each time they all turn a model down they all started studiously studying their feet.


Brittaney, declared she was an international model, published author and a psychic should have an interesting dynamic with Naomi.  She has accomplished this by the ripe old age of 21. But her bio reveals she works as a checkout chick between gigs. Also on Team Naomi is  Chantal, Ruth and Sarah. Team Nicole is Anoushka, Shenika, Melise and Susan. Team Cheyenne consists of Natalie, Nikolina, Olivia and Yaya. The girls are competing to be a brand ambassador for Olay.

Who did you like?



1 Helena { 03.19.14 at 2:01 pm }

Cheyenne is so beautiful! she reminded me of Kristy Hinze- one of my favourites is Yaya, although she will need a lot of training. I really didn’t find Naomi that out of line (I thought she would be worse! ;p) I would have been too frightened to say no to her! :o)

2 Andie { 03.24.14 at 7:35 pm }

oh sweetie, “Petulant’s”? really? Gross spelling errors are not something you see very often from those who hold themselves out to be writers…