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My Kitchen Rules – Josh And Danielle Should Be Feeling Pissed Off

Josh and Danielle were done hard done by last night in the cooking a BBQ lunch for construction workers challenge. Sure they put too much on the plate and putting apple in potato salad is a food crime but serious sent to sudden death ahead of Vikki and Helena’s very pedestrian Honey and Soy Chicken Skewer served with corn. Also Carly and Tresne’s Prawn Skewers with undercooked rice surely should have been judged worse then the Victorian couple.

Vikki and Helena told the judges that they had never been to Asia so that was why their dish was so bad, unfortunately the judges did not tell them to open a cook book. Honey and Soy is Harry and Christo standard. Also the corn dished up with it was underwhelming and unimaginative. Vikki seemed to spend more time getting set up on faux dates with the construction workers.

Carly and Tresne did not even have their dish ready to go when the workers arrived and all they had to do was devein and shell prawns, cook rice and thread the prawns on skewers. Not that difficult. Maybe if Carly worked faster instead of having an anxiety attack about not doing a circle of empowerment their dish might have been better.

There was too much on Josh and Danielle’s dish and that was why they were punished. There were Prawn and Chorizo Skewers with Seared Beef, Chimichirri Sauce and a weird potato salad. It would be preferable if the judges just penalised people who cannot cook at all at this stage of the competition not ones who do to much.

Also Cathy needs to remind Anna who paid for her fancy private school education as the way she spoke to mother was appalling. By the end of this competition Cathy is going to be curled up a corner rocking back and forwards with all the abuse hurled at her. Because nothing is ever Anna’s fault. Last night she was screamed at for resting the steaks on top of each other “they will sweat”. Cathy accidentally throwing out the vinegar dressing when she thought it was water. Cathy told her that she had asked her and she had said yes. Anna was ripping up coriander like it was her head muttering You are lucky you are my mother”. At that point Cathy must have been thinking she was unlucky to have a daughter like that.

Their Beef Rendang did not get great reviews from the judges as they had cooked the steak separately (rare of course) and then put it in the sauce. Pete thought it was OK but Manu was scathing.

Chloe and Kelly were smart with their dish. Cooking Bourbon Lamb Cutlets. Alcohol – tick, red meat – tick. Kelly appeared to be looking down her noise at Vikki for being perpetually single saying she thought she was too arrogant. However has Kelly actually got a boyfriend or had one for longer then six months?

Uel and Shanelle were smart and went with a Korean inspired dish. Considering most of the big building sites are filled with Korean’s on 457 visas. Or maybe that was in years gone past. They cooked BBQ Korean Beef and Seafood Pancake. Pete Evans loved it. Are the pair finally finding their competition legs?

Paul and Blair made an Indonesian Pork with Satay Sauce. They ran out of sauce and had to thin it out with water.  The judges got one of these plates and they were not impressed. The pork was also dry. Not good but not as bad as some.

Thalia and Bianca continue to not put a foot wrong in the competition as they made a very nice Mexican Chicken Skewers with Guacamole. They were told they had the best presented dish of the day. Bree and Jessica also did a very nice Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

However it was Chloe and Kelly who won the builders vote and will get the advantage in the next round. Clearly they will use it for evil rather then good.

Sunday looks interesting with Jessica having a mega meltdown and walking off from the food truck.



1 Suit { 03.20.14 at 1:31 pm }

Completely agree! Josh and Danielle were trying to feed hungry men, so they tried to put lots on the plate. As much as I like Carly and Tresne, they had the worst dish of the day. How do you expect a massive pot of rice like that to cook quickly.

2 drb123 { 03.20.14 at 1:34 pm }

Anna talking to her Mum like that reminds me of that Tasmanian shrew who used to browbeat her jazzman husband. I find it hard to watch

3 Georgie { 03.20.14 at 1:44 pm }

Prue and Trude are becoming more like their alter egos Kath and Kim. Kath puts up with all Kim’s shit and let’s her get away with blue murder. I’d like to see Kath put Kim on her anorexic arse – just once!

4 Anonymous { 03.20.14 at 1:52 pm }

Surprised that the world travellers didn’t know that jack Daniels is not actually Bourbon, but in fact Tennesee Whiskey.

5 Gidgitvonlarue { 03.20.14 at 1:53 pm }

I don’t think Anna and her mum got one vote – they should have been going to elimination – simple as that. CERTAINLY not Josh & Danielle. I agree with Suit – I like Carly and Tresne as well but they should have been picked if they are doing this ‘judges pick who goes to elimination’ business.
Yet again for the amount of time given – even out in the elements – too many teams are too unorganized. The surfer dads – not making enough sauce – what were they thinking? Then using WATER? Jesus – better to make people wait and make up another batch.

6 daisy { 03.20.14 at 3:06 pm }

Yeah beef rending that wasn’t.

I think Cathy did well to suck it up with the cameras but I hope at home she stands up to Anna.

Josh and Danielle have shown repeatedly that they can’t cook or make good choices about food so I don’t care if they go.
As far as those who keep churning out bad or mediocre food it doesn’t matter which of the worst go first.

7 Picnic { 03.20.14 at 3:11 pm }

My sister in law makes a Dutch style potato salad that has grated apple and it is the best potato salad I have ever eaten, we always request she brings it to family gatherings
Agree Cathy and Anna or Carly and Tresne should have been in sudden death

8 Chris W { 03.20.14 at 3:17 pm }

Based of Pete and Manu’s judging thise year, it would have been better to have under-cooked the potatoes, then they would have been safe. Their food was underwhelming, but at least it was edible. unlike under-cooked rice.

9 Sandii { 03.20.14 at 3:38 pm }

How funny was Colin the other night when he said to the ever smiling Tresne to “stop smiling”

10 techhater { 03.20.14 at 4:03 pm }

I think there’s something definitely wrong in the C&A household. Cathy really beats herself up when something goes wrong and takes the blame always. Twice now she has asked Miss Smarmy Ar$e did she need “whatever” and both times she’s said no, Cathy tips it out and cops sh*t for it. If she was my daughter……..well……..thank goodness my daughter has way more respect than her.

But at the end of the day Cathy only has herself to blame for the way she’s treated.

11 Littlepetal { 03.20.14 at 4:52 pm }

What Cathy and Anna did was not Beef Rendang. Anna should know as she is a food critic. She should just named it Beef Curry. I still think the flavours was good. They did manage to cook the rice.

Why did Carly and Tresne decide to cook prawns? You know you dont have time to peel them. They couldn’t even cook the rice on time. By right, they shouldn’t be allowed to continue with the rice,

Paul and Blair were lucky to dodge the bullet. Its only Satay sauce over some pork. But they didn’t make enough sauce. I would think they may originally want to cook pork Satay but Bianca and Thalia are doing some meat on skewers.

So in this challenge if you want to be safe, just cook something nice. Dont worry if you can’t feed everyone. Just make sure you serve the judges. You won’t have the worst dish and you will be safe.

12 daisy { 03.20.14 at 4:54 pm }

TH I have a hunch that Cathy had a domineering mother, probably has a domineering husband, and Anna is the apple of Daddy’s eye. Bullied, yes. I feel sorry for her that she has been so oppressed as to allow herself to be treated like that.

See, Doc Phil isn’t wasted on me.

13 daisy { 03.20.14 at 4:58 pm }

Littlepetal, you were the first personI thought of when I saw the ‘beef rendang’. Any curry needs the meat cooked into the spices and sauce.

I’m with Manu when he said, “Never let me see another curry sauce poured over meat”. I was so surprised that someone who speaks as if she knows cooking (Anna) would have put up that ‘rendang’.

I didn’t see what Paul and Blair did, but I only like satay sauce made from peanuts, not peanut paste.

14 Littlepetal { 03.20.14 at 5:03 pm }

Manu tried to impress us about rendang. I dont think he knew much about rendang until he met his fiancée, a Malaysian.

15 Ali { 03.20.14 at 6:02 pm }

If viewers only knew the true devastatingly heartbreaking back story on why Cathy, old Lady Walcha is sacrificing her pride to appear on MKR:

Cathy, the dowager empress of Walcha stands to lose the family mansion, Downton Abbey (sorry, wrong program). Regardless, Cathy, old Lady Walcha has problems with retention of her ancestral piles: La Maison de Hemorrhoids – and can’t take this sitting down!

She planned to marry off Anna, young Lady Walcha but despite generations of inbreeding, the landed gentry won’t bite. To Cathy’s eternal constipation, I mean consternation Anna is too busy having her bush trimmed by Mellors, the gamekeeper.

Thus, in order to preserve Hemorrhoid Hall, they are reduced to hawking themselves on a reality cooking show and have had to lay off their lackeys, which is why Anna barks at the dowager empress like she’s the hired help.

16 Sandii { 03.20.14 at 6:22 pm }

Ali, too funny. Read of the day!

17 Calorie Loader { 03.20.14 at 7:52 pm }

My favourite quote last night goes to Manu’s butchering the anglais language once more:
‘Buuut you also want to please arse as we will choose ze wickest dish.’

There was Manu overload as he was shown perched on the side of horse head’s BBQ, ‘How’s the jerk going Jessie?’
Jess, ‘It’s getting there.’
Manu, ‘You need to urry, my ‘air is well oiled’.
HH, ‘that’s right Jessie, plus Manu only wants his buns somewhere between Pete’s flour dusted undercarriage and his crispy skinned breasts.’
Manu, ‘ah ha ha ha ho ho ho ho, I zink you ‘ave your sores.’
(Apologies for that but the MKR team just keeps providing sexually explicit material).

Did anyone else think this would be the perfect place for H+C’s swan song? I could just imagine Harry’s charred fingers next to those viscous flames (like something from the HP novels when Dumbledore’s fingers get singed with that horcrux).

18 daisy { 03.20.14 at 8:07 pm }

CL, articulate description of where Manu dreams to have his buns.

And if Pete’s are flour dusted, they are baps. Pete’s four dusted baps.

19 Calorie Loader { 03.20.14 at 8:58 pm }

Baps-yes! Perfect description :)

20 Techhater { 03.20.14 at 9:07 pm }

Daisy @ 12 no Dr Phil is not wasted on you at all. I may call on your knowledge for future case studies.:-P

Ali OMG you nailed it “Downtown Walcha Abbey” and Cathy is doing her best Maggie Smith impresion.

21 daisy { 03.20.14 at 9:11 pm }

Oh dear TH, do I want to be a phsychological case study? 😆

22 Techhater { 03.20.14 at 9:14 pm }

LOL Daisy TAR is on atm I’ll be back when it’s over

23 Jay { 03.20.14 at 9:52 pm }

Hi daisy – I tried Dr Phil today but was rudely interrupted – but clearly I don’t need him I’ll just come to you in future.
Also pretty sure I felt that last remaining stitch that was clinging on boldly pop when I read Ali #15.

24 daisy { 03.20.14 at 10:58 pm }

Sex ‘addicts’ on Phil today Jay. Either that, or they just liked it a lot, apparently.
A repeat.

25 Smythe { 03.21.14 at 1:24 am }

C & K = builders’ choice, more likely producers’ choice. These challenges are stupid since the diners don’t even try everyone’s dishes so how can they really compare. When they announced that C & K had won, I almost retched and lost my dinner.

26 PoRk ChOp { 03.21.14 at 2:00 am }

Ali #15 – brilliant “behind the scenes” reporting. As Manu would say “dat waz zee dryhumph.”

27 PoRk ChOp { 03.21.14 at 5:30 pm }

CL @17…I lufft dat :)

RR, thanks for clearing up the name of “The Darlings” dish.

I must admit to being confused by Manu’s abomination of the English language, again. I was sure he said “Bubba Q Koran Biff wif Suffoot Punkaks!

28 Calorie Loader { 03.21.14 at 11:08 pm }

Cheers PC, I’m enjoying yours and others interpretations of Manu also. 😀 Never heard French quite like it. He could have his own program called…. ‘Just add Sores’ and wait for the magic to unfold.

29 Littlepetal { 03.22.14 at 4:56 pm }

The wardrobe department on MKR need to up their game. We all agree that some of the make up, hair do and clothing were terrible.

Danielle Najda says she felt ‘plump’ thanks to the cooking show’s wardrobe department

Read more:

30 Andrea { 03.22.14 at 5:52 pm }

Thanks LP, I don’t see why the contestants can’t be trusted to wear their own clothes.
Its supposed to be about cooking, not fashion.
I wonder if they do the same in MC?

31 daisy { 03.22.14 at 6:24 pm }

I don’t recall the ridiculous stereotyping of contestants in previous seasons, apart from last season with cup cake and the Mother daughter dress-alikes. They at least need to seriously tone it down or we will soon see these entrants:
Dorothy and the Tin Man
Skipper an Gilligan
Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers
Bonny and Clyde
Minnie and Mickey Mouse
Beavis and Butthead.
Oh that’s right we already have Beavis and Butthead.

32 daisy { 03.22.14 at 6:32 pm }

Gidget and Moondoggie.

33 Andrea { 03.22.14 at 7:28 pm }

Donald and Daisy Duck
Sooty and Sweep.
Abbott and Costello
Martin and Lewis
Laurel and Hardy
Ridge and Brooke
Bo and Hope
It goes on and on!

34 PoRk ChOp { 03.23.14 at 11:22 am }

Dumb and Dumber :)

35 daisy { 03.23.14 at 11:35 am }

Again, PC, been done.

36 daisy { 03.23.14 at 11:35 am }

Again, PC, been done.

Itchy and scratchy.

37 daisy { 03.23.14 at 11:37 am }

Ren and Stympy.

Or here’s a good one for their over zealous hair and costume dept:
Rhett and Scarlett. They could specialize in southern fried chicken and there could be a car challenge in which Scarlett would have to stop to birth a baby.

The Beverly Hillbillies and chitlins.

38 Sandii { 03.23.14 at 1:38 pm }

Donnie and Marie
Bert and patti
Hugh grant and Divine brown

39 daisy { 03.23.14 at 1:50 pm }

Hugh and Divine…what cooking specialty?

40 Sandii { 03.23.14 at 1:58 pm }

Flambé banana maybe

41 daisy { 03.23.14 at 2:00 pm }

Whatever it is, someone will be wiping their mouth.

Didn’t something similar happen to Eddie Murphy when he was asking directions from a man in a dress in a car?

42 Sandii { 03.23.14 at 2:18 pm }

“asking directions”…. Sure!

43 PoRk ChOp { 03.23.14 at 5:31 pm }

daisy @39

Hot dogs w/ English mustard

44 daisy { 03.23.14 at 6:09 pm }

Yeah, or egg on face.

45 daisy { 03.23.14 at 6:12 pm }

British toadie in hole with a southern twist.


Cajun sausage.

Yanky food.

46 layla { 03.23.14 at 6:27 pm }

“Will this be the end of our favourite mums?” So says the MKR ad.

Personally I find Bree worse than Chloe & Kelly. She ain’t a favourite.

47 Andrea { 03.23.14 at 6:32 pm }

I read in a recent magazine that the two “mums” are barely seeing or speaking to each other these days and that on MKR they often argued and spent time apart from each other. Bree wasn’t popular with the other contestants apparently.

48 Littlepetal { 03.23.14 at 7:30 pm }

New Idea – Carly and Tresne are married! Are we surprise? Not really

49 Sandii { 03.23.14 at 7:43 pm }

Did I just hear Bree say ” look at moi, look at moi, Jess, look at moi”

50 Littlepetal { 03.23.14 at 7:44 pm }

You didn’t hear wrong, Sandii