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Real Housewives Of Melbourne – And The Story So Far

Real Housewives of Melbourne has been our most popular dramality series made in Australia and I have been remiss in blogging about it.

It is episode five and a quick update on what has happened previously:

  • Gina asks Jackie the psychic to  tells Gina her partner who lives over is cheating on her. Gina gets insulted specifically asks her to coffee to tell her so. Jackie drags Lydia into it and Gina and Lydia are now not speaking.
  • Janet manages to bed a guy twenty years younger then her (you go girl) and then yaps about it on TV, we have yet to learn if she has a Tindr profile, but look out Warnie.
  • Lydia has her Woody Allen moment when she took her stepson shopping and came out of the dressing room wearing a very sheer dress and asking him what he thought. Inappropriate much?
  • Jackie and Ben are making a ready made cocktail line clearly taking their lead from Bethenny Frankel but good luck to them.
  • Andrea talking talking about how hard it is keeping her five Nanny’s in line including giving them a phone without internet access so they can’t check Facebook whilst at the park.
  • And of course lots of close ups and talk about luxury consumer goods.

And in the latest episode:

  • Chyka and Bruce go out on date. Chyka will need to bring some drama and a plot line or like some of her overseas Real Housewives she will be surplus to requirement. I suspect hubby Bruce, who is slightly camp ,could bust out some plot lines with a bit of razzle. In fact his oneliners over dinner were better than hers. Bruce books out Luna Park and they take a ride on the carriage on the carousel. They hint at a previous outdoor dalliance in years gone past but they don’t get on the ferris wheel and ask for their carriage to be stuck up the top;
  • Jackie and Ben continue to talk about their new ready made cocktail range (Ed’s Note: I will be trying it out for research purposes) and worked with an artist on a graphic.
  • All the girls were went out to an empty bar to celebrate Janet’s birthday except for Lydia who was up in Thredbo. Andrea says she is into personal growth  and decides Gina needs to learn about her behaviour at Ben about Jackie’s housewarming. It appeared Ben actually spoke to Gina but then don’t let the truth get in the way of an ongoing plot line.
  • They head off to a nightclub that Janet’s ex-husband owns and her son runs. It is also drag queen night, which gives both cast and social media users the opportunity to crack jokes about Gina and her resemblance to these performers. To be fair they probably both shop at the same places.
  • Andrea is writing a book about how to be a working mother and her friend Ben Angel convenes a group of working mothers to do some market research. Most of the audience including Melina from last year’s MKR were gobsmacked by Andrea’s philosophy and lack of reality on this issue. Yep Andrea is definitely from Planet Toorak. It should be a short book as it will be how to hire help and include what you need to put on your to-do list. Andrea admitted that even if she is home early she still probably would not interact with her children as that is a job for that the nanny is paid to do.
  • Lydia proved Janet right. Janet thinks she is unintelligent and Lydia being an “art lover” said she thought the Louvre was in London.

Real Housewives of Melbourne on Arena on Sunday’s at 8.30pm. There are also many repeats throughout the week.


1 nadia { 03.25.14 at 8:56 am }

Can’t believe they are still going on about that issue of what Gina did or didn’t say to Lydia who then misinterpreted it to Jackie. Not liking Gina’s use of the ‘c’ word either towards Lydia. Like Janet said they are flogging a dead horse. Interestingly I think I saw Melina from MKR when Andrea was giving that talk to a group of women about her new book.

2 Bazzy { 03.25.14 at 11:34 am }

Bruce slightly camp …………. I think he’s already erected the tent and has the damper in the camp oven!!!