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Survey Suggests People Are Sick Of Reality TV

It looks like people who watch reality TV are like smokers we know people do it but they just don’t want to admit. TV Tonight ran a survey on TV genres and one of the responses revealed that 63 percent of respondents saying the genre they are most tired of is reality TV.

Also it was a genre respondents selected as being very disinterested in. Does that mean the Oz Tam ratings have got it wrong? This could mean there is not as many people watching reality as we think or they are watching it because there is nothing else on or they just don’t want to admit it. Maybe it is there dirty little secret.

There is not denying the fact that last year yet again reality tv was the most popular genre on our screens with My Kitchen Rules being the most popular show closely followed by The Block. Also news websites and gossip mags know reality stars get clicks and sell copy so there is no evidence that the popularity is waning.

Networks are not going to start making other shows to fill prime time particularly the 7.30pm timeslot when they have shows that are brining in a good audience.

What do you think? Are you sick of reality TV?


1 Izobel2 { 03.27.14 at 1:30 am }

No way. I’m an addict. And not even a secret one.

2 lebay { 03.27.14 at 5:48 am }

I really miss the sitcoms to be honest. Reality is great, but there is an overload. Yep, another great Aussie sitcom would be awesome….

3 Georgie { 03.27.14 at 7:51 am }

I’m just sick of the over production of shows. There’s very little left to chance, no competition, no spontaneity, in fact the only ‘reality’ left is in the genre name.

So, so, so tired of the continuous stream of ‘to camera’ pieces from contestants, bleating the same pathetic, scripted catchphrases. Yes MKR, looking at you at the moment.

4 daisy { 03.27.14 at 8:10 am }

I enjoy many RTV shows such as BINTM, IYATO and I love BB, Doc Phil, JJ and Border Security when it’s not a repeat. I want to love MKR and MC but they are making it difficult with all the over production. For instance every season the contestants use the same lines/script. I hated Aussie Bach because it was so scripted too. I just wish the producers would stop over directing the contestants and over dressing them in ridiculous costumes. And what’s with all the braids on MKR this season. They even managed to get Anna into them. And yes, the to camera pieces are boring, repetitive and scripted.

I enjoy good comedy. And right now SBS has been putting on some great shows but RTV really gets you in. It’s no competition since I use the recorder. I think RTV is great if it is allowed to be real.
Oh and there are some interesting docos being aired too. You just have to pay attention to the guide to find them.

5 daisy { 03.27.14 at 8:17 am }

I forgot, I enjoy AR and Survivor, and loved our Aussie AR.

6 Andrea { 03.27.14 at 9:53 am }

Yep, I agree, just keep the reality part real for once, get more average people, not just those who are looking for a career in television or radio, this is especially evident in Big Brother where actors/models/presenters are chosen as contestants. Its all too forced these days, we want contestants to just be themselves.

7 daisy { 03.27.14 at 10:08 am }

I wonder if the producers think we are fooled by their scripted shows. It doesn’t even resemble reality.
The genre needs a new name if it’s going to be stage managed. MKR for instance, is about as real as the B&B.
And I’m loving the new scruffy Ridge BTW. Can’t wait for him and Katy to turn the tables on Brooke. And for Liam to get kicked to the kerb.

8 Andrea { 03.27.14 at 10:10 am }

Do you really like the new Ridge? I can’t warm to him so far, he doesn’t have the same chemistry with Brooke as the old Ridge.

9 daisy { 03.27.14 at 10:14 am }

I love him because he is funny and looks like a tramp in one of Eric’s suits. Also he is way better than the wooden carousel horse who played the last Ridge. I think he is more natural than the rest of the cast. Plus I enjoyed everyone telling him he hadn’t changed.

And he’s giving Katy his chemistry set now.

10 Andrea { 03.27.14 at 10:16 am }

No, he hasn’t changed one bit hah hah!

11 Maz { 03.27.14 at 11:01 am }
12 Georgietake2 { 03.27.14 at 2:44 pm }

Lebay – I miss sitcoms too, and shows that had a beginning, middle, end per episode. Tired of twisted and convoluted story lines that go no where.

13 Kess { 03.27.14 at 6:05 pm }

No we are not sick of reality TV, we are sick of everything being labelled RTV.
Talent contests – RTV, no idea why they are labelled this
Cooking contests – RTV, no idea why, should be a game show
Dating shows – RTV, what, adds for eharmony, and a bunch of male and femail sluts, nothing real to see here.

Go Back where You Came from – RTV!, internationally awarded documentary. When did documentaries change labels, and why?

Really it is lazy TV people labelling anything with a real person in it RTV that is annoying.
Next it will be the news, and actually ACA is more RTV than anything else, scripted whingers.

14 Dixie { 08.20.14 at 10:31 am }

ABSOLUTELY I’m sick of reality TV shows! They always spotlight the most extreme kind of people, not only in their actions and foul speech that has to be bleeped out in every other sentence, but in their scuzzy appearance , full of tattoos, braided beards and multicolored Mohawk hairdoos. Or men and women making absolute fools of themselves with no shame or embarassment in sight. TV doesn’t even resemble what it was 15 years ago. You bet I’ve had it with RT!