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My Kitchen Rules – Some Teams Soaring Other Floundering

It was team versus team last night in their bid to stay out of the sudden death cook off on My Kitchen Rules. Bree and Jessica who were the next highest earners in the pop up restaurant after the now immune Paul and Blair, got to choose who they would cook off against. Surprisingly they chose Tahlia and Bianca who  have shown they are better cooks then their age would suggest. As they got to pick the protein the Tassie girls were strategic and picked game meat. Interesting choice considering they only had 30 minutes to cook it in. Bree and Jessica made Thai Duck Salad, and Tahlia and Bianca made Deep Fried Spiced Squab. They had never cooked with squab before and by keeping it simple meant they beat Bree and Jessica.

Cathy and Anna got to pick next and they chose Vikki and Helena guessing that they would want to cook with lamb and they were right. Cathy and Anna made Rack of Lamb with Olive Tapenade and the twins made Za’tar Crusted Lamb with Beetroot Salad. The twins were taking a risk cooking beetroot but put it in a very hot oven to ensure it would cook in 30 minutes. However then when it came to cooking the lamb they had to ask Cathy and Anna to share their oven. They kindly said yes. Though in hindsight they may not have as Vikki and Helena kept on opening and closing the door. This mean it took longer for the lamb to cook and of course did not give Cathy and Anna enough time to rest their meat something they about. They plated up pink lamb as did the twins, but Cathy and Anna’s dish was judged to be the better.

Josh and Danielle were up against Chloe and Kelly. For once I have to agree with Kelly, who yawned at their Pan Fried Barramundi in Thai Coconut Broth. The WA girls made Stuffed Sardines. Josh is portrayed as a control freak in the kitchen telling his girlfriend he will be the one doing the cooking.  Even thought he was told by Pete Evans that he could eat this dish day in and day out they were beaten by Chloe and Kelly whose dish was declared “fantastic”.

The couple were having to cook against the twins and Bree and Jessica.

Each of the teams had to choose to cook either an entree, main or dessert. Josh and Danielle were stuck with the main but this turned out to be a positive thing. They showed risotto does not have to be a death dish as judges Manu and Pete said their Scampi version was the best dish they had this series.  Clearly they were safe.

Bree and Jessica made Cavatelli with Cauliflower Sauce with Jessica making some beautiful pasta but the sauce which Bree was in charge off was thought to be too dry. Also dry was Vikki and Helena’s Frangipane Tart with Manu choking on the crumbs.

In the end it was decided the Pasta dish was the least palatable and Bree and Jessica have been sent to face Carly and Tresne in the sudden death cook off.



1 Eliza { 04.01.14 at 1:32 am }

Daisy, I replied to you on the block thread if you don’t see it :)

2 daisy { 04.01.14 at 1:58 am }

Yeah, got you Eliza. I just look for your name when it pops up on the right. Keep having fun. I will ask hubby if he can recall the name of our hotel for your NEXT trip. It had the most room we ever had. We have also stayed there in ryokans on other occasions.
I love the way people there leave their wallets and bags on tables and go to the toilets without anyone stealing them.
Keep having fun. Hey and you have to put a bag on your head when you try clothes on. Good idea.

Have fun girl.

3 Sandii { 04.01.14 at 7:05 am }

Good point Georgie about the sponsor. Yup! Seems obvious.

4 Lily { 04.01.14 at 7:22 am }

PollyB@48 I too noticed that Chloe & Kelly were missing.

5 Lily { 04.01.14 at 7:39 am }

The above article can still be read if you type in Chloe & Kelly My Kitchen Rules; however, in essence Chloe’s mother was ill and needed an operation so the two were granted temporary leave to go home. While I sympathise with Chloe I found the following statements odd that they still found time to ‘step it up in the culinary stakes’.

“The time away from the fast paced series proved to be extremely beneficial for both Chloe and Kelly.
It gave them a chance to rest and regain their momentum for their return to the kitchen wars.
And Chloe revealed the pair have taken the chance during their time out to step it up in the culinary stakes, so their competitors had better watch out”

6 brain dead dave { 04.01.14 at 9:38 am }

The only fair way to deal such a situation is to give all contestants a break. This is a competition,right? What has Chloe’s mother’s health got to do with Jaws, anyway?

7 Ma Chook { 04.01.14 at 9:57 am }

Long time reader, first time poster too. Bree must have a nuclear powered oven if she insists her chicken dish cooks in 40 minutes. I am always bemused how these contestants constantly serve up half cooked meat and often cakes. Haven’t they heard of the old tried and tested ‘stick a skewer in and see’ method????!!

8 PollyB { 04.01.14 at 10:33 am }

Thanks Lily

9 Andrea { 04.01.14 at 10:40 am }

I like your name Ma Chook.

10 Culinary Boner { 04.01.14 at 10:58 am }

Guy Grossi wants to know why you people are so upset about Bree’s raw chicken…

11 daisy { 04.01.14 at 11:13 am }

CB, Guy has been using the same surgeon as Deb.
Both came out looking like old boilers.

12 Sandii { 04.01.14 at 12:32 pm }

Love your name Ma chook. The old skewer test hey, works for me.

13 Ma Chook { 04.01.14 at 7:40 pm }

Ma Chook is a ‘term of endearment’ (I think) my son uses. I’m happy to answer to it

14 Sandii { 04.01.14 at 8:03 pm }

Wear the name with pride Ma Chook

15 Gabby { 04.01.14 at 9:34 pm }

Welcome Ma Chook, hope you will stick around.
This is the second time in the last few weeks that raw chicken has won. What is wrong with this show?
That is one good thing about Masterchef, whenever raw chicken was served it was always a no no straight off, right to the bottom of the class, where it should be.