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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With J’Tia She Says She Would Play Survivor Again


JTia was the most controversial contestant thus far this year on  Survivor Cagayan. She through away 90 per cent of the brains food source and still managed to stick around for a few more tribal councils.

Here J’Tia talks about how tough it was out there on the island and talks about that rice incident.

Reality Ravings: You’re a nuclear engineer so clearly you are used to stress what happened out there?

J’Tia: In my normal life I have shelter, food and not constantly tired. The brains tribe had no food and we were falling over faint before the first challenge.  Other teams got out there and had fire from their very first day. We did not. We were living off coconuts and bananas and were dehydrated.

Reality Ravings: As you state you were hungry but why did you throw away the food?

J’Tia: They were upsetting me so I wanted to upset them as they were upsetting me. We got back from the challenge and Garrett wanted to have a meeting this upset me and basically I did not really care as they all just said they would vote me out. I wanted to hurt them.

Reality Ravings: You were not eliminated straight away so what did you do to get back in with the tribe.

J’Tia: What you don’t see is that we got better and better at fishing and gathering food which we were not doing before when we had food we were just looking at each other. I was catching crabs.

Reality Ravings: You were not eliminated how did you avoid it? 
J’Tia: I pointed out to the girls that Garret had the immunity idol but he did not bring it so it would be a good time to get him out. Kass made the decision to go with the girls putting her in a stronger position.

Reality Ravings: You knew he had the idol?

J’Tia: Well it was assumed he had it as when we showed up on the beach he was wet and in his under wear. We asked him what decision he had to make when he got to the beach  and he said there was no decision and he did not know what we were talking about. We did not quite believe him.

Reality Ravings: The brains tribe looked like they were all over the shop? Was this true or was this just editing?

J’Tia: Other teams came together as a team we never really did. Everybody on the brains tribe were used to calling the shots and this did not work out in a Survivor situation. It was very frustrating.

Reality Ravings: What did you think of the Brains V Brawn V Beauty twist?

J’Tia: When I found out I was the youngest female in the tribe I thought I was in trouble. I thought this would put a target on my back.

RR: Did you know you were gone when you went to that last tribal council? 

J’Tia: I was not blindsided I knew when they were talking that they were going to vote me up. I was not upset. I went into tribal thinking the girls would stick with me, however Jeff Probst was talking about staying strong and was talking about winning challenges and that swayed them.

Reality Ravings: Was being on Survivor different to what you thought it would be? Did you have a strategy?

J’Tia: It was hard I am a city girl and not outdoorsy and we were caught in a typhoon. We were all waterlogged and miserable. I was hoping to blend, fly a bit under the radar. I knew this was not going to be able to occur.  I just ended up scrambling.

Reality Ravings: Would you play Survivor again?

J’Tia: Yes I would.

Reality Ravings: Really?

J’Tia: Yes.

Survivor Cagayan on Thursday nights on GO at 8.30pm


1 Ali { 04.01.14 at 6:25 pm }

Thanks for the interview RR.

I really despair for J’tia; here she is a Nuclear Engineer and she:

(a) thinks being the youngest is what put a target on her back (instead of the fact she was hopeless at tasks a blind person could complete and also destroyed a month’s worth of food).

(b) does an interview about reality tv and says “I was catching crabs”.

However, I’d love to see her back, she was entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

2 daisy { 04.01.14 at 8:44 pm }

T’Jia again. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Or woffor? She can’t do anything.

3 Andrea { 04.02.14 at 8:55 am }

No, don’t come back, stay away with Colton!
She went on the wrong show.

4 q { 04.02.14 at 1:17 pm }

I’ve always wanted them to do Survivor: winners vs losers (ie previous winners vs early boots)

5 Juz { 04.02.14 at 7:01 pm }

No way would she ever be invited back. Spencer or Woo for the win!