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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With Cliff Robinson

Cliff Survivor

Cliff Robinson the former NBA player unknown to him was on shaky ground in his original Brawn tribe and even though after the tribal swap the Brawn’s had the numbers he was the first to go.

He we talk to him about whether he knew his tribe was trying to throw the challenge, was he surprised that he was eliminated and why he went to North Korea with Dennis Rodman.

Reality Ravings: You must have been feeling pretty secure in your tribe when the swap occurred. Brawn had the numbers. What happened?

Cliff Robinson: I was feeling happy with how that played out and thought we had four in our alliance.   I knew Trish would probably go and vote with LJ as she was taken by him so that was no surprise.

Reality Ravings: Did you know before Tribal Council that you were at risk of going home or did you find out once you got there.

Cliff Robinson: Before we left there was some conversation going around about the tribe trying to throw a challenge to get LJ out. This made me uneasy was I knew Tony was the only one who could have given that information to Trish. However I thought Tony would still stick with the numbers we had. Clearly he didn’t.

Reality Ravings: Did they want to get rid of you because you were a physical threat or because you were perceived that you did not need the prize money?

Cliff Robinson: I knew Sarah was talking about me not needing the money but it was both. But really I am the guy to take to the end as I can win challenges and to sit on a jury.

Reality Ravings: Trish did not appear to like you very much and she said that you did not work around camp and did not talk to her?

Cliff Robinson: There is not a lazy bone in my body I was working around camp.  I was catching fish and crabs and collecting papayas which she was eating. In hindsight I probably should have talked to her more as Survivor is a social game. I let her get under my skin. I kind of regret that. I should have faked it.

Reality Raving: Back to the previous episode. Did you have any idea that Brawn were trying to throw that challenge?

Cliff Robinson: I had no idea I just thought they were poor swimmers. However it did seem a little shaky as Sarah was athletic and had told us she was a good swimmer then then should could not even dive down three feet to get the buoy.

Reality Ravings: You went to North Korea with Dennis Rodman and it turned into quite a controversial visit. Did you realise it would be quite so political?

Cliff Robinson: We were there  just to play and teach basketball to the North Koreans.

Reality Ravings: Would you go on Survivor again or any other reality TV show?

Cliff Robinson: I would definitely go back in a heart beat and I am always open to new experiences so would go on another show depending what it was.



1 Jas { 04.02.14 at 4:21 pm }

Sounds like they’ve been given a standard line to say about the North Korea visit. That is, spout the party line.
Thanks for these interviews RR, they’re really great.

2 Sioux Denim { 04.02.14 at 8:12 pm }

Agree Jas…short and sweet.

He would have been good to sit too in final 3. Comes across a very dull……