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My Kitchen Rules – Chloe And Kelly Outclassed Their Two Rivals

Josh went from channelling his inner Heston to channelling his inner Hannibal when he was filleting the ocean trout on My Kitchen Rules. It was a hacked up mess. The Victorian couple were cooking against Chloe and Kelly and Helena and Vikki with one of the three certain to go home.

Chloe and Kelly won the trout filleting challenge and received the advantage of selecting the ingredients they and the other teams would cook with in the second round.

They chose brains which everyone thought was a risky move. And gave Josh and Danielle the trout and Vikki and Helena lemons. Surprisingly the twins did not make dessert but made a Lemon Poached Barramundi.

Kelly for once was talking sense in her interviews. She said said they picked brains because they did not want to be beige and a lot of teams had gotten this far by being beige. Totally agree. Also she said a lot of the teams had become stagnant whereas they were going from strength to strength. Again agree they are taking risks and showing they have some serious cooking skills.

They made Crispy Brains with Lentils and green sauce with Manu describing it as perfection on a plate.

Josh and Danielle made Confit of Trout. Seriously the producers need to tell teams they can’t do dish that has been already done this week. As the episode prior the twins had been confiting salmon. Josh did a better job at it but Manu was still a bit antsy that they did not do it at 62 degrees for 10 minutes like he does. Josh heated his oil up to 55 degrees and then puts the fish in to cook it at 42 degrees. A quick google revealed that this is the method Raymond Blanc uses.

After the cooking it in oil, Josh seared it in a pan. He nearly stuffed it up when he dropped it on the stove top. Something that if Danielle had done he would have had a meltdown and screamed at her. They served it with Asian Salad and Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts which was a bit of a weird combination. I note that earlier Josh had said he was going to treat the trout with love and respect just as he thinks he treats Danielle. Hmmmm not sure about that.

The judges found a bone in it but thought it was cooked to perfection. The twins had great flavour but the inside of Pete’s barramundi was raw.

Chloe and Kelly’s big risk paid off and they were made safe and were in the top five and deservedly so.

Josh and Danielle and the twins then had to make their signature dish for the judges and they had 90 minutes to make it in. At this stage the episode started to drag. The problem is in a lot of elimination reality shows once they get to the pointy end of the competition the lower number of contestants to show can make it feel like the episode is drawn out.

There was some drama with Josh and Danielle’s Mexican Beef. They decided to cook a dish they spend days prepping in a sous vide in just over an hour in a pressure cooker. Yep they did the maths and it did not add up. The beef cheeks were not cooked so had to quickly sear a steak and shove it in the oven. They were left with a nice broth with seared steak placed in it. Also again Josh fiddles around making three types of chilli jellies and they don’t make it onto the plate as he can’t get them out.

The twins  Greek Walnut Cake with Creme Anglais was just as underwhelming at this stage of the competition. Even after Helena made the batter for the second time the cake looked very flat on the plate. They served it up with an almond tuile and the anglaise. Guy Grossi loved it but really surely they should plate up something a bit more sophisticated at this stage of the competition. There was no original twist with it.

However the twins got lucky with Josh and Danielle’s beef cheek stuff up and easily beat them with a score of 39 over their 35. Josh and Danielle was scored a six by all judges except Colin who gave them a five, and the twins scored sixes from the judges except Guy and Pete who gave them a seven. To think Josh and Danielle were once front runners in the competition but did not even make it to finals week.

To be honest I thing the twins probably should have gone as it has been quite some time since they put up an inspiring dish. But they have slid through on the principle that you don’t have to have the best dish you just don’t have to have the worst.

My Kitchen Rules on Sunday night at 6.30pm on SEVEN.


1 Littlepetal { 04.07.14 at 6:59 pm }

This is disgusting. Deb is making a fool of herself.
Former My Kitchen Rules contestant Naughty Nanna is back… to nipple-tickle a blindfolded Manu while wearing a lacy body stocking. And he looks mortified!