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Survivor Cagayan – Interview with Lindsay Ogle And Alexis Maxwell

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It was a double interview with Lindsey Ogle and Alexis Maxwell. Lindsey quit in spectacular style after fracas with Trisha and Alexis just did not have the numbers after the tribe swap as the beauty tribe mates could not make an alliance together.

Reality Ravings: First of all Lindsay we saw a very edited version of you quitting and it seemed like a very short time frame. You came back from tribal had the fight with Trisha, you stormed off to the beach and then Jeff [Probst] turns up. How long did that whole scenario play out?

Lindsay Ogle: I am really glad they did not show absolutely everything. I was stomping out to the beach and all these things were running through my head. I was probably I was a complete psychopath but it meant so much to me at the time and I was like I have to make this decision now. Millions of people are going to be watching this it has to be the right the decision. It was probably a very long period of time. I was kind of questioning back and forth, strategies in my head. I had to look at it as what is going to be better for my family. I think that by my actions that we collectively decided that it would be a good thing if I stayed away from Trisha. I like to use the term “cruising’ for a bruising”. She so wanted me to do something physically to her.

RR: That was one thing you did say that you were worried about her reaction and it did seem that you were getting close to doing something physical to her. Is that true?

LO: Oh yeah. In that short amount of time there had been a lot of controversy. Who was right, who was wrong, who was the bully? Nobody will ever really know unless you are on the island and experience it yourself. I believe Trish’s edit in the show is backing my decision to leave. She has got a lot of flack for her little quips here and there. I have gotten mine too. It was fire and ice. I was physically going to either restrain, detain or strangle her. I decided that I have got to go this is ridiculous. I can be a bit of a loose cannon, and I knew that when I went into it and I knew that I was a mother going into it. I did not really did not feel that anyone would get to me that badly and constantly. I work in a salon and have nine employees. I can handle them every single day and they are all crazy. If I can handle that every single day for 70 hours a week you would think I would be able to take on Trisha. But not eating for awhile and being cold and hungry. She set me off.

RR: It is interesting you are saying that about Trisha as she does come across as a not very charming person. So how has she managed to get such a solid alliance around her? What is she doing?

LO: I think she was the weak one of our original alliance. She flipped and made Tony flip to get Cliff out. She has aligned herself perfectly. If I had to choose who to bring into the final two it would be Trisha as no one can bare to look at her. By the way she talks and the way she socialises and  interacts with people you think no one is going to be able to stand this woman I want her right by my side.

RR: What did Cliff say when you walked into Ponderosa and you told him you had quit?

LO: It is kind of between Cliff and I. He and I talked and I said “I hate to break to to you Cliff but I am not in love with you” and he laughing was like “Duh”. They are trying to make it seem that I had this crush on Cliff and it was because of him I quit which is absolutely ridiculous. I kind off joke with people, especially ones that know me, that if you knew might right hook was that I did the right thing and walked away from the situations. She got to keep her teeth and I got keep my integrity and my sanity.

RR: Thank you Lindsay. Now Alexis and this goes for both of you, that we only got to start seeing you guys in the last couple of episodes as the first few episodes were focussing on the Brain’s tribe. Now Alexis the tribe swap occurs and there are three beauty votes and there a three brain votes but the brain’s seem to be very confident that they are voting in a bloc and they are safe. But if you guys had gotten Sarah you guys would have been annihilated and cherry picked them off. 

Alexis Maxwell: The brains went through so much together so they were the strongest three. We were the three that were probably the most disconnected and had the least amount of trust between us. Even if we had sat down and said let’s stick together I don’t think any of us would have believed each other. We all had a little bit of a grudge between us. We definitely should not have given up all of our information as it hurt all of us to a certain extent. It was not the best strategy.

RR: Why were you the one on the outer? Why were you targeted by the brains and why were you targeted by the beauties?

AM: I was not targeted until that very day. It was immediately after the immunity challenge. I did make a big mistake when after the immunity challenge I was being a sore loser and I remember I mouthed something to Jefra and Tasha saw me do it and Tasha immediately when she got back to camp talked to Sarah and decided it was me that had to go and they told everyone. Everyone was game for it as they thought I was the one that was going to reconnect [with the other beauty’s after the merge]. This was not the case I was definitely not going to flip. I thought I was coming across as trustworthy and I was trustworthy at the time but they were not buying into it.

RR: Why did people believe Jeremiah on the Idol clue over what you were saying? Obviously what Jeremiah was saying was the truth, but what the truth on Survivor and what is perception are two different things.

AM: Interesting about that idol clue is that some people still did not believe Jeremiah about it and did believe he was lying but they did not really care as they saw him as the type of person that they can control more. He is the type of person was like that out there. They did not think they could keep me in check how they could keep Jeremiah in check. I thought was coming across as harmless and a pawn but they did not see me that way which was kind of sad as it was my whole strategy. Jeremiah did a better job of coming across as being non-threatening.

RR: What is next for you Alexis? You are at Uni? Or are you open to other media work? 

AM: I am studying Business and Psychology and I am pretty much going to act like I did not do Survivor and continue school and get good grades and finishing school. I am excited about that, but if something exciting comes along I am open to new possibilities but right now I am just staying focussed.

RR: Would you go on Survivor again?

AM: I would go on it right now. If they wanted back I would go right now.

RR: Would you change your strategy?

AM: Hopefully I would not make all the rookie mistakes that I made the first time. I would definitely change my game up a bit but it depends on who you are out there with.

Survivor Cagayan on GO Channel Thursday nights at 8.30pm


1 Trent { 04.09.14 at 10:01 am }

I love reading these interviews RR.

I really hope Alexis gets another shot… She was starting to find her way and she looks like she could make some good moves.

Goodbye Lindsay.. Sorry i have no time for quitters on this show.

2 Sioux Denim { 04.09.14 at 4:34 pm }

Agree, these interviews are great…thanks RR.

Get annoyed that nearly all of them don’t take ownership of their demise…

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