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Masterchef Australia – Two Contestants Revealed



Masterchef Australia are proclaiming this series they have the best home cooks ever. And here are two of them.

First up is Emily an asian lady who likes to cook with chilli. Clearly George Calombaris has gotten over his aversion to the hot spicy vegetable and declares one of her dishes “delicious”. Emily whose speciality is Asian cuisine is asked how she would cope if she was asked to cooked Italian. Quite frankly if she can cook one cuisine well as it looks like then makes her a far better contestant then fifty per cent of the contestants from last season.

The other contestant is Amy who looks like she knows how to bring the tears but she does seem to pull herself together.



Masterchef Australia on TEN after Easter.


1 brain dead dave { 04.15.14 at 10:36 am }

The promos do say these are the best home cooks ever and one fool even claims this is the best season ever.

Fact is , Ch 10 are in such deep shizen, they are as desperate as the musicians on the Titanic to put a positive spin on this culinary cadaver.

All the crying over the years has been a dismal feature of this show. It’s not working for Oscar Pistorius but $hine will keep milking the criers this year as always.

2 nelraver { 04.15.14 at 4:33 pm }

This season ‘sounds’ amazing…looking forward to it… none of the two looks as promising though…lets look for the other contestants… and yes last year thought 50% were just average..but I adored the top 5 …all ready to beat MKR…looking forward to find a #rishtina (Christina & Rishi) lol !