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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With Sarah Lacina


Sarah LacinaSarah Lacina a Police Officer originally started on the Brawns tribe and aligned with Tony another cop. However in the tribal swap she was the swing vote between the brains and beauty alliances and she aligned with the brains. After the merge again she was in the power position but it seemed like it went to her head  and she started throwing her weight around saying she was the one to decide who would be going home. Kass, an attorney, decided she did not like this and swapped to the other alliance with Sarah ending up being blindsided in what was a classic and entertaining tribal council where two immunity idols were played.

Reality Ravings: After you were eliminated you said you did not know why had Kass had flipped? Now that time has gone on have you any idea why she did?

Sarah Lacina: Obviously I knew we were not getting along, the things that she said in her confessional did not surprise me. She did it based on emotion not on strategy.

RR: It looked like one of the more stupid moves in Survivor history but then these things happen on the show all the time. Do you think Kass voted for you because you bruised her ego that she flipped?

SL: I think the dynamic had changed. Ever since the new Ipari had come along everybody comes to my beach but I am the only one who has no one. One of the first things Kass even said to me is you better hope we win because otherwise you are going home. So instantly we were off on the wrong foot. I think she got used to me having to listen to what her, Tash and Spencer were saying. As time went on Spencer and I got close, and Jeremiah and I got close and us three had kind off taken control of the group. She had noticed it  and I think her going from a powerful position to not being needed aided in the fact she wanted to do that. Maybe it is her way of felling like she is getting back at me.

RR: The way it was edited it looked like you over played your position of power holding the swinging vote. Do you think you over played it?

SL: No not at all. Obviously you see me talking to the camera saying I am in the power position, I have the swing vote. But I never led my tribe to believe that I was considering in crossing, as I really truly wasn’t and I had never let the other tribe think I was going to be with them. In fact I had avoided going out one on one with anyone from the new Solana, because I did not want to find out that I was not going to go with them. I wasn’t lying to their faces I was just avoiding them.

RR: One of your most love/hate relationships throughout the game was with Tony, the other police officer. What was your relationship like with him?

SL: Tony was definitely telling me lies out there. I don’t think everything he was telling me was a lie. We definitely had a good relationship but he was just playing the game really hard and once we got split up it was like we were on our own now and I don’t think they expected to see me at the merge after that tribal council and when they did they said well now Sarah is an option for us. By him shouting the whole top five thing it destroyed my end of the relationship with him. I clearly felt that he had thrown me under the bus and did not want nothing to do with me.

RR: It was is interesting you say that about the “top five” thing. Kass had clearly forgotten about it because now she is basically number six on the bottom of an alliance. It was one of the all time great Survivor Councils, there were idols played and of course Kass flipping were you  genuinely shocked how the vote played out?

SL: Absolutely I truly did not think Tony had an idol I had been around him for twelve days and we had a pretty good relationship. I felt as though he would have let on that he had something. Once he was on Ipari I thought there was no way he could get an idol on the other beach as I assumed that somebody would have found it. Morgan and Jeremiah had shared with us that they had gotten a clue with the chickens and I had assumed someone had found it over there.

RR: Was it a genuine blindside?

SL: I had no idea that he had it and I am just thankful he pulled it out as it made it more exciting as we had flushed an idol out and still potentially have taken Jefra out if Kass wouldn’t have flipped.

RR: So Tony was the person that you guys were going to vote for first, and then the tribe said vote for the other person which everybody aka me thought it was LJ and then Jefra’s name came out. What sort of strategy did you have when you came into the game of Survivor? How did it change once you came to the island?

SL: I thought let me grab one person and I will get real close with them and then we will branch out and grab somebody. Protect ourselves and make sure you’re really tight with one person that you can totally trust. I put my faith in Tony and clearly I put my faith in the wrong person.

RR: Would you go on Survivor again?

SL: Absolutely. The way I went out was not a fun way there was not closure by any means. If you get taken out because you are winning every challenge and they have to take you out. But to get taken out on an emotional unstrategic vote is not a fun way to go out. It was pointless and there was no rhyme or reason behind it. I would love another chance to get out there and avenge this season.

RR: You got a lot of screen time and you were a very interesting player to watch. You and a few others tried to throw a challenge to get Cliff out of the tribe. Why was that?

SL: It was the whole Tony had said they are targeting you. Lindsay and I were close but I thought she was getting closer to Cliff. Could I have confronted Cliff and asked him if what Tony was saying was true. But he is going to say no as he is not going to admit to it if it is true. That is why I did not approach him. So I just stood back and observed. I watched the way he would interact with Lindsay and the way he would interact with Woo and I know that he did not like Trish or Tony but anyway it put me on the bottom of those three. So it put me fourth. It was just not a spot I wanted to be in and Tony and I were playing more together and I was at the top of a difference alliance. People say don’t throw a challenge you need the numbers. If you don’t feel like someone is a number then are really a loss to get rid of them. One thing I was shocked was watching Cliff and seeing how sincere he really is. I completely read him wrong. Even though he did not like Trish and Tony but he still wanted to stick with them. He just did not portray it that way. I am not a mind reader. I just went with my gut feeling with it and I was wrong.

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