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Rachel Leahcar Says That Delta Goodrem Is No Longer In Contact

It surprises me that on these reality shows like The Voice Australia and The X Factor where the judges mentor the contestants that they are surprised when their mentors are no longer in touch with them after the cameras have stopped rollling.

Now in the case of Rachael Leahcar it could be a bit different as she was the support act to her mentorsDelta Goodrem’s concert.

Rachael told News Limited that she had not heard from her in a year.

The article states:

The 20-year-old vision impaired singer has revealed to OK! Magazine that she hasn’t heard from her music idol in over a year.

“It’s sad … she was my big sis,” Leahcar told the magazine.

“She’s a busy woman, I understand,” the reality show finalist said, adding that Goodrem, 29, is still an inspiration to her.

The pair were incredibly close during the filming of The Voice, and the singers even toured together after the show wrapped.

“She’s my little prodigy,” Delta told MTV Australia at the time of the tour.

“Through The Voice, when things would get intense, she was like this little angel that was just constantly wanting to learn.”

Leahcar has since tweeted, clarifying comments she made to OK! magazine.

Rachael Leahcar tweeted that she had spoken to her recently. The good news for Rachael is she has a new album called Here Comes The Sun.

The Voice Australia coming soon to NINE.

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1 brain dead dave { 04.20.14 at 11:49 am }

Leahcar’s mother has been on the front foot in the local rag,saying the comments have been taken out of context and that it’s all because Delta has been living in the U.S. However, everything’s okay and we can now move on with our lives because recently Delta has actually tweeted Leahcar, so she really, really, really cares after all.

I’d be celebrating if I hadn’t heard from Delta for over a year.