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Reality Tidbits – Monday Night

Lara Bingle has not got a manager and is currently using her boyfriend’s Sam Worthington one. She changes managers a lot. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

The delightful X Factor winner Dani Im has a new single out and she has dedicated to her husband who has put his job on hold so he can be with her. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

An uproar occurred around Kylie Minogue when dancers were asked to work on her new video clip for free. (Source: SMH) Though now it has been revealed that they were paid $100 for the day which is well below the Actors Equity rate of $500. (Source: SMH)

Kylie Minogue also got a tickle up in this article where a punter complained about the length of time they had to stand at The Voice Australia live performance. Apparently Ms Minogue did not engage with the audience. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Ms Minogue is going to be thinking tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia as she was criticised for her performance at the Logies. Today she did say she did sing live in her much criticised performance of her new song. It was pretty bad. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Scott Cam was looking a bit worse for wear this morning after his Gold Logie win, but he did only get one hour sleep. (Source:

Johanna Griggs thinks Geoff Huegill needs to take responsibility for his actions in relation to his cocaine bust the other day. (Source:

Gordon Ramsay has had a new hair cut and rumours are saying he has had a hair transplant. (Source: Daily Mail)



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1 daisy { 04.29.14 at 11:26 pm }

Unrelated to reality but more real: Orphan Black is insanely good. They just don’t run out of good plot and momentum.

If you haven’t been watching I highly recommend but you must start from season 1 ep one to get full value. Every week I am panting for the next episode.