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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With Morgan McLeod


Morgan McLeod was on the beauty tribe and at one stage was sitting pretty, literally and metaphorically, in a majority alliance. But then Kass flipped to the other side and the girl who the others did not think did much was eliminated.

Here in an interview with Morgan we talk about why Kass hated her so much, did they try and flip anyone from the other tribe, and was she really THAT lazy.

Reality Ravings: You land on the beach, you’re put in the beauty tribe and next minute you are cast off by yourself as being a threat. How did you feel at that moment?

Morgan McCleod: Getting voted out as the weakest player in the first few minutes I was so upset as I looked around and thought I am definitely not the weakest there are two girls that were smaller then me. I was more athletic then them. I was so confused. But then we saw that LJ did not trust me because of what I looked like.

RR: Were you comfortable about being on the beauty tribe? Do you think it might have worked better if you had been put on another tribe. I understand you are at university.

MM: I think I have a little part of everything. Being on the beauty tribe I liked it. I have done things in the past that have been attributed to beauty, like an NFL cheerleader, I was not questioning my label as a beauty.

RR: One of the things that people were being quite openly mean to you was your perceived laziness. that you just laid there and expected people to do things for you.  Was that true that you did not think you had to do as much camp stuff to get on in the game?

MM: I think me being portrayed as the laziest person out there was a little exaggerated. If they called me lazy they should have called Jefra and Alexa as well as they were right there with me with the boys doing everything for us. I did not have everyone doing everything for me. If I needed water I went and got it myself and I did not just lay around and feed me and get my water. I could have helped out more but the boys really took care of us. Unfortunately I was portrayed as the laziest person out there.

RR: What was interesting was that you were targeted to be voted out as it looked like you were not a threat, as there were more threatening players on your alliance like Tash and Spencer. Why did they decide to give you the flick as it seemed like a stupid move?

MM: Yes it was not the smartest move on their part. They wanted me out because Kass she did not like me and did not want me there anymore. It was not a strategic move at all and Tony went all with it. Tony is a very strategic play and I think he knew that voting me out was not the best choice but he also knew that Kass was very unpredictable and with me being there I kept her on edge and she just went crazy. With me gone she was more calm and I think he could control her when she was more calm.

RR: Why or how did you manage to get under Kass’s skin so much? Why did she dislike you?

MM: I am not really sure she hated me so much. Before she flipped I really thought we were totally fine. I thought we were friends, our whole alliance were friends. We had a great time on the beach and had a lot of fun. Ever since the flip I just ignored her and did not want anything to do with her as I was so mad at her and she just can’t take it. I thought ignoring her was better then being mean to her and yelling at her, but she just did not like me and I really still have no idea why.

RR: In another interview you mentioned she had not told anyone she was a lawyer. From the episodes we have seen, as viewers we had not picked that up. What did she say that she actually did?

MM: Her family own a reindeer farm. So she said that she said she worked on her family’s reindeer farm and takes reindeer to Christmas parties and stuff like that. She said she was on the brains tribe because she had a really high IQ. A lot of people don’t say what their real job is. I lied I never really said I was a student. I just thought she was a reindeer handler I did not realise she was a lawyer at all.

RR: After she flipped and voted Sarah out and there was the mayhem in between. Did anyone on the minority alliance try and get anyone to flip from the other alliance?

MM: Yes. We went to LJ and Tony and asked if there was anything we could do. Spencer he went to Kass to see if she would flip back over. Everyone was just under Tony’s thumb and nobody really wanted to work with us.

RR: Who was in control in the minority alliance and the majority alliance?

MM: The minority alliance was Spencer, Jeremiah, Tash and I and there really wasn’t a leader we all talked about our decisions together and we were just hoping that something would happen to save us. That vote the other night it did not work in our favour. The majority alliance from our viewpoint it was Tony was the leader. He was pretty strategic and he makes a lot of the choices in tribal council that he has been apart of.

RR: What is next for you Morgan?

MM: Nothing too exciting. I just need to finish up school but maybe I will end up on Survivor again.

RR: Would you go on any other reality TV show?

MM: My boyfriend have always talk about going on The Amazing Race and how awesome that would be.

Survivor Cagayan on Thursday nights on GO Channel at 8.30pm.