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The Voice Episode Two – Finally A Contender Is Shown

Finally a potential winner has auditioned on The Voice Australia and her name was Elly Oh. She is a trained Opera Singer from South Korea who teaches opera out of her garage. Let the comparisons to The X Factor winner Dani Im begin. She ripped through Mamma Knows Best and all four judges turned around. Will told her he worked with the South Korean girl group C21 and all the other judges were resigned to her picking him as a coach but she decided to go with Ricky Martin. Ricky was pumped as he knows he has a contender he even walked her all the way backstage. Just in case we did not know Elly was one of the favourites NINE has ensured that we know she is by putting her audition last on the show and she will also be shown on an interview on A Current Affair tonight.

First up to audition was Louise Van Veenendaal and she is currently based in LA. At 22 she created her own Cabaret called the Diva from Down Under and thought she had made it once Liza Minnelli turned up to see the show. At 27 years of age she is now giving The Voice a shot to reinvigorate her career. Her mum said she could have been a doctor or even been working hinting she wished she would give up on this creative stuff.  She sang Queen’s Somebody To Love. Louise had a rocky start but managed to get Joel and to turn.  The tall blonde in her tight lycra dress was told she looked like a super hero by as he tried to get her on his team. Joel tried to bond with her about the fact they both lived in LA. She said she lived at the bottom of the hill and Joel quipped that he could take her to the top. She picked and poor Joel was rejected again. He was saying he was the turtle starting off slowly.

Lij Gilmour is 17 years  from the Sunshine Coast who is a YouTube sensation, if 80,000 hits is what makes you a sensation. He sang Teenage Dirtbag. I think his voice was a bit weak but Joel and Ricky both hit their buttons and got lucky that he was a cute teen boy. He picked Joel maybe it was because he said “I wear black most of the time” as Lij does.

Emily Rex 25 year old from NSW she is making music with her husband.  She sang Pure Imagination a song from Willie Wonka . turned early with Kylie and Joel turning just as she finished. Will said it was his favourite song in the whole world. She went with Will.

Krishool 31 year old from Vic and he was a fanatic so was going to sing OMG which Will produced. His voice was weak but he could dance and this got the crowd screaming and the judges curious. Will did press in the end, but don’t expect this guy to get past the battle rounds. said he wrote the song in an hour.

Luke  Koteras a 27 years old from NSW audition was built up because he was Chris Sebastian’s guitarist. Who knew Chris Sebastian even had a band? He sang The A Team. His voice was not that great, but both Joel and Kylie buzzed in at the end. He is good looking but doubt he will survive the battle rounds. He decided to join team Joel.

Lauren Valentine was an interesting contestant as well as being in a band called Valentine she was also a plus size model. She is sang Anything Can Happen. She had a cute, unusual voice but there was some bum notes there so no one turned which is unfortunate as she was a memorable contestant. However she did get’s email address so she could keep him updated on her career. He did not mention whether it was her singing or modelling career he wanted to know about.

Robbie Balmer a 19 year old from Qld looks like he could be in the mix to go far in the series. He say I Can’t Make You Love Me. His voice was gorgeous as was he.  Ricky, Joel and Kylie turned and he went for Kylie she was thrilled.

What did you think of the latest batch of singers?

The Voice Australia on NINE 7.30pm tonight.


1 Littlepetal { 05.06.14 at 2:18 pm }

I know she is good but they are comparing her to Dami Im. Why can’t they do something more innovative?

2 Eliza { 05.07.14 at 12:12 am }

I am just watching this now and watching Elly Oh’s audition. I prefer Dami Im at this stage and don’t think she will be as good. I will eat my words if I am wrong.

Only one I liked from tonight was Robbie Balmer, the rest didn’t really stand out.

I thought I would not like, but he cracks me up everytime. I thought he was joking about his factories!

3 daisy { 05.07.14 at 12:30 am }

I think my favourite tonight (Tues) was curly haired guy who sang jazz and said he likes jazz and blues.

4 Eliza { 05.07.14 at 12:33 am }

As soon as I see him, Daisy, I will cast my verdict haha.

They don’t get through too much on this show, do they?! Sooo.. much… filler…

5 daisy { 05.07.14 at 1:45 am }

I watched in reverse. I just saw Monday night’s show. I liked falsetto guy, Ellie and the guitarist guy who was with Guy S’s brother.

I ff the bits I don’t want. I have to agree willie m is watchable.
Better talents on this than this year’s US Idol.

And “yeah” to whoever said you want to be on the team with the worst singers because of the way this show plays off people in the same team against each other. Now I wouldn’t go on Ricky’s team because he has Emily.

6 Eliza { 05.07.14 at 1:57 am }

The guitarist guy was quite good. I think I saw the guy from the Tues ep with the curly hair, he was nice too.

True about wanting to be on the team with the worst/possibly least likable singers (for the live shows). I have always wished that once they got to the live shows, that the judges still have their teams, but it becomes a free for all and you don’t have to get rid of one from each team. If a judge has all their contestants left and another has none, too bad. It would mean the best stay in the longest and we don’t have good singers going home prematurely. Makes more sense to me!!!

7 daisy { 05.07.14 at 2:07 am }

I think everyone agrees with you on that Eliza. It gets so annoying to see average singers surpassing really good ones just because of the teams they are in.
You would want the best coach, but now I think they might start considering their competition on each team.

I liked the Willie Wonker song girl too. But not the Diva from Down Under or the karaoke girl in the red dress.

I didn’t think much of the teenager who sang Teenage Dirtbag.

8 Eliza { 05.07.14 at 2:33 am }

Haha Teenage Dirtbag.. yes, his voice was certainly average. He is in it because he is ‘cute’ (again, average). They probably got a signal to turn around on that one. I didn’t like the Diva girl either, but can’t recall the karaoke girl, I wasn’t being too great at being female and multi-tasking well.

I loved that the Willie Wonker song was’s favourite. I don’t ff him all the time because I like his stories “Ohhh hey, Ush, what up?”

9 Chris { 05.24.14 at 7:20 am }

FYI, the South Korean girl group is called 2NE1, not C21.