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The Voice Australia – Hayley Jensen Another Idol Alumni Auditions


Hayley Jensen who placed fourth in the second series of Australian Idol will be on The Voice Australia tonight auditioning. She has a good voice so someone should turn. She is the third Idol alumni to audtion Sabrina Batshon is still to be seen but she auditioned for the show and also  Carlo Velazquez aka C Major was on Idol back in the reality TV dark ages of 2004.


1 brain dead dave { 05.07.14 at 1:51 pm }

Great to see these shows doing their bit for the planet and recycling rubbish.

2 Glen { 05.07.14 at 1:53 pm }

Pretty sure I saw young Tom Williams auditioning from season 6 of Idol in a preview clip on opening night.

3 Erin { 05.07.14 at 2:34 pm }

Charne from BBAU12 auditioned as well.

4 Gin { 05.07.14 at 8:29 pm }

Every time I watch clips from Australian idol, I can’t help but look at the cheap production value and how there was like two people clapping

5 Juz { 05.07.14 at 11:02 pm }

I fast forward through the back stories and coaches’ faffing and just listen to the singing. Hayley has a gorgeous voice. Am I right in thinking that on Idol she sang beautifully, but didn’t really know how to perform? Looks like she is now really comfortable on stage.

6 daisy { 05.08.14 at 1:55 am }

I think the first young guy was good who sang, I need a dollar. I usually hate that song but he sang it way better than what’s his face whose name I have forgotten….. Usher.
Other than that I can’t recollect any goodies from tonight. I missed the blond girl who Joel gave flowers to.
I thought Hayley was boring. I thought Byron Bay culty guy’s wife was beautiful.

7 Eliza { 05.08.14 at 2:02 am }

^ he was good! I think Hayley forgot it was blind auditions as it looked like she was trying to fool them or something with all that hair, so much make up you couldn’t see her face and OTT dress.

8 daisy { 05.08.14 at 2:34 am }

Eliza, the judges seem to be feeding off audience reaction quite a bit so I think they were suckdd in a bit when Hayley did the ‘sexy’ posturing before singing and the audience reacted.
I think it helped that dancer guy from Africa last night or the night before too. The judges were influenced by the audience going,”Ooooh”. “Aaaah”.

Oh I forgot, I didn’t mind the girl from the NT who chose Joel.

9 Calorie Loader { 05.08.14 at 3:02 am }

I’m not up to date with all the Voice eps from this week, but have seen the majority, and it seems as if all of the judges are waiting a lot longer than they used to to press their buttons over the duration of a song. The skeptic in me says this is another reality tv production effort trying to create more drama by waiting until the last possible second to turn. The other possibility is they are just not that impressed.

I’m not sure what is on the judges screens (they appear to have one on the table in front of them). I’m thinking this could be used as further manipulation of drama-e.g it could display how much time is left on the performance so they can leave turning until the very last minute or even being given instructions in certain instances from producers as to when to turn and even which judges should turn. OK, maybe I’ve taken this too far (and if I haven’t I doubt anyone would admit to this) but this is the problem with manipulating real events and making it obvious-it loses audience trust and interest. Having said that I am enjoying the injection of new blood with the two newest judges. And I have been amused that all the girls haven’t been jumping into team Joel as per usual as a result. For someone with a wife he doesn’t hide his exuberance for other women does he?

Not a bad start to the show for a third season. Interested to see where it goes once the battles and live performances arrive.

10 bella vita { 05.08.14 at 4:12 am }

Hayley was boring on Idol and is still boring now. She had her time in the sun, and clearly wasn’t prepared to put the hard yards in over 10 years (She herself said to went and got a “real” job) and expected her past reality appearance to get her through to that stage (which it did).

It’s a massive kick in the teeth for many of Australia’s professionals to just can’t even get past the video stage. They keep recycling the same rubbish or the “friends” of people in the production company.
It’s literally one or two randoms each season they call in based on the video audition and application.

The Voice producers, in particular the music team are all about who THEY know. It’s all done by recommendations who gets to the first few rounds off camera and the chats they have to the producers about everything.

The standard this year is terrible. Most of them can’t string a sentence together personality wise (Yes, we know it’s The Voice, but none of the majors will seriously sign a multi single or album deal past the show contract date with contestants that are bland to deal with).

I predict the winner will be someone we haven’t seen yet and will come from Team Kylie or Team Will. Will be curious to see who they bring in as the judge’s helpers this year.

What they should be really doing is bringing in some contestants that will literally create a social media frenzy (The Nun from The Voice Italy as an example…look it up if you haven’t seen it) has been a welcome addiction. Kylie…disappointing. With all her experience I was expecting more than just fluff comments from her…no hard sell at all. Kylie hasn’t gotten this far for so long without being a very tough businesswoman and entertainer…and while I’m not a fan as I was many years ago…she has much to give if she could actually be bothered.

11 Ryan { 05.08.14 at 9:44 am }

Hayley’s as boring now as she was 10 years ago and that outfit was not remotely flattering. Full credit, though, she doesn’t look to have aged a day in ten years. Wow.

Fely from Hi5 auditioned too, but I don’t know this coz I’ve never watched that show and never found her insanely irritating. . Must be coming down with something…

12 daisy { 05.10.14 at 12:48 am }

I’m not minding Willy Am. Kylie is boring but not as annoying as Delta.

I enjoyed Matt (NY State of Mind).

13 daisy { 05.10.14 at 1:13 am }

C Major/Carlos: don’t people know that when you have the same hairdo or fashion as everyone else it is just boring. It’s not cool being a sheep. I’m talking about the marsupial head. Boring, boring lemmings.

14 Calorie Loader { 05.15.14 at 3:12 am }

Lol Daisy. Did you see the dead animal giving air to Ricky’s hair? Lord, it’s an epidemic.