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The Voice Australia – It Looks Like Year Of The Boy

This year there looks like there are a lot of boys being chosen even by noted girl fan Joel Madden. Also Kylie is getting trigger happy with her button but last night she did manage to get a few good singers.

However the this pair of Reece and Tino  21 year old friends were not one of them. The very likeable pair are studying law together. But their rendition of No Diggity was just passable. Kylie’s chair malfunctioned which might have been a sign that she should not turned around.  At least she knows there is room for improvement as it was their first time of performing together.

Brittanie Shipway back story was about growing up with her grandparents. Maybe at a later show they will reveal what happened to her parents. She sang On My Own from Les Miserable. All four coaches turned. Surprisingly she picked Kylie ahead of Ricky who as actual Broadway experience. Joel was trying to say he was Hugh Jackman’s understudy in the movie. Yeah right.

Then it was time for the viewers to know what it was like to do a blind audition. We did not see the singer and only heard the voice. It is difficult. Ricky and Joel turned for Scott Gelzinnis a 22 year old who sang Nature Boy who turns out to be a nephew of two girls I went to school with quite a number of years ago. So hopefully he will get past the battle rounds.

India Jade managed to get quite a bit of air time because she went to Kylie’s old high school. However her rendition of I’m Kissing You no one turned. Kylie asked her “How did you think it went?”. She said you were just slightly under.

Harry Healey is 56 years old and he is a bit of a silver fox and his daughters were stunning.  He sang Romeo & Juliet which was his wedding song., Joel and Kylie turned. Will said he turned around because he could not turn around for a pro. Joel thought it was one of the best auditions this season but then went on to say it was not perfect. Huh? Harry’s daughters were thrilled Harry chose to go on team Joel.

Jhoanna Aguila  is a 24 year old from Sydney and she sang Singing You’ve Got The Love. Her nails were as fab as her voice. It looked like no one was going to pick her but right at the end Will, Kylie and Joel buzzed in. Will said his best friend was Phillipino and said hello in that language. That sealed the deal and she picked him.

Johnny Rollins is a 29 year old drummer. His rendition of Beneath Your Beautiful was just OK as his voice was a tad thin but Kylie turned and he with the right song choice could be a surprise packet in the series as he does have a star quality about him.

The final  singer was Candice Skjonnemand a 27 year old mum of two. Her biggest claim to fame was she represented Finland in the Karaoke world championships. Maybe she might get to do Eurovision at some point. It was amusing to see her kids had passed out by the time she auditioned. Which means there must be a time lag between them walking her down the hall to getting on stage. She sang Adele’s Turning Tables and she hit the notes. Kylie turned first then Will and Ricky. Even after Will was getting his flirt on saying “I want to be your business” she decided to go with Kylie as that had been the only concert she had been with in her life.