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Kelly From My Kitchen Rules Broke And Bullied And Hospitalised

chloe MKR

Kelly must have thought getting into grand final of My Kitchen Rules would be a life changing experience, however unfortunately for her not in the way she was expecting.

She told that she is now bullied and broke which resulted in her being hospitalised. Kelly says this is related to how she was edited on the show.

The article states:

MY KITCHEN Rules villain Kelly Ramsay has lashed out at the treatment she received during and after Channel 7’s hit reality series, revealing she is broke, has moved back into her parents’ home and continues to be taunted by the Australian public.

In an exclusive interview with, Kelly said the high-pressure environment of reality television had taken its toll, revealing she was admitted to hospital for “exhaustion” at the weekend.

According to Kelly, doctors held her overnight on Sunday to keep a close watch on the Perth resident, fearing she may have bleeding on the brain.

She woke up at 1:30am with an extreme migraine and her mum took her to Swan District hospital in Perth. She was then transferred via ambulance to Royal Perth Hospital.

“I was out and about, I’d had a few drinks but I went home and woke up with a migraine,” she told

“I think I was just physically and mentally exhausted. They admitted me, they wanted to make sure I didn’t have bleeding on the brain due to loss of vision, an extreme migraine and vomiting.

“They said it was probably exhaustion and stress.” contacted Channel 7 for comment on Kelly’s hospital stay but the network refused to comment on the matter.

The former contestant, who along with teammate Chloe James divided viewers in this year’s season of the top-rating show, told the negativity was “still staining our reputation”.

Chloe and Kelly lost to South Australia mums Bree and Jessica before an audience of 3.7 million Australians in the show’s finale on April 29.

The duo was portrayed as the knifing, bullying pair of this season, with angry viewers threatening to boycott the show after it was revealed they made it through to the highly anticipated grand final. But Ramsay blamed the editing, believing the show portrayed the pair in an excessively negative light.

“I think they took it too far this year with the whole villain thing. All the show is real essentially, it’s a lot of editing and creative characters. Things are often taken out of context,” she said.

“You never saw us cry when anybody left, you never heard anything positive come out of our mouths. We said a lot of positive things and we cried on several occasions when people left the show. By taking that out it made us look like super-negative people”.

But now, less than two weeks since the finale episode, Ramsay said she was struggling to cope with the notoriety.

“Some days you don’t cope with fame. I’m finding it harder now that we’ve lost.

“I thought all this negativity would follow with this great ending, that we were going to win and follow our dreams. Now we’ve lost it’s weighing a lot harder on us.

“We have no money, I have people trolling my work to fire me, I was in hospital on Sunday with exhaustion. It cuts your whole soul, it cuts your being.

“I went out for drinks and someone behind me said, ‘There’s that c*** from that show. Oh my God look at that face.’ It’s constant, I had it on the bus yesterday.”

Kelly thought the pair’s portrayal would change as the series continued, but “unfortunately that never happened”.

“We never bullied anybody. If anything we made more friends than most other contestants.”

A Channel 7 spokeswoman said the network “does not condone bullying and at no time during the production of My Kitchen Rules was a complaint made regarding bullying.”

According to Kelly the pair was offered a counsellor by the network, but “that doesn’t help you find a job or pay your mortgage”.

Now they’re facing financial hardship, with Kelly admitting she was moving back in with her parents to ease the economic burden.

“I’ve got Chloe’s wedding (she’s getting married in New York in June to long-term partner Luke), and I’m having to pay for that, moving back home with my parents, I think it all just got a bit too much.”

According to Kelly, Channel 7 had “thrown their hands up”.

“I don’t know whose responsibility that is now but we’re having troubles finding work because of the show.”

Since late March, Kelly has been working as a trainee in the kitchen at Perth restaurant The Trustee alongside chef Michelle Forbes.

But according to Kelly, her time is about to be cut short, as she can’t continue to live on an apprentice’s wage.

“My parents are supporting me at the moment and I don’t know how much I want to push the friendship.

“It’s very hard because this week a number of people have come into my work and said I should be fired for my behaviour on MKR. We still get abusive emails.”

And as for Chloe?

“She’s really struggling financially as well. I know it’s stressing her out, she doesn’t like that we’re being called bullies and making up stories.

“We’re devastated by the whole thing, both of us have days that are worse than others. More than anything we’re worried about our future. We had a dream and that’s taken away. Having the reputation of these monster villains is hard. We’re going to be carrying that shadow with us, all created for entertainment.”

Kelly has a point regarding her and Chloe’s editing it was bad. Sure they said things but also the interviews they are put through are gruelling. It does raise the issue of what responsibility the network has towards the contestants and the backlash they might receive because of how they are edited. They was no doubt the WA girls were portrayed as the villains of the series and this overshadowed the fact they were one of the better cooks on the show. For Kelly’s sake I hope her 15 minutes of fame is over soon.


Here is an interesting comment from the original article –

I can truly relate to these girls and have genuine empathy for them, I was a contestant on a Channel 7 reality show earlier this year, that was presented to us as a ‘documentary’, the production company lied through their teeth the whole way through, they are extremely good at what they do and YES they can edit you however they like, especially when they’re filming you 18hrs a day. In my case, the only parts they showed of me were the things I said which were fed to me by producers, none of the positive, real side of me was shown. To make things worse they had a comedian hurling insults and put downs at us in the narration of the show each episode, they branded me a ‘couch surfer’ and made out that we were all scum and that isn’t even the worst of it. The way we were treated by production was immoral and I have no idea how they sleep at night. I have been through my own troubles directly related to the show and continue to suffer the consequences of trusting these disgusting people. I have had legal advice and by all means I have the right the sue for multiple reasons but, I don’t have the money, they get away with it every time and it’s so unfair. I feel for you Kelly!


1 john { 06.20.14 at 2:28 pm }

get well Kelly im fan off your and off chole but Helena and vikki r better in my book better then chole not kelly

2 john { 07.24.14 at 2:51 pm }

well Kelly and chole r better then bree and Jessica just not as great underlike Helena or vikki byway Kelly a pal off my so get hell off her back

3 john { 07.25.14 at 1:43 pm }

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4 john { 07.28.14 at 1:12 pm }

get well kelly

5 Anna { 08.18.14 at 11:04 am }

“We never bullied anybody. If anything we made more friends than most other contestants.”

So where are those ‘friends’?? Maybe they should be the one telling the people C&K are most likely their friends too.

And it might be a lot of pressure for you too but you can’t change it easily. If what you’re saying is true (you’re not ‘villains’) then prove it. Don’t go with the flow! prove that what we are thinking is wrong.


6 wayne johnpaul { 08.27.14 at 2:29 pm }

they r payls off my so to r helena and vikki i kown a woman nancy moffat who say she kown them bull fucking shit shut up nancy because you r a danm shit

7 Gingerpixie { 09.06.14 at 4:05 am }

Oh come on Kelly! If you didnt wanna be portrayed in a negative light, then dont say any of the bitchy and snotty things you did say. Honestly, blaming Ch7 for your health problems is a childish reaction of a sore loser! She should grow a pair and live with the decisions she made of being a nasty piece of work.

8 wayne john paul { 11.12.14 at 2:41 pm }

get hell off kelly back she go xmas with me so r helena and vikki and chole oh nancy still get beat up by lover do you