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The Voice Australia – The Fifth Audition Episode – It Was Ricky’s Night To Get Singers

Jess Berney, the 24 year old from South Australi, could be the dark horse to win series. She has a good voice and she also has a compelling back story. These are the two crucial elements you need to win a reality TV singing competition. And she is also likeable.

Her voice was like a choir boy’s and she sang Pie Jesu however her look was a bit different, it is more tomboy. Her backstory is a heartwarming one about tolerance and acceptance. She comes from a very religious family her father is a minister and she is gay. They were fine with that and accept and love her and her fiance. was the first to turn around and then Kylie and Joel. Joel was urging Ricky to turn around and he did. This was a dumb move by Joel as she ended up picking to go with Team Ricky. If Ricky is smart he will take her through to the live shows.

Ricky was raking the singers in last night. He got Carly Yelayotis who sang Stay. She was using The Voice for a career break and she spoke about a douche she had been going out with who told her while they were on holiday was with a guy who told her choose between me or your career. She kicked him to the kerb. had a lovely tone but her range was a little weak. Kylie, Joel and Ricky all pressed and she  said she felt something and it was Ricky.

Brandon Duff who sang are quirky but ordinary version of Skinny Love was picked by Ricky. His  mother who is the ultimate child mum showed more energy from the sidelines.

Taila Gouge is a 17 year old country singer has just finished high school but has some serious musical CV she opened for Tina Arena and Shannon Noll. Also country girl band The Mclymonts sent her a special message She sang Stuck Like Glue. To be honest I was expecting better but it will be interesting to see her perform again. Joel was the only one who turned.

Jacob Lee is 19 years old and he sang Battle Scars. was the only one who turned around which was surprising as he had an interesting voice. Though these young boys are starting to look and sound the same.

Brother/sister duo Gabriel and Cecilia from Byron sang Laura Palmer. They were OK in that folksy, hippe way and Ricky and Joel turned but it was Ricky who sealed the deal.

Keely Brittain who is 16 year old from WA she lives in a shack three months a year whilst salmon fishing. She was very pretty and sang Love Story.However nerves hit her voice and she did not get anyone to turn. Joel was disappointed when he saw how pretty she was. She was told to come back next year.

Tom Oliver  who is 21 years of age, auditioned two years ago with his mate. Joel at the time said there was one voice he liked. They did not ask him which one so he has been wondering. Maybe it was not his as Joel did not turn but Kylie did. Expect him to be collateral damage in the battle rounds.

Who are you liking in the audition?

Tonight Sabrina Batshon the former top ten Idol singer is auditioning and that will be interesting indeed.

The Voice Australia on NINE tonight at 7.30pm


1 Duane { 05.12.14 at 11:08 am }

Really looking forward to hearing more from Jess. Weird how Joel urged Ricky to turn around, maybe he did it because he didn’t want to mentor her after all. Thought the carry on over Carly’s surname was a bit racist. It’s 2014 and people still carry on/giggle when someone’s name is too ‘ethnic’ for them?

2 daisy { 05.12.14 at 11:10 am }

I loved the brother from the brother and sister act. His voice was beautiful. The sister was good but the brother was waayyyyy good.

3 Deano { 05.12.14 at 11:36 am }

Jess has a script writers background. Openly gay and dads a Christian minister. Singing at church as a kid will definitely help her on the big stage. Will she make the finals? No. Coz she picked the wrong team

4 Carol (without the e) { 05.12.14 at 12:02 pm }

I don’t think the carry on over Carly’s name was to do with ethnicity really. I thought it was more about how it sounded in that you couldn’t tell where her first name finished and her last name started.

When it comes to giggly names, I have a good story for you. My sister is half Maori and her name is Tui. Guess what family she married into??? That’s right… the Toohey family. I kid you not!!!

So she’s now known as Tui Toohey!

I bet you will never complain about having to spell or explain your name now.

5 daisy { 05.12.14 at 1:03 pm }

😆 Carol without.

I agree Carly Yelayotis is a bit of a tongue twister because the Carly has the the vowels and the ly, and the Yelayotis has the same. I tried reading it aloud after Duane’s comment and I ended up adding more lys.
We have a suburb called Dalleyelup. Try saying that. And that’s an Aussie word.

6 daisy { 05.12.14 at 1:05 pm }

Deano, yeah. They need to go for the loser team.
Haven’t these guys seen this show before?

Maybe they are choosing the ones who might take them on tour and give them a leg up rather than the ones who can help them win.

7 Esmeralda { 05.12.14 at 1:37 pm }

Pretty lackluster this year I think. Really liked the older guy with the guitar. He sounded a bit different.

8 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.12.14 at 2:00 pm }

I don’t watch this show but I did flick over to see that big girl singing. It honestly made me cringe – what radio station is going to play that voice? Christian FM? And to add to that, and I’m sorry but it’s a fact, she is not marketable at all. Brittney Spears can’t sing to save her life – but when she started she was young and pretty and thin and sexy.

I got into a conversation about The Voice with my partner. We tried to think of ANYONE – from the UK, USA or Australia as in contestants who have gone on to success. Honestly the Voice is a platform for the judges – not the ‘talent’.

9 daisy { 05.12.14 at 2:02 pm }

GVL she sounded a bit screechy to me too. I thought there must be something wrong with ME when the judges raved, so thanks for that.

10 Rosalind { 05.12.14 at 2:16 pm }

Missed it last night, does anyone know if there is a replay on at all?

11 daisy { 05.12.14 at 2:43 pm }

No doubt it will be repeated on the weekend by one of it’s sister stations, Rosalind.

12 Suzie Freebury { 05.13.14 at 6:43 pm }

Jess’s attempt to sing Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem was a travesty. Pie Jesu was originally sung by Sarah Brightman ALW’s ex – a beautiful high soprano, and now regularly by Boy Sopranos trained in the Choral Tradition. Jess was a screecher, her face and mouth contorted and I doubt whether she is trained or has ever had a lesson. The fact that the Judges thought she was fantastic says it all. I watch The Voice but am continually surprised by the number of singers who cannot hold a note least of all a tune. I see in tonight’s promo Kylie (another manufactured voiceless tuneless performer) says to a contestant “you are The Voice”. I wait with baited breath. Jess also remarked that she has another couple of “voices”..Ricky will undoubtedly flesh these out… now that WILL be interesting. Lessons and styling anyone?