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Can Someone Please Educate Me On How Celebrities Going Make-Up Free and Untouched In Photos Is Meant To Help My Self Esteem?

michelle bridges make up free


I have never been able to GET why when a celebrity goes make-up free and untouched on a cover of a magazine the media talks about how brave it is.

I also don’t GET how when the inevitably attractive female celebrity does it that it is meant to  improve “normal” women and girls self-esteem and how they few themselves.  Apparently by celebrities doing this it is meant to make you feel that what is on the inside that counts.

Previously Jennifer Hawkins and Sarah Murdoch have posed make-up free and now The Biggest Loser trainer, Michelle Bridges, is the latest celebrity to be on a magazine cover bare. Michelle Bridges talks about her Health Magazine cover with

She says:

“I won’t lie — it’s pretty nerve racking,” Bridges says of her barefaced debut.

“You know, there’s going to be moments when you get all dressed up and do your hair and make-up and look gorgeous in that regard. But then you can be just as beautiful schlepping around in jeans and no make-up and it doesn’t matter, because what really matters is how beautiful you are on the inside. That’s a message many of us need to impart to younger girls,” she says.

However the good news is it has been done for charity, the Cancer Council.

I just don’t get how a toned and taut make-up free Michelle is going to give someone “positive body image”. Shouldn’t it be the opposite where we can delude ourselves that their great looks and body are based on the fact they have been over photo shopped?

Am I missing the point? Happy to be enlightened on this issue.



1 Culinary Boner { 05.13.14 at 1:58 pm }

Seems Michelle could use the help of Matt Preston’s suspenders to get them jeans up.

2 Culinary Boner { 05.13.14 at 2:01 pm }

lol, I think I meant “braces”, not “suspenders”

3 Littlepetal { 05.13.14 at 2:07 pm }

It actually make me feel worse seeing them look so good without make up!!!! Usually only those who are already good looking and have a great body do this without make up or touching shoots.

4 cam2 { 05.13.14 at 2:19 pm }

Hi RR, lol i agree. I don’t get how its ‘so brave’ and admirable of these celebs to go sans makeup. i reckon it just makes them appear even more out of touch with reality and the everyday woman. Being make up free, not having the use of stylists, makeup artists, professional hairdressers, personal trainers, professional chefs, or to have your every facebook/instagram/whatever photo retouched by a professional is only exactly what every normal woman does every day. It’s hardly admirable nor impressive that these celebrities so generously lower themselves to our ‘non famous person’ standards, all with the pure intention of raising OUR self esteem. If anything it comes across as even more self gratuitous – as in ‘look how good i look, even WITHOUT photoshop’.

I’m all for less photoshop when it comes to helping girls self esteem. I get the message they are trying to send. But do it without all the hoopla. Its the same as whenever a ‘plus size’ model is used on a magazine – and all anyone hears is ‘oh look how progressive and radical and brave we are using a plus size model’. Making a spectacle out of what is essentially normal behavior (or normal body shape), does not, to me, accelerate the widespread ‘acceptance’ which they are seeking to achieve.

5 Georgietake2 { 05.13.14 at 2:58 pm }

OK – I don’t find her attractive with or without make up, she has a “hard” look about her. I appreciate being healthy and looking after yourself, but she just reeks of narcissism. She is not someone I would want to be friends with. And BTW I am not jealous or threatened by her, my self esteem is just fine thanks. She reminds me of the “The Plastics” on Mean Girls.

6 kess { 05.13.14 at 3:04 pm }

How does this make money for charities?
Do the celeb’s have to pay a shitload of money for the perfect lighting, and to cover the lies?
1. Lie number one – they all have make up on, subtle but it is there for problem bits, Michelle has had help around her eyes.

2. Not much natural going on in the first place – ie Michelle has fake tits, facials, laser treatments, ultra sound treatments, botox, collagen injected.
Complexion evening procedures.
And, all celebs have had eye lash extensions.

Recently went to a Uni Dermal clinic – amazing stuff you can have done.
Unfortunately not me though – as I take meds that make me photo sensitive I’m barred, boo hoo.

7 Anonymous { 05.13.14 at 3:07 pm }

I think it worse – as I can say I would look like Angelina if only I wore make-up and had photoshop but au-natural I have no chance!

8 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.13.14 at 3:45 pm }

Well she’s definitely had ‘work’ done on her face so not sure HOW ‘natural’ it is! And EVERYONE knows women look better with make up otherwise it would not exist.

9 Andrea { 05.13.14 at 3:58 pm }

I reckon all us average looking ladies would look good if we had plenty of time and money to spend on professional make up artists, stylists, chefs, trainers etc.
Big deal, Michelle poses without make up, so what? Give her a medal.

10 Lisa { 05.13.14 at 4:02 pm }

She looks like a dude from the waist down and Ja’ime from the waist up!

11 Robin { 05.13.14 at 4:18 pm }

I’ve never understood it either but here is a post you might find interesting:

12 Ginny { 05.13.14 at 4:37 pm }

She doesn’t look feminine at all. And yes I agree with you Kess I’m sure she has had stuff done. I hate it when celebs insist that they are au natural and have never had any work done to their faces. Oh yes I am 45 and I have skin like a 20 year old puuullleessse! Elle McPherson is always gulity of that saying that she has never had stuff done and so is Christie Brinkley. One is 50 and the other is 60 surely they cannot look 25 without some help! Well a lot of help. No 50 or 60 year old can look 25 naturally no way. What do they say ‘good genes’. Genes or not it’s impossible.

13 Culinary Boner { 05.13.14 at 4:49 pm }

Being rogered senseless by Commando on a regular basis clearly does nothing for your looks.

14 Diogenes { 05.13.14 at 5:58 pm }

To take it away from reality shows its as bad as Michelle O’s pouty “bring back the girls” or Sean Penns “real men don’t steal women”.

Newsflash Michelle, FFS your hubby has a pen & a phone – he is the CinC of one of the world’s largest militaries. As for Sean Penn & the other hollywood A-listers – donate a million each and hire some mercenaries

Back to matter at hand …
This whole campaign is stupid – even it “helps” the Cancer Council we are all “aware” of Cancer –

I would like to raise money and raise awareness of the massive problem of ingrown toenails and foot fungus and the terrible effects they have on sufferers and their families. In order to do this please sponsor me in my quest to ride every currently open passenger railway in Australia. :-)

15 ExEssex { 05.13.14 at 6:12 pm }

I call bullshit to 100% no make up. She’s wearing tinted moisturizer and lip gloss for a start

16 daisy { 05.13.14 at 6:15 pm }

It helps my self esteem because I have no tatts on my belly…or anywhere else.

Also she has a guys belly, with those groin lines. But good luck to her if that’s what she wants to look like.

I like flat tummies, but not like that. Girl’s ones.

17 LW { 05.13.14 at 6:33 pm }

I’d have more respect if she was cycling for 24 hours for cancer or something a bit more action oriented. I’m so over blatant narcissism masquerading as saving the world.

18 Sandii { 05.13.14 at 6:52 pm }

Pull ya pants up Mish, it looks terrible

19 daisy { 05.13.14 at 7:14 pm }

Emma should have photoshopped some short and curlies poking over the top.

20 LB { 05.13.14 at 7:15 pm }

As others have said, MB is clearly wearing makeup in this pic. Her eyes have shadow and eyeliner, there is lipliner and gloss and her cheeks have been contoured. Aside from that there is killer lighting and obviously a really good photog. Michelle actually looks best in a sort of au naturale state – when she was gussied up for the Logies it just didn’t work. She’s got a cracking body and that is clearly up to her constant hard work.

Seeing “celebs without makeup” means absolutely sweet FA to me or anyone else I know. Photoshop is another dish of fish entirely – many people become basically unrecognisable after the art directors have had their way. Have a look at the latest Nicole Kidman campaign for Jimmy Choo.
Who is this woman and why is she calling herself Nicole Kidman?

If a celeb is “brave” and goes without makeup then good for them but to me it’s a load of attention seeking hogwash.

21 Bel { 05.13.14 at 8:04 pm }

Eeew, what the hell is wrong with her hips/stomach? It looks like the worst ever caesarian scar. If that’s what hard exercise does, they can keep it.

DP said ‘That photo makes my balls shrink’. If I had them I’d so agree.

I don’t believe there’s ZERO photoshopping or playing around with these ‘no make-up’ images. Even really careful lighting can make a huge difference.

Michelle could quite easily hang around the dodgy bus stop in town near my place selling meth & I wouldn’t blink.

22 Bogan Hunter { 05.13.14 at 8:20 pm }

Bingo. Hey guys. Got a live one ‘ere. Get the nets out and see if ya can also catch the male one with the army fatigue shorts and wrap around mirror glasses. Plus the one with the tatts who calls ‘imself Shannon. You beaut! We’ve struck bogan gold!!

23 LW { 05.13.14 at 8:43 pm }

At work today we decided that Quinoa and Kale would be great bogan kid names. Something to think about, Man-Michelle and Sexy Steve!

24 Littlepetal { 05.13.14 at 8:51 pm }

LW, you need to add in Cacao, Maca and Spilurina.

25 Georgie { 05.13.14 at 9:05 pm }

Same pose – all that’s missing is Tim’s trident.

26 LW { 05.13.14 at 9:12 pm }

*applause* Littlepetal!
I worked at New Idea years ago and we had a feature on a woman with 7 kids, called Armani, Diesel, Chanel, Versace etc.

27 Eliza { 05.14.14 at 12:00 am }

Little Spirulina.. cute :/ we joke now.. but really shouldn’t put these ideas into their heads!

Totally agree with you cam2 and kess!

As everyone has been saying, the lighting makes a huge difference! I look radiant sans make up in warm incandescent lighting LOL! How about taking the photo in some direct sunlight, or overhead fluorescent lighting.. then maybe I would feel better.

I think some women’s stomachs are more inclined to get that v shape. Even when I had a really low body fat percentage my stomach was never like that, just normal flat. I have a friend though who is blessed with the ‘skinny gene’ and she always has a v even though she doesn’t work out.

28 Eliza { 05.14.14 at 12:03 am }

I must admit though, I am guilty of taking spirulina supplements and, although I am on a break from eating it atm, have often had my most favourite (not) meal for lunch of tuna, cottage cheese and kale.. as would say.. “mmm Mauritius”

29 daisy { 05.14.14 at 12:30 am }

Bel@21 very funny. 😆
Georgie@25. Yeah!

Funny how the bogans are going for the more frilly dilly names.

I think the more affluent are returning to the simple classics, like Alice, May, Grace and Emma, although there are still plenty who want to confuse their teachers by making up names. So damned hard to remember names like:
Wyalla, Dreshawn, Tayessa. And then you have to sort your Kiaras from your Kayaras.
And on top of that you have all the names of new arrivals from all over the world, that are unfamiliar and therefore harder to learn because you have no association.

I used to be able to remember all the names of a class of 25 by the end of day one. Not now.

I have never had a boy names Sue. I would remember that.

30 daisy { 05.14.14 at 12:32 am }

Elixa it sounds like you take good care of your health and fitness.
Glad you didn’t end up with the boy groin region.

31 daisy { 05.14.14 at 12:37 am }

Back to Michelle…is she wearing undies?
As my Sri Lankan Granny would have said, “Chee”.

32 Eliza { 05.14.14 at 12:53 am }

LOL, no boy groin region for me!

Names these days are ridiculous.. You seriously have to ask everyone how to spell even what you assume to be a simple name. Is it Lisa or Leesa? Karen or Karyn? Tina or Teena? Mikaela, Mikkaylah, Mikayla or Michaela? No offense to anyone wit this name, but my most disliked is Taylor.. or Taila.. or Taylah?

Daisy, I am not sure if you find stupid humour funny, but this to me (and my brother who showed it to me) is hilarious!

33 daisy { 05.14.14 at 1:05 am }

Oh no. Sophisticated humour.
I 😆 ed all the way through.
I will use this helpful teacher training film when I am relief teaching.
Thanks Eliza, or is that Elaiza, or Alyza.

34 daisy { 05.14.14 at 1:21 am }

I think A Aron was my favourite.

35 daisy { 05.14.14 at 1:26 am }

I have concluded the woman in the phot has a penis.
And that’s OK.
You’re allowed nowadays.

36 daisy { 05.14.14 at 1:38 am }

Mind you I doubt I’ll bother. I’ve managed this long without.
Wouldn’t mind bigger balls though.

37 Eliza { 05.14.14 at 1:45 am }

Poor a-aron he always gets sent to see O-shag-hennesy.

Great master class in wiping things off a desk in dramatic style, letting the kids know that you’re totes cray cray. Best way to get them to respect your authority as a teacher. Who knows what you’ll do next?

38 daisy { 05.14.14 at 1:48 am }

Yeah, but one problem…my OCD would never allow it.

But don’t worry. I usually have other surprises.
As you can imagine, I’m a lot mad. But I keep it G rated for school.

39 daisy { 05.14.14 at 1:52 am }

BTW, Eliza. I’ll be sharing that link at the next teacher conference.

It’s a doozy. Can you still say doozy nowadays?

40 daisy { 05.14.14 at 2:04 am }

Nodding off now, Eliza. Catchnyoubtomorrow.
Love daisy xxx

41 LW { 05.14.14 at 9:28 am }

Morning ladies! Here’s the full bogan baby name list…

42 daisy { 05.14.14 at 9:34 am }

Thanks LW. It’definitely the mad spellings that’s the worst.
Don’t the parents care that they will be forever having to spell their names?

Oh and at first I thought that baby had Pardon written on his bum.
That would be a good range for tracky bum logos:
Pardon me

43 jenny { 05.14.14 at 11:19 am }

so agree with you reality raver and all the commentators on here. again the magazine cover is just an excuse for society to judge women on their looks this time sans makeup. “look at me I have no makeup!” it actually makes me feel worse as I need make up as I have bad skin and make up (subtle and for sensitive skin) actually makes me and my skin feel better. I suppose no makeup celebrity gets headlines though. I would like a guy to do it one day though…surely there are male starlets who have hairpieces and wear make up. bert newton anyone?

44 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.14.14 at 3:43 pm }

@Ginny – could not agree more. Sorry, we do not look younger the older we get – we just don’t. True beauties of the past like Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Elizabethe Taylor etc – gorgeous women but they didn’t look younger as they got into their 40’s compared to when they were in their 20’s. I seriously HATE (especially models) like Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford etc saying they have had no work done. They lie and I think it’s disgusting. Especially women like Rebecca Gibbney doing ad’s for face cream that ‘help her look young’ when we know she’s had work done. If all these creams actually did what they said they did – plastic surgeons would lose half their business and botox would not exist.

45 Reality Raver { 05.14.14 at 4:25 pm }

I had not thought about the botox issue but agree total that is not natural. Also when people who have used botox, fillers or had surgery are advertising beauty products or vitamins it should be captioned on screen. As it almost akin to false advertising.
Thanks Robin for the link.

46 Rosie { 05.14.14 at 4:41 pm }

First of all, thanks you gice for the giggles you’ve given me. I’ve only just noticed this particular blog and reading all these posts in one hit has really tickled my funny bone.

But on to Michelle… Looking at her weirdly flat belly and her oddly shaped belly button – and I do think it is a little odd – makes me think she has had a spot of liposuction there at some stage. Along with all the other work she has definitely had. That face of hers keeps changing year in, year out. And not necessarily for the better.
And yes, love, for God’s sake, pull up your britches!

47 daisy { 05.14.14 at 6:07 pm }

Yeah, I agree with you all. I’d bet good money she has at least foundation and some eyeliner and eye shadow.

W&I just went to the Buddha Bar curry house for lunch and on the toilet doors there were two pubic pictures to indicate male and female. If they had a photo of Michelle’s groin, I would have taken it for the transgender toilet.
I was very confused too because I was looking for a “W” not a “V”.

Also there was no room for variation….