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Masterchef Australia – Did Nicole Think She Was Cooking Against The Season Five Contestants

Did Nicole think she was cooking against season four and five contestants? In the previous two years a half arsed dish would see you near the top three but things are different this year and Nicole decided to roll the dice and use her snapper to be used for three dishes all in one go. As they say in Yes Minister – it was a bold decision.

The elimination challenge was  all about snapper. There were three rounds with a snapper dish to be cooked in each round with a number of contestants being made safe after each round. The catch was the snapper was not that big.  

Nicole decided she was going to back herself and use the whole snapper at once to make a Chinese Style Snapper in round one. The question that has to be asked is why? There was only five being put through. Sure she probably made it heaps of time but had she made it within the 30 minute time limit.

You knew it was going pear shaped when she took it out of the wok and the tail was raw so she had to manhandle it again into the oven. Then to ensure it was cooked she put a hot dressing over it. It looked great ONCE the fresh coriander and chilli was draped over it.

You also knew she was a gone when you looked at the time. At fifty minutes of the hour episode they were tasting the first round of dishes were being tasted, there was no time for more cooking.

Matt Preston said her fish did not have a crispy skin and it was such a simple dish it needed to be perfect. She was eliminated. I was pity as Steven is still there and he served up an abysmal Snapper En Papillotte which Matt Preston described as the most unappetising thing he had seen in a long time.

Emily and Rachael were smarter they used the fish heads in the first round which meant if they had had to cook in round three they would have had snapper fillet to cook with when the others had fins.

However both of them were top five. Emily with an East Asian Fish Head Curry that looked great after she poured a litre of oil off it. Matt Preston said it was his favourite dish of the day. Rachael made Baked Fish Heads.

Lauren who spent too long in the pantry until Gary came in to get her out was also top five with stuffed snapper fillet with an orange and fennel salad. Pretty impressive considering she did it in twenty minutes. Tash who has to be a contender for this year’s title was in the top five as well as Amy. Amy did a Snapper poached in Vanilla and served with a Lime Beurre Blanc. It was a risky dish but it looked great on the plate.

However the episode was not about the winners it was Nicole who must be in therapy about her decision to put all her eggs in one basket particularly so early in the competition.

What did you think of what Nicole did? Stupidity or a bold move?


1 nibehlung { 05.19.14 at 10:47 am }

Most contestants this year are actually very capable but you can tell that they are still somewhat amateur-ish because they sometimes make these stupid little mistakes like putting poisonous flowers or incorrectly cooking the octopus.

2 daisy { 05.19.14 at 11:18 am }

Ah but were the poisonous flowers REALLY a mistake. Perhaps he is on the MKR payroll.

3 Alec C { 06.08.14 at 4:46 pm }

Skyrim #11 lol that would’ve been the PERFECT strategy – dish 1 scales dish 2 guts dish 3 A WHOLE FISH!? auto-win :)

4 arooj { 08.10.14 at 4:47 am }

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Its a great loss
After watching dat episode I have become ur fam
And am praying for u since then
U r my favorite
And will always

5 arooj { 08.10.14 at 4:51 am }

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6 Rose Lina { 10.09.14 at 11:09 pm }

I like Nicole – if the two cooks and as the so claimed food critique (Mr. know all) does not disturb and bother her so much, she could have presented an amazing dish. Stop disturbing if you guys don’t have a good helping tips, the 3 beginning to piss me off lately.