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Survivor Cagayan – Exclusive Interview With Jeremiah Wood

Jeremiah Survivor

Jeremiah was on the Beauty tribe and with his southern charm managed to stick around longer then anticipated. Unfortunately for him his alliance member Spencer played his immunity necklace thinking the votes would go to himself. However Tony and Kass’s alliance had anticipated that Spencer had the immunity idol and put Jeremiah’s name down instead.

Here we talk about his strategy, whether Spencer was ever going to play the idol for him, and why he did not tell people he was a model.

Reality Ravings: Last week when I interviewed LJ he said Tony was the only one that was playing the Survivor game. Do you agree? And what were you doing that was strategy and to form alliances?

Jeremiah Wood: I definitely disagree. I guess LJ just because he got blindsided that that team was the only one playing the game but LJ also said he was a born player and he admitted to it.  so that kind of contradicts that. I had a strong strategy going into it. I wanted to be the likeable, loveable guy that everybody fell in love with. I was basically everybody’s comedy. That is who I am I want everybody to like me and I was trying to play games with people. I wanted numbers coming into the show. In the first part of the show you have to win challenges to make it to the final merge. You want to be able to gel together, but you want to have that strong alliance within an alliance. At the time I was in with LJ, Alexsis and Jefra, we had numbers. And then it got all changed up after we got to the first merge. I said “I’m scrambling, I’ve got to do something”. The best thing about that first merge was that nobody knew how to build a fire. So I thought I am going to build a fire to boil their water and rice so these people are going to have to have me. It allowed me enough time to stay with them and it allowed me enough time to talk to Spencer and then I had a strong alliance within an alliance with Spencer. I knew what took to get to the end of the game I just was not expecting Kass to flip like she did. Because me being the loveable, likeable social guy I had everyone pretty much won over. I had not burnt any bridges so I would win a jury vote. I played that game hard, I looked for that Idol every  day. I turned that jungle inside out. I just could never find those idols. Was I stirring things up like Tony? No I had common sense that is what I was bringing to the game.

RR: After Tony flipped and voted out LJ I thought that your ,Spencer,  and Tash  would suddenly become stronger.  I was surprised that you guys were still on the bottom of the heap. How did Tony talk around his alliance again?

JW: He is blowing my mind how he is keeping everybody on a string. At a reward challenge, what they did not show, was I was in Tony’s ear telling him that they thought he was the biggest threat in the game. I know how paranoid Tony is and he is always lying and I had trying my best to get people to understand this guy right here is conniving. We need to vote Tony out but he is controlling his alliance. We got him paranoid and got him to flip to get LJ out and I thought everybody was going to say “alright he done this and done that” and then Spencer and Tasha would have a new alliance. I don’t know what he has going on but he is keeping his alliance strong. It is amazing to watch him play the game. He is actually playing a strong game.

RR: Was Spencer ever going to play his Idol for you?

JW: Yes. We were out in the ocean and me and Tash were talking. He let me know he had found the Idol but he did not know how  to play it. At the time of the game when Jefra had flipped back we had no insight or clues who they were gunning for. It was either going to me or Spencer so I was trying to let people know that Spencer was the biggest threat as far as challenges and he would be the one they should be targeting. I was hoping he would not say anything but he came right back and said Jeremiah is the biggest threat here as he is the most likeable guy he has ever met. I was like “No Spencer don’t say that”. We had no clue who to vote for. I told Spencer you go with your heart. Whatever your thinking that is what you have to go with. If we had a hunch that they were gunning for Jeremiah he would have played it for me in a heart beat. He still almost did but he went with his gut. If I had had the Idol and been in the same situation it would have been hard for me to play it for Spencer too because we did not have a clue who they were targeting.

RR: I noticed you did not tell you were a model when you were on the show. What did you tell people you did, as you were on the beauty tribe.

JW: One of my first strategies of the game was to not look like a model so I told them I was just a normal old country boy who lived in a town that I worked with Gatorade and Tropicana so I was definitely pushing that. In the seasons past when they reveal they are a model it seems like they get targeted first and they get voted out as people think that they are there for TV time so they can push their modelling and acting. I was wanted the world to see that I was a fan of the show and I was not there to push modelling. I did tell Spencer that I did do something else and I let him know I was a fashion model. Then Tash started flipping out over it and told her to go home and Google Jeremiah Wood.

RR: Would you go on another reality show and if show which one?

JW: I would love to go back on Survivor I think I can win this game. Big Brother would be an awesome game to play and The Amazing Race would be an awesome game to play. If the doors open I want to walk through them. If CBS thinks I’ve got what it is takes I would be there in in New York minute.

Survivor Cagayan on GO Channel on Thursday nights at 8.30pm.



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1 daisy { 05.14.14 at 8:20 am }

Jeremiah might do better on BB or Amazing Race. It’s hard to get to the final 3 being nice. You have to be able to win all the immunities and idols because you’re a huge target if you are nice. If that was J’s strategy, it wasn’t a good one. Look at why they ditched Tash, when they were going to ditch Tony.
“Oooh, everyone hates Tony. Let’s keep him”.

I love S best when the nice guys stick it to them and win. I hate seeing 3 jerks in the final 3.
I bet Cass will be there this season because she has made no friends.