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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With Jefra Bland

Jefra Bland

Jefra Bland spent most of the series flying under the radar but she always managed to be sitting with the right position, until Spencer and his alliance made Tony paranoid about a possible all female alliance.

Here we talk about the jury, was she really going to flip and being cast as a beauty.

Reality Ravings: At the merge the beauty tribe was a bit of a basket case and you managed to get another alliance going who was that core alliance in the top six or five once LJ was gone.

Jefra Bland: I think it was myself, Trisha and LJ that was the core of my alliance.

RR: After Tony made the move on LJ did the alliance stop trusting him and why did you not try and make a move on him then?

JB: I was trying to make a move on him when I went onto the reward with Tash and Spencer. I was trying to target him and the goal was when I went back from the reward challenge to get Trish or Kass to flip with me so we could have the numbers. Anyone that knows Survivor knows that it is a game of numbers. If I had gone myself we would have drawn rocks at tribal council and it would have been a four/four vote and no one wanted to draw rocks. Once I went back and realised they were not going to flip with me we were kind of screwed at that point. We were definitely trying to figure out how to get him out as soon as possible.

RR: I weren’t Trish and Kass wanting to flip? Were they still believing Tony?

JB: Something that was not really shown a lot during the episode. Our core five are close to our families we were looking forward to getting our families out there for the potential visit. As we were all fans of the show we know that normally happens around top five or six. We were thinking we’ll all stick together to get the family visit and then we will just kill each other off. Tony was continuing to swear on his child and his father’s grave and we thought that meant something.

RR: Do you think as it was close to the final three that people are thinking I want to sit next to someone that the jury is not going to vote for and is Tony one of those people?

JB: I think everyone is very aware of who they are going to take to the end. This was already happening when there was nine or ten of us. Everyone is already playing with the end in mind and how and who they can take to the end.

RR: Who would you have taken to the jury?

JB: My goal was to take Kass as I felt it was a very bitter jury. That most of the people were basically put there because she flipped alliances. I was definitely  wanting to take Kass. Then I would have taken Woo or Trish as I was waiting to see if we got rid of Tony. I probably would have taken one of them because neither of them have played a big, powerful, strategic moves that would have got any credit.

RR: Congratulations you were the last beauty left standing. Was it an advantage or a disadvantage being labelled a beauty on this season on Survivor?

JB: I don’t think it effected me personally I think it could have effected some. I did not go out there as a strategy to use my beauty or to flirt. I definitely don’t think it hurt me being on the beauty tribe.

RR: Did you apply or were you cast for Survivor?

JB: I applied for the show. I grew up watching the game and I am a big fan. I sent in a video of myself and I am very outdoorsy, from Kentucky, I like to hunt and fish. So I sent a video of myself getting down and dirty and was cast from that.

RR: What you thought Survivor was going to be like and what it was. Did something actually shock you about the game?

JB: The physical side of it is much tougher then you think it is going to be when you are watching the show sitting on the couch. There are broken toes during the challenges. The other thing I totally underestimated was the emotional side of the game. Being stranded out there without any communication your emotions are just a whirlwind from being so sleep deprived. It is hard to make rationale decisions when you are caught up in the moment like that.

JB: What’s next for you Jefra?

RR: I am a General Manager of a gym and I am into health and wellness. I studied Broadcast Journalism in College and I would love to do something with that degree as well and take any job opportunities in that way.

JB: Would you go back on Survivor or go on another reality TV show?

RR: I would go on Survivor but not any other ones.

Survivor Cagayan on GO on Thursday nights at 8.30pm.


1 daisy { 05.14.14 at 8:44 am }

I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeffra on AR. Her fitness would be an asset.
She could go with Tash.
Man that would be a good team.

2 techhater { 05.14.14 at 10:39 am }

I agree Daisy. They would make a great team.

and only 2 weeks left of Survivor.

3 Sioux Denim { 05.14.14 at 4:36 pm }

This is such a hard season to call, am really enjoying all these new players….get sick of all the returning ones.