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Guest Post: House Rules – Is Candy Really Gone Or Was It Cleverly Crafted Publicity Stunt?

Annajjj’s recaps continue to be brilliant day after day and hopefully she managed to catch Offspring!

Over to Annajjj:

Day two and tonight we see Bomber shopping, Gapper digging and Candy and Ryan breaking up…or do we? Voice Over hints at what Shellbot predicted which is that this is all a big set up.

We start off with Drinks! as Snow White remind us of their 7 reasons to win and elsewhere Bomber is embracing his inner shopper. Mel can be the foreman, as far as Bomber is concerned, he’s all about the easy option. Meanwhile Adam and Lisa are enjoying their free holiday and Give Me a Cliff Spa just made it to the top of my list of potential house rules.

McResident-Designer makes several appearances tonight and the first is with Mads and the Fireman to quiz them on their bedroom vision. Bugger off it’s none of your business Maddi tells her, but only in my dreams. We’ve got a bed-head she mumbles and McPushy says well the rules are glam, feminine, indulgent and a bed head won’t be enough. I want more than you are giving me, she spits at them viciously before flouncing off in search of her next victim.

We then cross to the ‘expert renovators’ Carole and Gapper, and there’s not been a lot of evidence of their expertise so far, least of all when it comes to the deck Gapper is trying to build. He’s still working on the footing holes he was struggling with last night. Several other teams pop up to support Carole in hassling him and Gapper tells the peanut gallery to STFU. Good for him.

Mads creates a time capsule to go into the fireplace and Candy is getting annoyed with Ryan and has anyone else noticed Ryan and Candy have matching noses? Back over to Stoner Adam and Lisa who think the Snow Whites might struggle with the House Rules. In other words we don’t think the daggy country folk are going to get it right and that seems harsh until we get a shot of Brooke wandering around in too short pants pulled up very high and teamed with blundstones.

Gapper is still digging holes for deck footings and Bomber is still shopping, and McStill-Here advises that this is not the time to be playing it safe and everyone is missing the vital rule of pops of pattern except for Carole who has florally patterned feature tiles. They don’t need to line up, Carole tells the tiler, just whack them anywhere. We are so far up the leader board it doesn’t matter what we get scored.

Ryan has to stop repairing walls and go and repair his relationship with Candy. I love you, he says but he really should put a ring on it if he’s serious about making her happy. Perhaps he’s saving that for the finale. Actually maybe they all are. The three younger girls have made no secret of the fact that they want to be married and clearly Mel and Brooke are up for round two. Perhaps the finale could be five weddings and a divorce. It’s a great promo line.

Broke has found a chair that is about 80 metres wide and Grant says that will not fit in any room ever. Well you go shopping then says Brooke. Little Britain would LOVE to go shopping but he’s not allowed off the leash for that long.

Back to Iggy still trying to dig those holes for his deck and Ryan stirs him up by throwing planks into his hole. Gapper throws them back in disgust. What’s he expect they’re gonna say when there’s wood in me hole? asks Iggy and I’m leaving that one well alone.

Mad is realising she can’t combine every single house rule without creating a giant fuck-up so, sticking with moody female theme, she decides on sheer ceiling curtains. It’s all about soft focus. Bomber is still out looking for pops and earthy tones and wows and luckily he finds feature tiles that incorporate all these themes.

Carole wants bottle tops wallpaper and it’s hideous says Gapper and it’s wow insists Carole and Gapper says do we want to give them “wow I don’t really like that” and yes says Carole because the important thing is not whether the owners like it but whether it meets the house rules. That’ll stand up in court.

Next up we are promised the Candy walk out scene but now VO makes it clear that Shellbot was right when s/he picked this one early on…it’s an elaborate prank to get back at Fireman for his earlier prank about being a psychologist/physiologist which was set up to get back at Ryan for the wall moving prank and do we really have time for this nonsense?

We’re back from the ad break and with less than three days left there are seizure-triggering tiles forming a feature wall in the Capper’s bathroom. It’s totally horrible but Carole thinks it is fantastic and are you insane? It’s truly awful. Yes it’s wow but it’s WTF wow which is probably not what the house owners were hoping for.

Self levelling concrete is going down (I really miss the Greek boys!) and McSnout makes her third appearance to stick her nose in to the lounge room. Candy wastes valuable time patiently explaining they have picked similar lounges to the ones picked last week and is told that using sofas we’ve already seen is not on. The same stupid hairstyle every week is ok though is it McFringe? Little Britain has decided to save time and money by using existing windows but his chisel slips, shatters the glass and is that his blood all over the corner of it?

Big mirrors are the plan in the kitchen for Mel, meanwhile Bomber is still out shopping. Mel says how about stop shopping and be here to actually help but Bomber is enjoying the shopping gig and gets pissy with Mel for suggesting he is slacking off. Don’t have a go at me about shopping he snarls. We find out poor Mel is missing her daughter but she only has one kid not seven so she can’t use that for sympathy points. Doesn’t matter, she doesn’t need them, Mel is winning hearts and does anyone have a great single male friend we can set her up with?

Voice Over says Gapper is still working on deck from hell and he’s gone back to the jack hammer and concrete is finally being poured. Carole is out of the way shopping. Brooke has found something she can actually be bothered doing and is taping up the old lady windows. They need fixing so Brooke asks the boys to call the glaziers as Brooke has made quite enough calls to no avail thanks very much. One call from Ryan and it’s sorted. What does that tell you?

Gapper is nealy done on his beloved deck says Voice Over but I’m betting there’s no love left there. Carole comes back and it’s done and she’s impressed. Gapper is well beyond caring what anyone thinks at this point.

We’re finally at the payback prank and although most people are turning to Offspring and I’m desperate to join you, over here we are watching the ‘fun’ begin.

Carole prods Mads into admitting that Fireman is not a psychologist and then she immediately goes and tells Ryan he’s been had. She acts all serious like this was a dark secret instead of a prank and Ryan thinks Fireman must be a labourer and ashamed of his job and decides to prank him back.

There’s something slightly vicious in the way Ryan pulls off his pranks. Anyway he goes to Doc Lloyd with his relationship issues and asks for his help. He lies down on the dusty floor couch immediately losing any credibility but Fireman is so rattled by Ryan coming to him for help he doesn’t notice.

We interrupt the prank to watch Snow White Drink! on the way into Masters to buy wallpaper. I’ve never been to masters but they don’t seem to have a good selection. After rejecting several horrible choices they go for a floral mess with pops of colour (ha!). Bomber finally returns with some lame excuse of being stuck in traffic to find Mel had done everything. If we win, he says, it’s because of her. You’d better believe it Bomber.

Ryan goes back to the Doc for more counselling and Candy spoils the prank by showing up all cheerful and happy. Ryan adds acting to the growing list of things he loves about himself and begs the fireman to tell him what his job is. Lloyd refuses and just tell him already and stop with the stupid secrecy, it doesn’t make you mysterious just very annoying.


1 all happening { 05.15.14 at 9:58 am }

Another great recap thanks annajjj. What the f$%k with all the most hideous wallpapers and tiles all in one house. Shudder!
The fuss over the deck was one thing but when it was built I realized it was so small it was not worth building.
The Ryan/Candy joke was yawn worthy. Sucked a few in on fb I saw.
Really liking Mel but Bomber is a piece of ….. I divorced one like that.
I am enjoying the show though with some cringe worthy exceptions.

2 Veronicali { 05.15.14 at 10:24 am }

Why is Fireman Fred so obsessed with not revealing what he does for a living? Who cares?!

Carole seems to be showing a nasty streak, first the low strategic scoring, now the shockingly bad bottle cap wallpaper and hideous floral mess tiles. What have Adam & Lisa ever done to you, Carole?

With McSaboteur egging them on this reno looks to be a disaster but whoever is up next week is lucky as I reckon they’ll all tone it down.

3 Smythe { 05.15.14 at 10:40 am }

Those large flower tiles used by Carol and Russell in the bathroom look garish and don’t match up. I could understand not matching tiles if you are using varying patterns but these should be matched. The flower wall paper selected by the Bradys may be earthy but it’s not at all modern.

Mel deserves someone better than Bomber.

Veronicali, #2, I don’t understand why the fireman doesn’t want to reveal his job. It’s not like he’s a tradie and wants to keep that a secret. What does it matter if the other contestants know that he puts out fires for a living? The psychologist and Candy leaving Ryan jokes were boring and not funny.

So far Adam’s and Lisa’s home looks like it will need a major redo when these teams are finished with it.

4 Shellbot { 05.15.14 at 10:47 am }

what can I say? It’s a gift hahaha

Agree with you Veronicali about Carole’s nasty streak! so sly too choosing hideous things like that but hiding behind the ‘house rules’.

Adam and Lisa should have probably specified one rule for each zone but it’s done now so good luck to them LOL

5 JK { 05.15.14 at 11:04 am }

Candy is funny. I don’t remember how many episodes ago when she didn’t know how to read a tape measure. She takes the cake on that one! Ryan is sooooo patient with her! Funny how these girls with degrees don’t know common sense stuff… there is hope for us all!

6 Colleen { 05.15.14 at 11:34 am }

The promos seem to be implying that Adam and Lisa will hate it. I assume the disgusting bottle top wall paper is payback for the horrible black and white flowery thing Adam and Lisa did to the Gappers. Do these teams not understand that you can use wall paper without putting it all over the whole wall.

Love Mel, although the phone call was a bit contrived, a camera just happened to be at the house where the little girl is staying?

The producers obviously want the rules to be confusing, it would not be right to just say: a wood grain bathroom, a white bedroom suite, a nice fluffy rug in the lounge room etc. I would love to have a bathroom where my shower looks like its in a tree.

7 Andrea { 05.15.14 at 11:47 am }

Those large flowery tiles must have been a nightmare for the tiler to put up, very hard to match, you’d end up seeing things after a while.
Carole is starting to show her true colours with her choices, I hope Adam and Lisa score very low for the mess she’s made of their house.
There is going to be a lot of fixing up to be done this time around, unlike last year when the renos were much better.
I’m not interested in the pranking going on, its too much like The Block, too much faffing around instead of getting on with the job.

8 LB { 05.15.14 at 11:53 am }

Firstly, I can’t believe that there is a designer and a manufacturer for either that hideous bottle top wallpaper (makes Grumpy & Bitchy’s “Love” wallpaper look quite restrained) or those swirling, nausea inducing tiles that Carole has chosen. Seriously, the choices that are being made on this show are not reflecting well on the sponsors/suppliers.

Candy must have short term memory loss if she couldn’t remember that those sofas and coffee table were exactly the same ones that Mel & Bomber had chosen only the week before.

Really warming to Mel – just quietly, she is about the only person I would want renovating my house as she seems to actually listen to the tradies, learn from them and have any care or pride in the work that she is doing. Bomber is as useful as the proverbial screen door on a submarine and actually seems to be holding Mel back. She could probably do the reno and shopping all on her own. A dream team would be Mel & Adam working together – pair of energiser bunnies.

Dunno about Grumpy looking like he’s from Little Britain, but Bitchy sure does. There is a split screen of Brooke and Vickey Pollard (Matt Lucas) doing the rounds. Wish I could work out how to post it here (luddite), but it’s freaking hilarous.

9 PollyB { 05.15.14 at 12:07 pm }

LB – I was intrigued. I hope this link works. :)

Yep it does! Thanks LB. Pisser!

10 LB { 05.15.14 at 12:10 pm }

That’s the one Polly – you’re a champion :)

Every time Bitchy speaks, all I can hear is Vickey Pollard!

11 annajjj { 05.15.14 at 12:49 pm }

LB totally agree with that pairing suggestion of Mel and Adam – I thought the same thing. They would be the dream team.

12 Agent 86 { 05.15.14 at 1:10 pm }

Thanks Annajjj.

I think I fast forwarded through at least half the show last night. The endless “coming up” segments before every ad break and the “previously on” segments after every ad break are infuriating. As was all the footage of events completely unrelated to the renovations, including the “prank”.

Is there not enough work for the teams to be doing on the house? Carole certainly hasn’t done anything and her husband as been outside the entire time, so who is working on their interior rooms? Or are the producers forcing them to engage in such mindless antics because they think it will be entertaining?

I do feel bad for Adam and Lisa. It appears as though their home is going to be a mess. A bathroom sink in their bedroom. No sight or acoustic privacy for the toilet in their ensuite. Different wallpaper in every room. And presumably also different patterns, mirrors and “wow” statements in every room as well. The choices by Carole and Mrs Brady are particularly horrific. Only some of the bathroom tiles were aligned/matching, while others appeared to be randomly placed. The bottle top wallpaper doesn’t fit any house rule (e.g. modern and earthy) except for “wallpaper”. And Brooke’s brown and green flowery wallpaper looks like it belongs in the “before” shots, not the “after” shots.

As others have noted Mel is the real stand out this week. The Brady Bunch and Bomber are definitely the poorest performers. And others continue to act oddly, like Candy choosing itentical furniture to last week’s house!

13 all happening { 05.15.14 at 1:19 pm }

I am sure I read somewhere that Lloyd was a tradie before becoming a fireman. Possible he he is keeping quiet because was a digger or miner. Most Townsville guys are ex one of the above.

14 Gabby { 05.15.14 at 1:49 pm }

Thanks LB and PollyB for the likeness tip off, hilarious, got it in one.
Carole is a horrible person, do not like her at all. Cannot believe she actually likes those bathroom tiles, her taste must be so far up her backside if she does.
I really cannot see how her and Gaps are going to get all their zones completed because nothing seems to have been done so far. It makes me wonder how much outside help they get.
Cannot believe Candy has picked nearly the exact same furniture as in last house.
Do not like the idea of all the mirrors in the kitchen. Bummer to try and keep clean.
Agree with others Mel is fantastic and the prank was boring and a waste of time.
I really hope Lloyd and Lisa like their reno. or else I really feel sorry for them, they don’t deserve this schemozzle.

15 Colleen { 05.15.14 at 1:54 pm }

In the first episode Lloyd said he wanted his occupation to be a secret so the other teams wouldn’t see him as a threat.

From the official channel 7 site:
Before joining the aviation firefighters, Lloyd worked in the building industry as a plasterer and labourer for close to a decade, while Maddi has grown up on building sites.

16 MonMon { 05.15.14 at 1:58 pm }

Gosh I’m loving Maddi and Lloyd… They are funny and laid back and out of all the couples, they seem to actually be in love! So tired of all the pathetic bitching of the older couples from WA, SA and Tas- grow up already and show a better example!

17 Fijane { 05.15.14 at 2:09 pm }

Iactually don’t mind the bathroom tiles. They looked worse last night because the wall was stark and there was no ceiling so the tiles were contrasted with the pink batts. If the bathroom is finished in white/cream and once the fittings are in, they might be quite nice. Much better, IMO, than the horrible blacky metallic ones in last week’s ensuite – blah!
Having said that, all the wallpaper that has been shown so far is horrid on it’s own, let alone together in the same house.
I fast forwarded through the pranking stuff – don’t find any of that entertaining.
I’m actually looking forward to the reveal of a badly-done house. I’m a bit tired of the couples complaining about the things that they might get that they hate, and then walking into the house and falling about weeping with joy when the house rules weren’t followed.

18 Andrea { 05.15.14 at 2:11 pm }

Thanks Polly B, great likeness hah hah!.
Gabby, did you mean Adam and Lisa?
Lloyd is the one with the hush hush occupation.

19 Eliza { 05.15.14 at 2:20 pm }

The Ryan prank was a bit of a waste of time. We could tell it was going to be a prank, ch 7! I do like though that Lloyd, Ryan and Adam as well, seem to be nice guys and are getting along well. We don’t need to see constant whinging and fighting.

Agree, Gabby #14.. who has been doing all the work inside for The Gappers if Gapper has been outside for 3 whole days digging holes? Doesn’t make much sense.. I guess they can get as much help as they can afford in their budget which is… ?? amount. I wish they told us so maybe we could understand some of their choices better at times!

I too am a bit worried for this place. I would have one of my house rules as something like, “a cohesive flow between all spaces”. Makes sense.. A&L put their foot in it with the mirrors and wallpaper and WOW in every room. People with common sense would get it, but that seems to get lost on this show.

I am most worried about the kitchen.. I knew Bomber (who I am suss about) and Mel (who deserves someone who works harder, not just praises her constantly) would get that space as soon as Bomber mentioned black granite (I yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I think the neighbours heard me). I too don’t like the idea of this glass door pantry (yuk). I would have thought teams might have even googled some good design ideas/houses before going on this shows? Seems not… KISS, with fresh white, nice Caesar stone tops and introduce some ‘pattern’ in a subtle way so it won’t date so much. To me, that is WOW.

I am also worried about this drapery idea in the bedroom.. dust collectors and will most likely look tacky. To me, they have the best and easiest direction for this room. Think a really nice (emphasis on the nice), opulent wallpaper, use colour dramatically – boudoirs tend to be quite monochromatic and luxurious textures like the velvet bedhead. I think the teams get confused with WOW and OTT. They also lose sight of their concept – easiest way to make a decision.. does it fit? No? Scrap it!

B&G’s zones… hmm.. I almost vommed when they were serious about that wallpaper and those tiles…………… and Brooke has the nerve to say that Mel’s lighting choices are ugly? Ahem..

The Gappers have gone right off the mark this week with that bottle top wallpaper, doesn’t fit and you know what, if both teams in the dining and living keep their clashing wallpapers, I strongly think it will be the Gappers that come under fire the most. That wallpaper would only suit a very specific interior/taste.. I will laugh if they like it! I will admit though, I really like their bathroom tiles. They will look really cool if they keep the rest of the bathroom white and super simple.

I really should stop caring about this show so much..

20 Eliza { 05.15.14 at 2:22 pm }

“I’m actually looking forward to the reveal of a badly-done house. I’m a bit tired of the couples complaining about the things that they might get that they hate, and then walking into the house and falling about weeping with joy when the house rules weren’t followed.”

Bugs me too, Fijane!

Or in Carol’s case, goes on about how much she LOVES everything.. then gives them crap scores. Maybe she didn’t really love it?

21 Gabby { 05.15.14 at 2:23 pm }

Yes thanks Andrea, I did mean Adam and Lisa.
There are so many names flying around here I can’t keep up with them all.
Yes what is that all about, what’s the big deal and their secret occupations?
Did you notice Maddi with her hair straightened the other night when they were talking in the hotel, I thought it made her look even more gorgeous.
I’m with you Fijane I fast forwarded through the prank stuff, could not be bothered watching.

22 Gabby { 05.15.14 at 2:25 pm }

Eliza, that really peed me off when Carole did that. Raved about everything and then gave low scores. You can’t tell me that wasn’t strategic.

23 Fijane { 05.15.14 at 2:46 pm }

The scoring in general has been a bit weird all around. I was wondering if they are not showing us enough of what they say as they are going around the rooms. It annoyed me that the judges gave a nearly perfect zone a 6, and then followed it by giving a higher score to a zone that failed the house rules (butler’s pantry anyone?).

24 brain dead dave { 05.15.14 at 3:12 pm }

How come Iggy is an “expert renovator” after boring into a water pipe and now a septic pipe? Ditto Carol, because that bottle cap wallpaper and the “poops” of pattern on those tiles are more Ow! than Wow!

I think Ryan will lose out in the pranking, it’ll go too far and there’ll be tears. I always thought Candy would come back but well done to Shellbot for sussing that it was a prank so early.

25 jec { 05.15.14 at 4:28 pm }

The only place that bottle-top wallpaper would suit is in a cafe or bar. Not in a private home!
I think they are meant to go to Freedom first for furniture and then can look elsewhere. There would be limited lounge/sofa combinations at Freedom so I can understand Candy could end up selecting the same one as used the week before.
I am really liking Maddi & Lloyd as a couple and as renovators, although the curtains draped on the ceiling is the wrong idea.
Maybe they filmed Mel’s little girl and then slotted the footage in where it was needed. I don’t think that was necessarily her answering that call from Mel. I’d like to know how many children Bomber has though I guess anything less than 7 in total couldn’t compete with the Bradys.
I was almost yelling at the TV when Mr Brady said something like “all kids deserve to grow up in a family that doesn’t have a mortgage”. Yes, that would be lovely but is almost impossible. Not everyone can go on House Rules!!

26 Fijane { 05.15.14 at 4:59 pm }

Jec, you are so right. That statement by Grant was ridiculous. Kids deserve to have a family where they are fed, cared for and loved. A mortgage-free house is a luxury.
Having lots of kids myself, I can certainly understand their need for more space (and a large functional laundry) but that desire does not necessarily trump other people’s wishes.

27 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.15.14 at 5:27 pm }

I have to give credit to ‘Mc Resident Designer’. I made a rather off colour tweet about her along the lines of ‘looks like the dwarf is back to be all bossy & return to under the house’. Something like that. She actually replied to me taking it all very ‘on the chin’ saying ‘you found my secret hiding spot!’. Then ‘pretty sure I’m not a dwarf, I’ve been tested’ – then the whole damn House Rules crew got in on the action (all having a good joke about it) – even Johanna Griggs – all having a laugh about how tall everyone is! I was mighty impressed. I still won’t go easy on them as that’s not my style – but I have to give the crew credit.

Oh and yet another very funny and spot on review!

28 Diogenes { 05.15.14 at 5:38 pm }

For those who were wondering if the flowers were supposed to make a pattern somebody posted this on whirlpool.

Two tiles actually look like they line up & it then looks like there is some form of “brick bond” required

29 annajjj { 05.15.14 at 5:48 pm }

@Gidetvonlarue I am being a bit mean about Caroline – I don’t really think she does that bad a job. She seems quite nice but she’s an easy target so I take pleasure in being mean about her role. I’m a bit nasty that way…

30 LB { 05.15.14 at 6:26 pm }

annajj have meant to say earlier thanks for the recaps – you’re doing a sterling job. Had to laugh in an earlier recap when you leaned on the remote – can only imagine the panic :) (aaand as I was typing that I knocked a coffee all over the desk – panic indeed)

Regarding the post holes taking several days to dig, why on earth wasn’t a post hole digger brought in? Would take no time at all and be much fairer. I am guessing that the deck has to be that scrawny little size as the previous one would have been that size (guess it was called a patio in those days), and if they had changed the footprint on the house they would have had to go through the planning approval process, and ain’t nobody got time for that! Same goes for why they don’t add on other rooms.

31 all happening { 05.15.14 at 6:40 pm }

Great link Diogenes @28. Those tile would be a tricky tile to hang even by an expert. It still wouldn’t help, they would still be ugly.
I don’t mind Caroline either. She does get a bad edit.

32 brussellsprout { 05.15.14 at 6:55 pm }

Love these recaps and comments!
I died laughing at the Little Britain pic – totally nailed that elusive resemblance that was haunting me.
Don’t know if this assists anyone, but we saw Candy in western Sydney (wentworthville/westmead area) last week. she SEEMED to be looking for a house to rent just for self (no Ryan).
Sign me up for the Mel camp – she is beyond awesome and 50 million times better than lazy Bomber. . . Mind you I thought Lisa was a bit of a waste of space but she seems at least to be nice to Adam Goodes, so i can’t actively dislike her.

33 Fijane { 05.15.14 at 7:25 pm }

Brusselsprout, I don’t watch little britain, but I reckon he is a dead ringer for Kevin Harrington from Seachange and The Dish.

34 Eliza { 05.16.14 at 12:58 am }

The bathroom tiles would be like a giant puzzle! It would be impossible (unless you had insider access to selecting each tile) for it to match up as you get random tiles.. so even though it looks like it is designed to fit together, and they do, tough luck. Found that out when looking at tiles that had ‘pattern’ but you couldn’t really execute it properly because they just pack whatever pieces. No good for anal people like me. I still like them though!

Naw, poor McCrave (I can never remember her real name bc of that nickname). She handled herself very well indeed and does seem nice. Go shorties! A friend years ago used to call me her hobbit.. although I DO NOT and NEVER HAVE had hairy feet!

Speaking of hobbits (and dwarfs)…. depending on your humour………… you may find this funny (Daisy, you now know I have a super lame sense of humour). I will not need to warn you of profanities in this clip. I guess this is also related to RTV as well.

35 Diogenes { 05.16.14 at 7:14 am }

Mrs Diogenes is only 5′ tall. When we lived in Brisbane her best friend was a 6’3, double E (bigger perhaps???) , solid shoulders, blonde with 2 side hanging pigtails. People used to comment about the dwarf and the bodyguard, or the Valkyrie and her dwarf, so they actually went to a costume party fundraiser for the P&C dressed as a Valkyrie & dwarf. It was a hoot, and the Valkyrie/dwarf comments soon stopped.

36 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.16.14 at 2:13 pm }

@annajj Hey I’m not complaining – I’m addicted to your reviews. They crack me up. I’m sure if Carolyn read them (and she probably does) they crack her up too!

Few things – I wonder why McFlurry didn’t stop Carole from not just putting those tiles in the bathroom, but then telling the tiler to ‘not join them up’? I mean they are not good – but then smacked up randomly – be like doing that with pattern wallpaper and not bothering to match it up!!

Also all that crap (literally) about them not having time to go the toilet yet they would HAVE to stop for lunch – it’s a TV show, there are rules and regulations and I doubt they are allowed to starve the contestants. I’m just curious why they never show them eating. Are they worried it will make them look slack? Because no one can look more slack then Bitchy Brook!

37 Trish { 05.24.14 at 4:37 pm }

The standard of the contestants intelligence level in this show is unbelievable. In this day and age Mr Google is your #1 tool. I agree that Carol has sabotaged Lisa and Adams home. Is she for real….the tiles don’t have a pattern….derrrr…go back and have a look at the display… Phone the manufacturer…OMG. Carol is so nasty to Rus. The poor bloke can’t have a say. Note that he is usually right..the wallpaper, tiles bla bla bla. What is wrong with this woman. U call that a deck????? The toilet….’u can’tc his private bits’….its only ur partner…..OMG what planet is she on.
MEL is a Trojan who has been hoodwinked by the bullying bomber. If her team was just herself….she’d win the people’s choice hands down….GO MEL. Didn’t think the kitchen design was that crash hot…..ver ordinary. Hate to me using the pantry….where is it…..slide slide slide…….what would u put in there. Its so narrow but a whole wall of it. Bomber thinks he’s just there to paint…so lazy….not willing to get out of his comfort zone.
Hate to b going to bed in that dark room…..yuk…I agee abt the vanity not being appropriate in the bedroom and what a waste of space in the walk in robe…..Brown….yuk. The mirror was off-centre???? What was the blue wallpaper inset in the drawers. This furniture just didn’t suit. Matti and Lloyd seem to b the only couple that both have common sense eventhough that wasnt shown in the 1st laundry they did.
Ryan is the hard worker but hasnt been confident of the selections that Mandy is making……judges have been acknowledging her good choices. Ryan likes to have control instead of just trusting.
Brook and Grant r playing the wo is me card…….we’ve 7 children so we should win. Howz brook refusing to be part of a team effort.
Poor Lisa…..she just can’t get it together. She cant even make a bed..OMG. Poor Adam…..I think he should b the shrink. He holds it together really.
Management should have a coordinator to ensure that the renovation is cohesive. There shouldnt b a need to a need to squabble over the walls go up. Im sure that these houses and plans are made well in advance so should there b a need for council approvals these would b administered.

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