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Reality Tidbits – Wednesday Night

Pictures of Carly and Tresne from My Kitchen Rules snogging at a winery clearly the long term couple are still loved up. Did they know the pap was there? (Source: Daily Mail)

Lara Bingle has had her driver’s license suspended for two years and if she offends again she will go to jail. I wonder if she realises that they don’t allow smart phones in jail, hence no access to her instagram account. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Clay Aiken’s is now the Democratic candidate for congress for North Carolina after his political opponent was found dead. To be fair Clay had been ahead on the votes. (Source: Daily Mail)

Megan Gale has had a son, she has called it River click a link to look at a cute baby. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

I’ve heard of plagarism but this is ridiculous. The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger has stolen another persons arse from instagram. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Johnny Ruffo had a stab at stand up comedy but don’t expect it to occur again. (Source: Daily Telegraph)



1 daisy { 05.15.14 at 1:17 pm }

Re Carly &Tresna: yep. It looks like they obliged the photogapher with the kissing shots, but there were also a couple of unposed shots.

2 Gabby { 05.15.14 at 2:14 pm }

Enjoyed the story about Carly and Tresne the best. Thanks RR for keeping us up to date.
Great to see them so happy. Interested to read they wouldn’t recommend anyone going on MKR. Saying they had some very bad experiences. I suppose that was when they came out. Or do you think they meant anything else?
I didn’t realise Megan was twelve years older than her partner, not that there’s anything wrong with that, just saying.
Also I don’t see the need for the naked pregnancy shots on front of magazines, surely that should be private. Maybe I am just old.
Congrats to them on the arrival of River.