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House Rules – Carole And Russell Own Another Property. Is This Cheating?

Carole and Russell

It has been revealed that Western Australian couple Carole and Russell own another property. Eagle eyed Andrea spotted a post on Facebook this morning  where it was alleged that Carole and Russell own. And if this is the case, is it fair?

The Facebook update on the House Rules page (now removed), alleged that Carole and Russell owned two other houses, with one being a two storey one overlooking a canal.

Normally I don’t give much credence to rumours on Facebook as we all know a lot of trash talk happens there, but this rumour kind of make sense, as they have said on the show that they have done renovating before but we have not heard much about what they have done.

I contacted SEVEN for comment and they confirmed that Russell and Carole do own one other house. A SEVEN spokesperson said the WA couple have been trying to sell their other home since last July. They also said the reason they were selling was they were struggling to pay the mortgage repayments.

They said the house to be renovated on the show has to be the team’s primary place of residence.

Russell and Carole who have a history of buying houses land renovating brought the house last year on Gumtree. Yes who does that? What is interesting is if you were under financial pressure and struggling to pay one set of mortgage repayments why would you buy another house, and an unliveable one at that? Though some people like to gamble. Also how was the mortgage being paid when they were on the show as allowances paid are not large. You would have to presume they have tenants in their other house.

To be honest I am not buying into the rumours that people were buying houses to get renovated on the show, because if this is the case this is a huge gamble with over 3,000 people applying for this year’s series.

But as a fan and viewer I would hate to think that a team is taking advantage of a show that allows mainly working class people to get a step ahead in life by having their house renovated and giving them the chance to have their house mortgage paid off.

Russell and Carole don’t appear to be living the high life but it would be disappointing if they decided to sell their newly renovated house after the show has finished screening so they can move onto their next house flip, as to me that is not in the spirit of the show.

House Rules on SEVEN Sunday at 6.30pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm.


1 Kc { 06.26.14 at 10:10 pm }

Why would they own another house n live in a house of gumtree ?i think it’s all shit really n I hope that they win there the best on the show

2 H { 06.27.14 at 2:20 pm }

very disappointed with the show. There is something about helping Ausi battlers that is uplifting. Carole and Russell are no longer someone I would ever trust. All the stories about being so poor, ‘havent got the money to fix their house’ Carole being so upset because ‘she couldn’t do up her girls room. Never had the money’. Great acting.
The biggest mistake any of us watching the show can do, is to continue to comment and watch the show. Scandal gets viewers in, and that sells the show. I personally are totally disheartened with the show after that. to have a waterfront property is prime real estate. To buy a house falling apart, purchased by a professional Real Estate Agent, which I read somewhere that is Carols profession,is not by chance that she purchased that house on the hill. She would know what the value of that property . I dont care how many properties carol and russell have.They have an absolute waterfront property. i agree with anonomous 100%, you cant get a loan,particularly with that much morgage already, unless you have the assets to cover it. banks dont give out money without collateral. They have been giving the impression they are true battlers, yet they seen to have expensive taste. Don’t like dishonesty and can’t stand deception. Like I said, to continue to watch the show is to condone it. i wont be watching it anymore. Its a big fallacy.

3 Anonymous { 06.27.14 at 9:23 pm }

Your grammar is really bad.

4 Whatshername { 06.28.14 at 8:48 am }

I don’t have a problem with people going on the show to win the major prize to get ahead, nor do I mind if they own multiple properties. However, in the case of Russell & Carole they carried on like they never had money, had to live in a dilapidated house because they couldn’t afford to repair it, etc… When in fact they own 3 properties! One purchased for in excess of $1 million and another unit purchased in November 2013. This doesn’t fit the profile of a couple that is dirt poor. It may mean they are asset rich and cash poor which is a completely different situation.

I don’t know if they have behaved that way under direction from the shows producers or if it was a personal decision to sway public perception, but either way it is deceptive behaviour.

5 KYM STACHOW { 07.02.14 at 10:36 pm }

As we approach the grand final and they are now in it I would be very disappointed if they won and nor should they expect to as Channel 7 will be hammered or maybe channel 7 will see it as great publicity.

6 stacey { 07.06.14 at 4:21 pm }

Peoples reactions are unreal who knows what is real or not as this show is edited so much it can’t even be called a reality show. It’s all about ratings and making money. What I don’t understand is the the focus on Carol and Russell owning other property when I have read the only couple that didn’t own another property were Brooke and Grant and as I don’t know how true that is I just watch the show for the room transformations.

7 Colleen Bailey { 07.09.14 at 4:41 pm }

If what Womans Day and all other information that has surfaced is true, what happens to the real honest people trying to have a go, make ends meet, work hard and own there piece of property. How is this fair. Congrats to all the contestants they worked hard, I don’t deny them that, it’s just adding to there property portfolio which gets me and probably others dander up.
Channel Seven need a good wake up call. We may not all be beautiful and talented people but we deserve a go

8 Duska Daremshcgtem { 07.27.14 at 8:38 pm }

Dear Carol & Russell
Due to unfortunate events over the years in my life I haven’t been able to do any changes to my home. I would love you to renovate my home.