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The Voice Australia – Can’t Turn Around As He Will Get Picked

The Voice Australia auditions are being stretched out as they go on and on and on we are seeing more of the contestants who did not get on a team.

In fact that can be quite interesting to see if there was any really good talent that missed out. And the consensus to this has to be no.

However when I thought Mia Morrissey was going to walk away without anyone turning I thought this would be unfair. Mia who sang True Colours showed she had a nice tone and a good range. Sure she was a little fast at the beginning due to nerves but there have been worse performances that the coaches have turned around for. Ricky Martin did at last minute and he would have been very pleased with what he had seen.

Mia’s father is a well known agent Mark Morrissey and she said that she did not want to use his connections to get on in the business. I am not quite buying that as she is on his books, as she is an actress as well. But she is the full package. And let’s be frank once the battle rounds begin looks do come into it.

One girl that missed out last night was Nicole Martini. As she said she goes from bombshell to bomb. Sure she was overweight but she had a lot of sass. I liked her. However I felt she self sabotaged by singing an Italian song. She missed the high notes. She told the judges she blew it. I note that when they turned around and saw that there was not a hot chick they did not go “I should have pressed” like they do.

The other people to miss out was Tahlia Taboone whose father was an Elvis impersonator also he is a collector of retro toys. She sang Think and no one turned as said she needed to try and control her sound. His likened her strong voice to a fire engine siren.

Kylie then said to camera “A big powerful voice is not always the answer”, knowing hers is not.

Josh McDonald at Preston Girls Secondary College sang The Blowers Daughter. He was OK but in the end Joel turned as did Ricky and he went with Ricky. I will be surprised if he survives the battle rounds.

Maybelle Galuvao a 35 year old wife and mum sang Gravity. She was a former girl band singer when she was in her teens and has spent the last 15 years with NRL player Joe Galuvao, now it is her time to shine. It looked like no one was going to turn then Kylie did. It will be interesting to see more of her. 

Then there was a twist of Rachel Giusti auditioning with her boyfriend Nick Mclure. Lucky they had this story as it is doubtful either of them would have been shown. They are both in punk pop bands with Rachel having the stronger voice but she did not nail it, and boyfriend Nick when it was his turn had no hope of anyone turning around. was not turning around for just anyone as he has now realised if he turns the singer normally picks him. However he did turn for Julian Simonsz an Australian from a Sri Lankan background who got his groove on singing Suit and Tie. Helped by the fact he was on a high from literally just marrying his wife. All four judges buzzed in and he went with Will.

Who did you like last night?



1 cam2 { 05.19.14 at 1:10 pm }

Good recap RR.

Are the singers sent in any particular order to audition? because it seems if you sing earlier you have a better chance of getting turns, bc by the end the judges start being ‘strategic’ about the type of singers they need – though they might also start getting desperate to fill teams i guess.

yeah i liked nicole martini too, good sassy attitude – i reckon they should put her in BB

2 daisy { 05.19.14 at 11:27 pm }

Of course the Sri Lankan guy was the stand out.
But on tonight’s I love the lively nutty girl singing toxic.

3 daisy { 05.20.14 at 11:05 am }

I think Nicole, playing the defensive tough girl, didn’t listen to the judges comments but talked over them, and she would have been waay better off not saying she nearly pooed her bloomers. It left a nasty image.
Even if you don’t get picked, if you want to get work, you can use it to promote yourself, like the butcher lastnight (Monday) and a few of the other bandies.
I just thought bombshell to bomb was a bit crass and she didn’t need to be.
But I liked (not her singing so much) the little purple hair girl.