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Updated: Guest Post: House Rules Recap Part 1 & Part 2 – The Tassie Reno/Extension Kicks Off

Sometimes an episode is sooo good there here just too much to say. Here is Annajjj part one of her recap:

Part 1 (in which viewers play the Dwarves Drinking Game)

Day one in Tassie and glasses at the ready, let’s launch in to the previews and our first Drink! as the Snow Whites appear to tell us they have 7 reasons to drink between them. Three boys for Brooke and three boys and a girl for Grant. As far as the reno goes, Brooke is worried that the kids won’t all get their own space and how does she imagine this will ever be resolved in their current tiny 2.5 bedroom shoebox? 7 small cupboards perhaps.

Another drink! shot of all 7 very cute kids and their names pop up next to them; there are a lot of fashionable current kids names there although Jaxon and Kai seem to be missing. This family needs a reno so they can stay together otherwise Brooke is going to take her preferred kids and move out.

The other teams arrive and Carole has pulled out the pink overalls this time and Jo tells them to expect the unexpected. Adam really hopes the Snow Whites live happily ever after and they aren’t real story book characters Adam. We’re just pretending they are.

Any last instructions? Yes I hate carpet Brooke tells everyone, and I’m also expecting everyone in the house will get tons of their own space. This seems a bit arrogant considering they know they only have a tiny house at the moment.

Jo says go inside and see how Snow White lives…with seven dwarfs! Drink! as the teams act shocked at this news. Really? No one knew this before? The teams are in awe of the disgusting outdoor loo, broken bathroom window and kids sharing a bed. It’s almost like none of them have heard of Oliver Twist.

It’s all about the kids Bomber says, tearing up, and we’re going to give them something special and then Jo pops up to announce yes! Indeed we are. We’re giving the deserving Snow Whites an extension! All the teams are delighted and viewers are too because, let’s face it, whatever you think about Brooke and Grant their little kids at least deserve their own beds.

Do all the dwarves live there full-time? It’s not really clear. It’s zone allocation time now and Team Bomb get to choose and they also get a bat-phone to Snow White which is a huge advantage as normal people won’t be able to accurately decipher the freakish style tastes of Tasmanians. Team Bomb want Harrison and Riley’s room and the main bathroom.

Candy and Ryan get Hayden and Logan’s room and the kitchen and WIR. Mad Firemen get a combination of the dining room, shower and Mihayla’s room and we’re really mixing up the zone rooms now. Adam and Lisa have Oliver and Patrick’s room and the laundry. The Capers have to stay away from children’s zones because they seem to deliver nightmare renovations; so they get the living room, master bedroom and a tent. Mads thinks the camping experience will probably bring the Cappers closer. Undoubtably.

Next up the House Rules and surprisingly, gingham, matching his ‘n’ hers polos and 70’s retro style don’t make the final cut.

Style country farmhouse with rustic charm

Delight our kids with fantasy bedrooms

Creative storage ideas for all our dwarfs

Calm us with mossy tones

Indulge us with a claw foot slipper bath – which is about the only specific rule and, unlike a butler’s pantry, not really open to interpretation.

As usual though each team will seize on a combination of several rules and decide that is the key to winning this challenge. I’m placing bets on ‘rustic country moss’ as the overarching theme this week.

Next up, to assist the bedroom building teams, we get little bits of paper with personality clues. Bashful likes a bit of privacy, Sneezy is allergic to synthetics, Happy won’t care what you give him…

Irony arrives on the set as the Cappers, of all people, tell us they want to give the Snow Whites lots of calm and then the other teams head off to their hotels. Everyone is spending time contemplating the House Rules except for Bomber who is contemplating why selfie-cam makes his head look lopsided.

Part Two (in which a drunk recapper tries to make sense of what happened next)

The next morning both experts, McBurger-Craving and Chester!, arrive and much to his joy Chester! gets to yell ‘get out get out!’ because the excavator is coming to remove the outhouse. Once this is done the teams go back inside where McGravel-Burns is lying in wait. What is your vision? she demands of Team Bomb who have an adventure zone with a rock climbing wall for Harrison and Riley and McCrave can offer nothing here so she goes off in search of her next victims.

Over in Hayden and Logan’s room Ryan has the idea for a secret storage space as well as a TV because these are the indoor-loving kids as opposed to the outdoorsy rock climbing kids and you’d better hope you got that right. As usual Ryan is pretty pleased with himself.

Bomber calls a house meeting and Mel looks adoringly at his masterfulness. The meeting is to decide on a mutual floor covering. So we’ve obviously learned something from the last bitsa renovation. Otherwise we’d have polished concrete, floorboards and any other non-carpet flooring combinations mashed up against each other. Bomb offers to go shopping for the group since he’s so good at it. It’s a dangerous hobby Bomb, take it from me.

Finally (what time is it?) demolition starts.

McCrave pops up again, this time to dazzle Adam and Lisa with her slimming black and white horizontal stripes. The Goodes have Oliver and Patrick’s room and their delightful fantasy bedroom feature is suspending one bed above the other. McCrave actually earns her exorbitant fee here by suggesting that beds won’t exactly make 8 & 10 year olds lose their minds with excitement so they switch to a jungle gym theme. Good work McUseful.

Walls, tiles and door frames are all being removed and the Cappers learn that Tassie is expecting snow on Friday. 700 metres of snowfall in fact. That’ll be cold. Team Bomb use their secret weapon which is to text Snow White and ask them yes no questions about bunks, blinds and chandeliers. Do these teams talk to each other at all during previous renovations? Do they notice anything about each other’s style or preferences?

The concrete slab for the extension is poured in the pouring rain and Chester! tells us everything that could go wrong. Then everyone else parrots him and tells us everything that could go wrong and it’s up to them to spread the concrete out and we have our pointless group task of the week underway.

That night there is a BBQ at the Cappers with the boys, beer and BBQ on one side and the girls, wine and salad on the other and Carole seems to be handling the camping much better than I thought she would.

The next day Team Bomb shop for rustic country charm and find two rusty car doors to use as payback for the bed-head barn door fiasco. Brooke appears on screen to remind us that rustic doesn’t mean rusty any more than pops of pattern means pops of colour.

Ryandy buy an old meat chest and a vintage wooden table which means negotiating with the kitchen guy to change their kitchen plans. Kitchen guys milks his full 15 minutes of fame by pretending it’s too late and then suddenly it’s actually ok after all and is it just me or has this episode been going on for days?

Back to McCrave hinting heavily to Mad Firemen about fireplaces and it’s clear she’s been briefed earlier on Snow White preferences. Cross over to shots of Brooke doing needlepoint and insisting they must have a fireplace so Mahayla can sit by it and sweep out the cinders.

Then out to the shops so Adam can deliver the line of the night; it’s floral, it’s green, it’s ugly…Brooke will love it. It’s basically the Snow Whites captured in a tile. Lisa chimes in adding that they have completely opposite tastes to Brooke and Grant so basically anything they hate the Snow Whites will adore.

Mads is also out shopping and her budget won’t stretch to a big fireplace or even a medium sized fireplace or even a really small fireplace. In frustration the shop assistant suggests a box of matches.

The Cappers really want to get the toilet right this time and Gapper needs to pick the tiles so Carole can blame him if it all goes wrong. Carole is still very bitter over the judges comments on the last renovation. Meanwhile Team Bomb have found a slipper bath that Mel hopes will be able to fit all 7 dwarves in at once. I don’t think they were planning to do that Mel.

And that brings us to the end of an enormously long episode and ridiculously long recap. Well done to anyone who actually read through this monstrosity and to anyone who skipped the recap to get to the comments, well, you won’t be reading this anyway. Cheers!


1 Reality Raver { 05.21.14 at 9:57 am }

Woo hoo I am going to be first to comment. Great recap Annajjj. Was it me or did it seem like the other teams did not know about the tribe of kids?

2 Colleen { 05.21.14 at 10:08 am }

LOL “except for Bomber who is contemplating why selfie-cam makes his head look lopsided”

I am laughing so hard at my desk.

Last night was a great episode, all the teams seem happier then usual, could be because the nasties are missing? could be because they don’t have to fight over wall placement? Who knows.

All teams seem to be wanting to give them something nice, are they not as nasty as they seem?

3 Agent 86 { 05.21.14 at 10:16 am }

Thanks Annajjj.

I was surprised that none of the other teams knew about the Seven Dwarves. Do they refrain from speaking to Team Snow White because they’re so unlikeable or did Team Snow White choose to keep their brood a secret for some reason.

I did find it bizarre that Grant’s four children were crammed into the smaller room. I’m guessing it’s because they’re only there every second weekend? Even if true, I don’t know why they didn’t have three bunk beds in the much larger second bedroom (for the six boys) and a single bed in the small, third bedroom (for the single girl).

As others have mentioned, I really wish there was greater clarity about the “rules” for the renovations. Other teams saw their three bedroom homes turned into two bedroom rooms, with a significant reduction in value. But, Team Snow White get a major extension to take them from 2.5 bedrooms to five bedrooms! That seems like a major advantage to them, even if they don’t win the entire competition as the value of their home will surely increase significantly thanks to the extension.

I did find the House Rules confusing, or more correctly, the second of Team Snow White’s bonus rules. The “House Rule” is for fantasy bedrooms, but they also said that they want rooms which will suit their children as they grow older. Most teams appear to be sticking to the “fantasy” aspect which will probably result in rooms which will need redecorating in a couple of years.

It’s also odd that some teams still appear to clueless, especially Adam and Lisa and Ryan and Candy. How hard is it to “google” kid’s bedrooms, yet Adam and Lisa’s sole idea about creating a fantasy bedroom was to use “colour” until the interior designer coaxed Lisa into declaring that they would install a jungle gym. And given Team Snow White’s emphasis on storage (as indicated by the current location of their kitchen pantry), it’s bizarre that Ryan and Candy have replaced a large benchtop with a table (especially when there is a separate dining room).

4 brain dead dave { 05.21.14 at 10:27 am }

Something fishy about the other contestants not knowing about the dwarves, everyone is in Australia who’s watched can’t scratch their arse without being ear bashed about the reason they deserve to win more than anyone else.

Oh and the tell tale bogan spelling of “Jaxon” blows it all sky high.

5 Veronicali { 05.21.14 at 11:12 am }

The other teams didn’t know Tassie had 7 kids? I did.

I hope “stubborn” is not the pc term for “uncontrollable monster”.

Nice house, pity about the road – I also worry that all 100yo character features will be ripped out and cheaply replaced in this hasty reno.

The footprint of the house might be the same, as there was an existing structure that they tore down to replace with the new ‘extension’.
This is probably why Adam & Lisa’s deck was not made bigger – it had to be within the original footprint.

bdd, I don’t think they have a Jaxon … yet.

6 Andrea { 05.21.14 at 2:09 pm }

Yes, I agree that it is strange that the other contestants didn’t know about the seven little Australians, surely Grant and Brooke would have talked about them?
It was nice to see all teams having a bbq together and getting along for once.
Hopefully all the kids will end up with a nice bedroom, especially the little girl who really deserves a room of her own. It would be interesting to find out if the other two parents involved have custody of the kids some of the time so they are not always so crowded up together.
The bench top would have been okay in the kitchen considering there is a separate dining room and two big tables wouldn’t be necessary.
Also most of the furniture is coming from antique shops, so I guess there is no Masters or Freedom shops around Grant and Brooke’s house?

7 Danielle { 05.21.14 at 3:09 pm }

Andrea there is Freedom furniture in Hobart. No Masters but they seemed to be doing product placement for Masters Contracting in Hobart. They must have worked with them a LOT before the teams arrived.

Some people on facebook assume this must have been filmed in Winter but that is Tasmania weather. The first season was filmed in the Summer and in Tasmania it can rain and be cold.
So our summer can vary from 18 to 35 while our winter remains consistent cool weather.

8 jec { 05.21.14 at 3:20 pm }

I agree that there should be a usual kitchen bench with cupboards underneath in the kitchen instead of the table. Mads & Lloyd are getting a custom-made dining room table – what a pity they didn’t see the table first that Candy & Ryan bought. Surely they can get a table at Freedom Furniture or similar without having to waste money getting one made? Then they could afford a nice, big fire place.
Candy & Ryan’s conversation about needing the table and the meat safe to make the kitchen look “farmhouse & rustic” really frustrated me. If they are saying that the kitchen is too modern then why the hell did they choose the finishes that made it modern, especially when they knew the house rules.
Agent 86, I’d say Grant’s boys were in the bigger room because they lived in the house first. It’s Grant’s house; Brooke & her children have moved in and they got the smaller bedroom. Also, you are so right to point out that if Team Tasmania lose they still get a house extension AND renovation out of being on the show.
The excellent advice that the 7 dwarfs will grow up is going to totally be ignored, and the bedrooms will be suitable for a couple of years, like annajjj said.
I think the toilet and shower room should have been given to one team. They are right near each other, belong together, and two teams are doing them. I hope they don’t end up looking really different!

9 Eliza { 05.21.14 at 3:25 pm }

Veronicali, good thought.. the footprint will most likely be the same because of the out buildings they had so they are essentially re-building these areas.

I do agree with others that getting 5 bedrooms is a bit advantage with the other houses going down to 2 bedroom, plus study which I guess can be converted back into a 3rd bedroom. I guess that is the risk going on this show as they can’t extend which is what most people would do. At least on The Renovators (RIP) they got to extend!

Agent 86, it made me wonder whether the producers “push” for certain house rules when Brooke said to the teams to remember that the kids won’t be young forever. This really clashes with the idea of fantasy bedrooms as you know the teams are going to be ‘encouraged’ to push the boundaries into extreme tackiness! The rock climbing wall is plain stupid IMO.. woo let me climb this few meters and come back down again! Even with a crash mat, why would you want to encourage kids to climb walls and possible jump off? Falling a few meters would still really hurt.. will there be harnesses in the bedroom?? A&L’s jungle gym idea was silly too esp as they have the 8 and 10 year olds? That won’t last. It is also impractical when space is a premium in their house in particular. It does shock me too as how clueless they all are.. they are either asked to play dumb or haven’t heard of google.

I would think that B&G were asked to not tell the other teams how many kids they had so when it came time to do their house they could be shocked at how many of them fit into the tiny house.

10 Eliza { 05.21.14 at 3:28 pm }

I agree jec about the shower room and toilet. I said the same thing that both should have been given to the same team seeing as they are right next to each other. Why would you have different finishes in these rooms, especially if one team goes full country style and other not so country as it looks like C&R are doing by the tiles they picked out!

11 Agent 86 { 05.21.14 at 3:36 pm }

@ jec – I agree about separating the toilet and shower into separate zones. It’s bizarre, especially when they are directly across from each other. Also, will one or both of those rooms have a sink? I would consider it mandatory, but these teams seem pretty ignorant unless it is spelled out to them.

@ Eliza – I’m also unsure where the “House Rules” come from. I think they must be drawn from a long winded “interview” or “discussion” with the teams and the producers simply pick the five “rules” that they think will create the best “drama”. The way the teams try to “qualify” the House Rules after the fact seems to indicate that they don’t actually sit down and write them. If they were able to do so, then surely everyone would ask for “contemporary design in neutral colours” and when being specific, they would be *really* specific (e.g. butler’s pantry with sink, visual privacy and bench space for preparing food).

12 Raida { 05.21.14 at 4:01 pm }

to be fair, horizontal stripes are actually slimming

13 Gabby { 05.21.14 at 4:11 pm }

I think the table in the kitchen is not a good idea, much better to go with bench and cupboard space under.
In Tasmania what is very important, a LARGE fire. I could not believe the size of the fire Maddi was looking at.
Everyone right about styling of kid’s bedrooms, they have not listened there, they are definitely styling for young children and they will be outgrown of them in no time at all.
With you Eliza on the climbing wall and Jungle Gym, what the hell?
So they have all got together on the flooring, thanks to Bom, well done. It’s a pity they didn’t do that with the bathrooms.
It makes you wonder about these people.
Maybe the other couples never asked Brooke and Grant anything about themselves so B & G didn’t have the opportunity to tell them they had seven kids. They might all be too self absorbed to care about others.
It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

14 Colleen { 05.21.14 at 4:26 pm }

I think that maybe they are not allowed to discuss their own houses before they are renovated because it would be unfair to the couple who go first.

That slab has me totally confused. There is no way you can put in footings and lay the pipes then pour the slab all in one day and then erect the frame the next. No way. Even if you had a thousand workers, these things need to set and dry and be inspected. They would have had to go through council for this one, the snow whites had to be in on it for the council stuff.

15 Tuppence { 05.21.14 at 4:35 pm }
16 kes { 05.21.14 at 4:57 pm }

I watched some of last night and frankly, I have very little interest in this one. Maybe it’s the fact that Brooke is so nasty and Grant,brow beaten. I feel for the 7 kids, I really do. I hope they get a nice room but I look further and feel for these kids. Very young to be in this situation and the likely hood of these two staying together is minimal (look up the stats) They are very very lucky that they are getting an extension on this house,should be so very humbled.

17 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.21.14 at 7:30 pm }

I read the whole thing – very funny! Hope you read my fifty page review of When Love Comes to Town!

18 annajjj { 05.21.14 at 8:01 pm }

Definitely! Thank you for the feedback Gidgit, nice to know someone enjoys it

19 Fijane { 05.21.14 at 9:43 pm }

I was surprised by the childless couples lack of understanding of kids and family life. Don’t they have nieces or nephews or friends with kids?
Such horror that two kids might share a bed. A lot of twins like sleeping together when they are young, and sometimes parents arrange it that way because the kids sleep better that way. How weird that it is only in childhood that two people sleeping in the same bed is frowned upon.
I’m looking forward to this renovation, because it will be much more in my style. We shouldn’t assume that “rustic” is inferior to “modern” – it is all just a matter of personal choice. I would far rather have warm colours and timber, than cold, concete floors and white walls.

20 Techhater { 05.21.14 at 10:02 pm }

Fijane i’m with you. Country rustic farmhouse is my choice as well.

21 Gabby { 05.21.14 at 10:23 pm }

Timbers and these kind of furnishings are more my taste compared to what have been done so far.
What they have chosen, and if they get it should fit the house and surrounds beautifully.
Can you imagine all these young growing boys, swinging, jumping and climbing around their bedrooms? After all boys will be boys.

22 Techhater { 05.21.14 at 10:35 pm }

Gabby Having 3 sons of my own, i would much prefer them climbing, skating and running around that gorgeous countryside than in their bedrooms. As it’s already been said, how hard is it to google children’s themed bedrooms. I remember that great kids’ room Steve and what’s-her-name did on the Block. (oh how soon we forget 😉 )

23 Eliza { 05.22.14 at 12:45 am }

We were joking at home tonight about imagining the whole house caving in with the weight of kids climbing walls, swinging off the ceiling and then those huge metal wheels C&R want to suspend from the kitchen ceiling! That poor house!

24 Andrea { 05.22.14 at 7:55 am }

Techhater, I’m with you. Those Tassie kids have the ideal playground where they live, and I think their bedrooms should be more of a quiet zone where they can wind down.
If they get to the landscaping part of the show, perhaps the teams can build an adventure playground out the back of the property.

25 kes { 05.22.14 at 10:53 am }

@Andrea The idea you have for an outside playground make so much sense! Who would encourage boys to climb on walls,skate around an area that is for rest & sleeping, boys being boys need quiet time and constant guidance. So by encouraging them to be rough inside a property is not showing them life rules such as respecting a property, which is a problem these days.

26 techhater { 05.22.14 at 11:22 am }

Kes HearHear My sentiments exactly

27 Gabby { 05.22.14 at 12:58 pm }

Excellent idea Andrea about adventure playground OUTSIDE, if they get that far.
I am sure with seven kids they are like you TH and would much rather have the boys in fact all the kids outside instead of playing ing their bedrooms.
Can you imagine trying to put the boys to bed at night and if they happen to be overloaded on sweet things, they will be swinging around that room until all hours.
They have definitely failed on the children’s rooms.
I hope Brooke and Grant tell it like it is. They have done so far in the show, please don’t disappoint us now.

28 Techhater { 05.22.14 at 1:16 pm }

And tv’s in kid’s bedrooms, especially that young a definite NO NO!

29 Raida { 05.22.14 at 3:19 pm }

@Agent86 –If they were able to do so, then surely everyone would ask for “contemporary design in neutral colours” —
only if you like neutral colours
and contemporary design

I mean personally I’d be after French Provincial, leather, timber, bookcases, practicality and comfort, and say “no hot downlights” when handing over the keys.

Why would any producer give the spaces available in this show to people who want a house that looks like it was done as an investment home – beige, tiles, basic ?

If I was given a makeover to look like the last three places I’ve rented I’d say “well at least it’ll be easy to paint now” and that’d be the nicest thing I could say. “it’s inoffensive” perhaps. Then go about the house pointing at things I’ll need to get recovered, replaced, just plain ol’ thrown out.

I would be sorely tempted though to throw out some fun rules that are contradictory or can be interpreted three ways. like “Gothic kitchen & dining” hah

30 Sam Bufton { 05.29.14 at 3:49 pm }

Pretty sure Brooke was angry at the graffiti room because her kids didn’t get a TV ,she’s horrible poor grants kids !

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