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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With The Winner Tony Vlachos – Tony Hits Back At Russell Hantz Dissing Him On Twitter

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Tony Vlachos last night proved that Brawn can outwit, outlast and outplay both beauty and brains. He also proved that a scheming player can take out the $1 million prize. Woo decided to be loyal to his main man and take the New Jersey police officer with him to final two instead of Kass and the bitter jury decided to vote for the player who had played the game the hardest.

Here we talk about who is the better player him or Russell Hantz, whether sexism exists in Survivor and his best and whether Spencer could have beaten him.

Reality Ravings: Congratulations on your win. How are you feeling?

Tony Vlachos: I am feeling like a million dollars.

RR: You were in your mates in LA, what did you do after the reunion show finished. [Ed.note: Tony’s wife was on doctor’s ordered bedrest as she is pregnant].

TV: Straight after that I went straight back to my hotel room as my wife and we were on the phone for two or three hours.

RR: So you did not go out celebrating.

TV: No I did not go out. All my buddies that came with me went out and they were drinking and I had a good time in my hotel room speaking to my wife.

RR: Have you seen Russell Hantz’s tweets? He is not happy that there is a new Survivor bad boy in town. He said “How can you call him the best ever player when he has not won any individual immunity challenges”. What do you say about that?

TV: I say that he should know better then that. Survivor is not about winning immunity challenges. Survivor is a social game which distinguishes me from Russell and that is why I won and he didn’t.

RR: He seems to be pushing for this Russell V Tony Survivor match-up would you be interested in that? Also now you are a winner would you be bothered to play again?

TV: Oh yes I would play again. In relation to that Russell versus Tony twist, I really don’t care who I play against it is a passion I have for the game and I would love to play the game with anybody.

RR: Now about something that Kass said last night on the episode in relation to sexism in Survivor.  She told her husband that there is sexism in how you play depending on gender. She said when she makes big moves she’s a bitch, but when a man makes big moves it is strategy. Do you think there is any truth in that? Do you think that is why Kass would not have won if she had made final two?

TV: I think Kass is delusional. She is the only one that is saying how everyone hates me, how I am annoying and how I am a jerk and obviously the jury did not think that. I went up against a very likeable player and loveable person who did not hurt anyone and I still won me hurting everyone, backstabbing everyone, deceiving everyone, they still gave me their votes over a very likeable, loveable person in Woo. So that speaks volumes about who I am as a person.

RR: It was a bit of a bitter jury. Why do you think the jury voted for you? 

TV: There is only one reason as they respected me as a person. They liked both Woo and I so we had that in common that we were both likeable, genuine people. The difference was I played a little bit harder and they rewarded that. That is where Kass was wrong that nobody likes me and she wants to take me to the end. She was wrong about people not liking me.

RR: Are you still in contact with all of the players?

TV: I am pretty much in contact with most of them. The only one I really don’t talk to is Sarah. Because she went on the social media and in interviews saying I dishonoured my badge. I said to Sarah “everyday I wear my badge out on street in real life I risk my life. I don’t have to go on Survivor to honour my badge. On Survivor my only mission was to make sure make sure my torch remained lit after every tribal council.

RR: What do you think was your best move or some of your best moves?

TV: It was the totality of all the moves. I believe each one of them had its own weight to it. Starting to search for the Idol’s. Making sure I find all the clues to the Idol’s, not letting anyone else know about the clues. Blindsiding LJ, and the way I blindsided him. I made it look like he was going to flip on our alliance that is why everyone was willing to stay with me. Keeping Spencer and Tash who were bigger threats then me, keeping them in the game to ensure the focus was on them and not me was also strategic. It took the target off my back as my alliance was really nervous about Tasha and Spencer making it to the end as everyone would vote for them. So keeping them in the game as long as I could I knew I would have the support from my team when it was time to vote them out and that worked out perfectly.

RR: Obviously you have the million dollar cheque but was there any really bad move you made when you thought OMG I have stuffed it?

TV: There were some bad moments but not bad moves. When I was screaming “top five, top five” that was an emotional response I don’t consider that a move at all. That was just raw emotion. At tribal council when we voted off Sarah again I started clapping and overly celebrating again that was raw emotion as we had lost two idols and we still kept the alliance strong as Kass split. And me swearing on my family and baby, well my heart was in the right place when I was making the swears and promises. It was not strategic I really meant it that I wanted to play the game with them at that moment. But what happens in the game of Survivor every minute changes your mind and it changes your strategy. I was like what am I going to do now I have got to break that promise as it does not make sense to me and it is not going to benefit my game. So I just got caught up in the moment with emotion.

RR: Were seriously considering taking Spencer to final three or was that just editing on the show?

TV: Zero point zero chance of me taking Spencer. I am very socially aware and what was going on around me and there was no way I wanted Spencer in that game any longer.

RR: If you and Spencer had been final two do you think you would still have the million dollars?

TV: He would not have had to say a word, he could have kept his mouth shut and he still would have won.


1 cherub { 05.27.14 at 3:57 am }

Fav player was Ozzie. Also I like the long blond haired guy from a couple of years ago. The one who spent a long time on Redemption.
Hated Boston Rob. Hated Pavarti. And of course, hated Colton.

2 JStar { 05.27.14 at 5:10 am }

Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I really appreciate the thoughts. I’m up this early to prepare for my (hopefully last) interview with an investigator brought in by work. A lot of things to write down as my thoughts are a bit jumbled at the moment but it gives some order to my thinking going into today. I hope to draw a line after today and rejoin the world of the living. Not much fun lying in bed depressed for four months. So much TV to catch up on. Definitely one of my goals is to catch up on this season of Survivor during my two weeks enforced leave.

3 cherub { 05.27.14 at 10:00 am }

JStar we can send you lots of these :) , but I hope you have some nice friends there too.