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House Rules: Have Candy and Ryan Broken Up?

candy & Ryan

Has the stress of a reality show made a casualty of another relationship? There are strong rumours floating around that NSW couple on House Rules, Candy and Ryan, are now kaput.

Candy was shown on the program saying that she was hoping for a marriage proposal from Ryan. They were the first of the teams this series to have their house renovated.

If the rumours are true they are not the first couple to break up after the stresses of a renovation reality TV as Jarrod and Maddi on The Block – Sky High split soon after the filming of the show.

Candy and Ryan were at the House Rules event in Sydney the other night and they were certainly circulating the room together, however there was not a lot of touching going on but maybe that is the type of couple they are.

In other House Rules rumours another person on the show is rumoured to have more then one house, but trying to get a confirmation or denial on this one. Earlier in the week Reality Ravings broke the story that Russell and Carole had more then one house.


1 Fiona { 05.24.14 at 5:26 pm }

Interesting…. I’ve seen people post their speculation about Candy’s and Ryan’s relationship on Facebook.
Is Brooke and Grant the other couple that owns another house… You don’t have to answer LOL. I think it might be them….. Possibly Brooke owns a house and only moved in with Grant for the show..

2 brain dead dave { 05.24.14 at 5:35 pm }

Candy won’t be getting any proposals while Ryan’s priority is total commitment to juvenile pranks.

3 Andrea { 05.24.14 at 8:33 pm }

Bit disappointing to know that at least three other contestants own more than one house, I don’t think that’s what the show is all about.

4 Gabby { 05.24.14 at 9:15 pm }

Who are the three Andrea? I have only heard of the Gappers.
Sorry to hear if Candy and Ryan have broken up, but they are only young and not married, so what’s the point of staying together if one or the other isn’t happy.
Any way if it’s true better now than later, no kids involved.

5 Andrea { 05.24.14 at 9:32 pm }

Fiona @1 said it might be Brooke and Grant.

6 Maz { 05.24.14 at 9:44 pm }

Seriously? Given the dodgy renovations and questionable styling perhaps it is prudent to have the ‘investment’ property savaged and keep the main residence intact.

My guess the contestants most likely to have another property are the ones who have had a significant previous relationship.

7 Gabby { 05.24.14 at 10:04 pm }

Andrea, I know about them but you said three. Who is the third?
Maz, it makes sense what you say.
It still gives these people with more than one property between a couple more significantly more advantaged than many others that may have applied for and got on the show.
Anyway it doesn’t matter what we think the producers just do what they want and try to pretend otherwise.

8 Bronwyn { 05.24.14 at 11:15 pm }

Reading this, it’s safe to presume this is not the only house they own,

9 Twinkle { 05.25.14 at 10:29 am }

I can’t stand Candy … not sure why, can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something a bit ‘off’ about her.

I thought the rumours about Maddi and Jarrod were just that- rumours? I read at least three articles where they’d vehemently denied it, and they were pictured very recently at a sporting event somewhere in Oz together.

10 Twinkle { 05.25.14 at 10:42 am }

Candy and Ryan bought their house in August last year – just in time for the filming to start … sneaky. I know that because when I looked it up on Google Street Maps, I saw it pictured with the ‘for sale’ sign posted outside; then searched for when it was purchased … woolah!

11 Veronicali { 05.25.14 at 10:48 am }

Mel bought her house in June 2013. I’m guessing some contestants buy the house after being approved for the show? Why else would mother-of-one Mel buy a 4/5 bed decrepit house when she’s practically only met the guy.

Having multiple properties and/or buying houses for the purposes of the show is not really in the spirit of the competition.

12 cam2 { 05.25.14 at 2:13 pm }

thats a bit crappy if the contestants own other homes when they go on and on about how they can’t afford a better home and can’t afford to renovate and blah blah blah they need to win….especially when in the end it comes down to viewer voting, where backstory does and likability does have an impact.

13 Twinkle { 05.25.14 at 2:23 pm }

I agree, Veronicali and cam2 – surely there would have been truly legitimate applications from people who would have loved this opportunity?

I must say though, I think Mel and Bomber are such cool people. He did not come across well in week one, but since then … well, they’re awesome. Followed a close second by Adam – what a honey he is.

14 Gabby { 05.25.14 at 6:45 pm }

Twinkle @9 what are the rumours about Maddi and Jarrod? I must be living under a rock!
I’m with you also, I am fans of Bom and Mel and also Adam. I love Adam’s big smile and laugh.
BOM has a few off times but none of us are perfect all of the time. I think him and Mel are well suited.

15 Chelsea { 05.25.14 at 9:42 pm }

I dont want Ryan & Candy to break up, they remind me of Jemma & Ben from last season. If they win i want him to propose to her cause they’re in love and they are really cute together. I want Ryan to propose to Candy, Lloyd & Maddi to get married cause i think he already proposed, Adam to propose to Lisa and Bomber to Mel. So at the finale it could be one wedding and 3 proposals! :)

16 Twinkle { 05.26.14 at 5:57 am }

Gabby – the rumours were that Maddi and Jarrod broke up during The Block … I don’t think the producers showed her in a very good light, as she always seemed to be yelling at him and very stressed … although I did note that when they sold their house, they had a very uncomfortable sort of touch-hug, not a kiss and big bear hug as you’d expect a married couple who’d just won a shed load of money to do …

The rumour was started when Jarrod turned up to a radio promotion without her, because she had another commitment … so the radio jock made a joke that they’d broken up … and then that escalated and other people spoke up and said there were tensions on the block, etc., … and it spiralled from there.

But no, apparenty they are very much together. They attended some sporting thing together just a few weeks ago and weren’t touchy there either, so maybe that’s their way.

~ ~ ~

I must say, the amount of make-up that Candy, Lisa and Maddi wear on the show makes me go hmmmm … I don’t recall last year’s contestants wearing much at all. And didn’t Lisa say, when they were in the tent, that she didn’t have a mirror? She’d have to be skilled to apply all that gunk without one.

I did think it was nice this series when all the contestants hugged it out after completing the WA house. I don’t recall last year’s contestants being that friendly.

Chelsea, I can’t agree with you that Ryan and Candy are comparable to the (in my eyes) adorable Jemma and Ben … they’re polar-opposites!

The head honchos should be offering Mel her own show after this – she’s tireless and willing to give anything a go … she’s just awesome!

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18 Shadow { 06.03.14 at 12:32 pm }

What I want to know is ……..
Why were Candy & Ryan given the score for “Area 4” when their area was “Area 5”?

19 jo { 06.12.14 at 10:06 am }

I didn’t know they were actually together I thought they were actors so why does it matter if they have broken up are they a couple?

20 Krissy { 06.16.14 at 2:41 pm }

It’s a real shame that after going onto a TV programme everything changes and couple’s break up.

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22 Paul { 06.16.14 at 10:29 pm }

I’m so over these judges……who judges the judges……what makes their decision reign supreme????? I actually don’t think they have any style in themselves and wouldn’t buy a magazine they publish nor have them redesign my house

23 daisy { 06.16.14 at 11:32 pm }

Checked in for a peek. Disgusting, cheesy and ‘try hard’ decor.

Immature taste and cheap looking results.

24 daisy { 06.16.14 at 11:38 pm }

Checked in for a peek. Disgusting, cheesy and ‘try hard’ decor.

Immature taste and cheap looking results.

They don’t look comfy, cosy or inviting. I think, even on a small budget, you can create a more welcoming home.

25 Anonymous { 06.19.14 at 7:30 pm }

We spotted Ryan the other weekend in Penrith with another
Female having dinner. They seemed extremely cosy. Lol

26 mandaly { 06.24.14 at 10:05 pm }

love all the guys and girls left on the show good on them for putting heart and soul into it if it was not for all the arguments and ups and downs in the show none of us would be watching it shame mels no longer on the show what a trooper and bomber well ?? bit of a blow out I think.

27 mandaly { 06.24.14 at 10:11 pm }

love all the guys and girls left on the show good on them for putting heart and soul into the show if it was not for all the arguments and up and downs in the show none of us would be watching it . shame mels no longer on the show what a trooper and bomber well ?? bit of a blow out I think.

28 Jo Savas { 06.28.14 at 8:47 pm }

I agree with you Paul. Those judges, Joe and Wendy are completely styleless, so much so that they could each do with a makeover.

29 Twinkle { 06.29.14 at 1:13 pm }

@Jo Savas – I agree too. Wendy, especially, drives me crazy. I was surprised to see (from her LinkedIn) profile that she was previously the Editor of Burkes Backyard magazine … and before that the Beauty Editor for Australian Womens Weekly. You’d think she’d have more of a clue … but nope. She strikes me as very fuddy-duddy.

30 Paul { 07.01.14 at 8:08 pm }

Is it just me or is that carol starting to show her true colours. Ever the comedienne but she’s getting quite conniving and nasty

31 Jo Savas { 07.01.14 at 11:19 pm }

I agree Paul! Carole is really showing her true colours and they are not pretty!

32 Jo Savas { 07.01.14 at 11:27 pm }

@Twinkle, Wendy drives me crazy too! Count how many times the judges say ‘actually’ when they are commenting on the renovations! Makes it even more annoying! Lol.

33 Phil { 07.03.14 at 8:13 am }

I agree – Carole wants everyone to fall in with what she wants, won’t own up to making mistakes, ignores agreements she has made – I wonder what she’s like at work? I bet her co-workers just love her!
She doesn’t deserve to win especially as they have other property. And I’m fed up with all the teary statements about family and kids.

34 Courtney-leigh { 07.05.14 at 8:58 pm }

Candy & Ryan needed to actually sort out their life’s before going on a show like this one they should of known it would be stressful & test their relationship !! Plus candy is a bit of a b***h
Like every 5 mins she was yelling at poor Ryan for nothing , yea he was kinda childish but she didn’t need to yell at him
& to be honest if they did end the relationship I don’t blame them like they were cute but fighting most of the time on the show