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House Rules – Bomber Stuffs Up And Then Sulks About It

Bad news folks real life has gotten in the way of Annajjj’s recaps for this week. She will be back on board from next Sunday. I am not even going to bother to compete with her wit on House Rules so will just be putting up short recaps with what happend.

The Tassie reno continues with Brooke basically saying the House Rules renovation is the only thing that is keeping their relationship together. She said if it had not occurred they would have had to live separately.

Bomber stuffed up the flooring with the wrong colour flooring was sent. It was natural wood not the darker flooring which was to fit in with the rustic country feel. Carole called a meeting telling the others of the stuff up and saying there was enough dark wood for living areas and the master bedroom. It should be noted this covers her areas. She then said carpet for the kids bedrooms.

The people with the bedrooms arked up as Brooke said she hated carpet.

Then Bomber suggested parquetry pattern which made everybody gag at the thought. Bomber then stormed off. After Mel went out and found him telling him everyone thought he was having a dummy spit he denied it saying he had things to do.

After much talking Mel went to Carpet Court to try and work it out and they found some more of the dark wood. Mel is too good for Bomber.

The couples were going wild with the kids rooms fulfilling the brief of fantasy bedrooms. Candy and Ryan graffitied their kids bedroom and Brooke to camera after what appeared to be obvious prompting said she did not like graffiti. There was some weird castle wall in Maddi and Lloyd’s, with Candy saying she liked it to Maddi then bagging it out on camera. Though there appeared to be some faux competitiveness going on between this couple.

Russell was having trouble keeping track of his archetraves he had ordered 14 but Adam and Lloyd could not find theirs so took them. That was not his only issue they had placement issues once the in built wardrobe. The electricity was in the wrong spot. Carole admitted it was her stuff up and then compounded it that Carol the designer had told her about it a couple of days ago and she had forgot to mention it. Russell was calm about it and said :mistakes happen.

Adam and Lisa were having to cover up their mistake of the purple paint. Though they had plenty of time to paint as they had to down tools. Not sure why noise restrictions were in place as the house seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. Adam’s bunk beds are really interesting, he wanted to use a ladder anchor the bunks and he wanted to make it look like they were floating. Chester was a kill joy as he did not think it was strong enough for two robust boys and he wanted a chain.

And then to stretch out the one hour episode there was Ryan pranking Carole about a Tassie Devil being out there in the dark near her tent. Yep eye rolling stuff.

House Rules Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on SEVEN at 7.30pm.


1 Gabby { 05.26.14 at 2:20 pm }

So looking forward to the reveal tonight. Really hoping Brooke and Grant give their true feelings as to how they like everything and mark accordingly.
I sang Bom’s praises on another thread and then he goes and acts like a spoilt brat last night, still we are all human. Mel is still a little human dynamo.
Graffiti in boys room looks shocking. Painting in girls room looks as if one of the six year olds did it.
‘Small’ fire is definitely in a bad position.
I like what Carole has done with fireplace.
Not liking Ryan and his pranks.
Has anyone heard anything more Bout him and Candy?
Also does anyone know what the rumours about Maddi and Lloyd are please?
Roll on tonight!

2 jec { 05.26.14 at 2:27 pm }

Thanks for the recap, RR!
I think the green wall colour is hideous. It is too dark and I’m sure it won’t be nice on a cold winter’s day in Tasmania. A pale olive would have been better and then this one could have been used as a feature wall somewhere.
Mel & Bomber should have gone with a theme that matched the motor-cross riding (or whatever it is) on the cupboard doors. Putting that together with a climbing wall and rusty car doors makes the theme too broad.
I cannot see that one of those bunk beds is red. It looks like a pinky-maroon colour to me (fuschia?). These purple & red (pink) bunk beds are in the oldest two boys’ room. In a couple of years time they will need to completely re-do that bedroom.
I don’t know what was so wrong with the lighter colour flooring. Many farmhouses had pine floor with a clear lacquer. And why didn’t they just use the wooden flooring that was already there, instead of cover it over with bamboo floorboards?
The kitchen – especially the inset sink – looks modern/industrial. Candy & Ryan commented back when they ordered the kitchen that it was modern. Why choose that when the theme is country rustic?
If there’s only between 2 and 3 hours to go I can’t see how any of the rooms get finished. In the promo it showed one of the bedrooms with an unpainted ceiling! I always think there must be more time given and this reno seems to prove my theory.

3 Gabby { 05.26.14 at 2:42 pm }

Jec you are right about that dark green, it will make the house look very dark. The soft green would have looked much nicer with that as a feature wall.
I agree those floating beds being too small for growing boys and will need replacing.
I also thought the light coloured floor boards looked good. I don’t know what their problem was.
I hope the house isn’t going to be too dark inside.

4 Shellbot { 05.26.14 at 3:37 pm }

agree that the red was verging on pink, I also thought the purple was verging on navy blue. Seems weird that they can’t even pick two pretty standard colours right, as for the olive/moss tone surely for a whole house wall colour you would pick the most muted version you could find?

And Lisa not knowing you can paint over the purple wall and start again.. erm was she really comfortable with her ‘paint job’ being permanent??

I’m also not sure about all the teams taking ‘country rustic’ to mean ‘go to the antique store and find something old’ some of it is nice but most of it is a waste of time.

5 Jenny { 05.26.14 at 9:59 pm }

Part of me wonders if the rest of the teams are tired of Brooke and this is a sutble payback. But, then again, maybe Brooke is just being filmed/edited in a bad light.

Unfortunately, I can’t help but think that, as most of the renos have missed the mark, whether there’s any point to being a contestant on the show. :(

6 Andrea { 05.26.14 at 10:22 pm }

Can’t believe Brooke loved the kids’ room with the rusty car door bed heads the best!
It was the worst in my opinion, and they didn’t sound too grateful for the extension either.

7 all happening { 05.26.14 at 10:23 pm }

SPOILER ALERT: This is an interesting story about what B&G have done since the reno and some excuse making. It does have the scores so be aware if you haven’t seen the ep yet.

8 Gabby { 05.26.14 at 10:35 pm }

Thanks a.h. for that. Well at least they admitted to their strategic scoring. It was so obvious what they were doing.
I agree with them about the green being too dark for the house. Also I didn’t realise that old meat safe had to make do for their pantry, fair enough, I would want a bit bigger one than that if I had to put food for nine people away.
Somehow I don’t think Brooke and Grant are going to be able to claw their way up the leader board now, their strategy was all for nothing, me thinks.

9 Tuppence { 05.26.14 at 10:54 pm }

I read that Russell said one of the teams strategic scoring comes back to bite them. Be interesting to see how. Also what’s with the mohawk haircuts for the boys?

10 Smythe { 05.27.14 at 12:43 am }

They are doing strategic scoring but they don’t have any idea who did each zone when they scored them. Even so they are scoring a bit low. They loved Carol’s and Russell’s rooms but only gave them a 7. I understood why they scored Candy and Ryan so low. They hated the boy’s bedroom especially the grafitti and there was no pantry in the kitchen.

The bedroom Mel and Bomber did was really bad, IMO. The climbing wall should have been thrown out since it really wasn’t a climbing wall anymore when they had to lower it and remove most of the holds. The rusty trike, scooter and car door headboards were ugly. I was surprised that Brooke like the car doors.

The girl’s bedroom was cute and the mural and accompanying artwork also cute but poorly done.

The bedroom Adam and Lisa did had some nice design elements but the main pieces, the “floating” beds, were ill conceived and the jungle gym with rope and rings hanging from the ceiling not necessary.

Was not surprised to read that Brooke and Grant replaced the meat cupboard with a pantry and removed the hanging trike, scooter and jungle gym.

I noticed some poor finishing and painting in the master bedroom but neither the judges nor the Bradys said anything about that.

Even though there were flaws the Bradys got a larger house with new materials and they should have given fairer scores.

11 Eliza { 05.27.14 at 2:32 am }
12 Fijane { 05.27.14 at 9:34 am }

Wow, finally a team scored how they felt! Totally agree with the 5 for Candy and Ryan, the judges’s score was unreasonably high and focussed on what they felt was trendy rather than the house rules. IMO, all the teams with the kids rooms failed miserably. Not one of them attempted to give ‘rustic country’ for the kids, and when you have a clear style given by the owners, why are they surprised to be marked done for not delivering it. Apart from that, every rooom except the laundry failed in the ‘creative storage’ rule – the teams put ‘design’ ahead of functionality. They should have been filling every nook with extra cupboards, shelves etc. The nook to the left of the fireplace was ideal for a board games cupboard, with bookshelves above. And a kitchen without a pantry or overhead cupboards is a complete no-no for a large family.
Having said all that, Carole and Russell’s zone was the undoubted winner (and I would have given them a 9) and the kitchen and dining room were nice, if a bit impractical. Can’t imagine the nuisance of bench seats every meal! Well done to Mad and Lloyd for the entry and at least someone thought of the logistics of lots of kids. But the girl’s room was sickly and twee. All the kids beds were too small, and most of their rooms were dangerous in some way.
Overall, I thought the judges were way off with their scoring (especially when you compare with earlier in the series), but Brooke and Grant were right in ranking, but possibly just one point strategically lower in each case.
It seems to me that we have been sold a story about Brooke, with all the teams so keen to do well for them this week.