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Masterchef Australia – George Admits Feeding His Staff Scraps

So not only does George Calombaris not like paying penalty rates but he also gives his staff scraps for dinner. The mystery box was from the Press Club and it was the food scraps he normally gives his junior chef to make up staff dinner with. There were chicken necks, beef chain, potato and carrot peel, mussel broth and the end of a parmesan cheese.

They had 60 minutes to cook and only five would be selected.

Sarah who is clearly the golden child as her dish of Steak and Frites was selected, and there were a lot of better looking dishes being made. George said it was acceptable. Ironically Gary thought the steak was a bit under for medium rare, which was bizarre as it looked good, however in other challenges beef with blood still dripping out of it has been deemed to be fine.

Colin finally got some screen time plating up an appetising burger with flatbread, chutney and chips. Gary liked it as it means if it had been his staff meal they would be able to eat it with one hand whilst continuing to work.

Ben was struggling with rolling out his pasta for his ravioli and he asked Sam for help and she could barely contain her eye roll when telling him to add more flour.  His dish was not picked.

Kira made a Parmesan and Mussel Broth with fried egg. She finally plated up carbs with some flat bread. It is unclear whether her lack of carbs is related to an intolerance or her food philosophy.

Renae who started off the challenge saying she had 80 bad ideas in her head plated up a nice looking pappadelle and she made a nice looking pasta for someone who does not like it. Matt loved it.

Emelia who is turning into the series whiner said that she had not been chosen yet to have her food tasted in a mystery box challenge. She served “Messed Up” Avelgomo with Lamb Meatballs. There was no lemon so she used vinegar. George thought it was the best thing she had cooked thus far.

Emelia won and she said “About time”. She had to decide what to remove from the pantry either proteins or fruit and vegetables for the invention test. She chose to remove the protein. Ironically the dessert queen was hoisted on her own petard as gelatine had also been removed. She was making a white wine mousse with fruit and would now be using agar agar. Why she did not change her dish was interesting and keep that up her sleeve for another time when she had the correct ingredients.

Tash was making Curry Puffs but decided to take the french cheese so she could eat it. This was almost as good as when Chris Badenoch used to take a beer from the pantry to drink whilst cooking. Tash at one stage looked like her puffs were going to puff when she stacked it on the floor losing most of her filling. However she was top three and Gary wanted to be taught by her how to make the pastry.

Jamie again was failing in his attempt to make Dhal with flatbread. It was undercooked and gluggy. He spent six months in India so seemed to think this would help in his making of it. Steve was also stuffing up with his vegetable masala as he did not dry roast the spices off first which the judges could tell. His looked like glug as well.

Scott decided just to make a vegetable pie with a bread topping. The judges were scathing saying that it was unimaginative for an invention test. Scott probably decided that with 20 contestants left at least three would stuff up. However Scott got dumped into the bottom three ahead of some other not so great dishes.

Lucky for Renae’s as her Chai Pumpkin Ice Cream was described as one dimensional, and Byron’s dish was described as a jumble on a plate.

On the other hand Colin whose Carrot Broth was described as spectacular must be wondering what he has to do to get into the top three. However he was bumped out by Tash, Sarah who made Aloo Gabi and Gary was also impressed she made her own Paneer. To be honest there was not much on her plate. Also Brent will have a chance to crack it out for an immunity pin with an original and nice looking Strawberries and Cream with Rose Jelly.

Bottom three was unsurprisingly Jamie and Steven along with Scott. As Gary said there were quite a few that could have gone into the elimination challenge.

Masterchef Australia Sunday to Thursday at 7.30pm.



1 Culinary Boner { 05.26.14 at 10:49 am }

Staff dinner time at George’s restaurants:

Call me naive, but I always thought the staff dinner involved odds and sods and surplus but quality ingredients, not peelings you’d feed to your pet rodents:

2 nibehlung { 05.26.14 at 10:52 am }

I think it’s bullshit that Scott get dumped into the elimination round when there are other worse dishes like Byron’s or Rene’s. If the taste is good, why does it matters that it’s not too fancy? And for fun’s sake, I’d also like to nominate Emelia, whose face and attitude starts to bother me now.

3 Wild rice { 05.26.14 at 11:09 am }

Do we the viewers know the criteria used to select 5 dishes to taste from mystery box? Is it taste, appearance or clever use of ingredients? Do the contestants know the criteria so they have something to aim for?

I understand the judges, apart from Jowsly, can’t taste every dish made over the whole day, but not tasting so many from first challenge, when they have all worked frantically and hard, is just plain rude.

4 Ari { 05.26.14 at 11:39 am }

Jamie didn’t deserve to be at the bottom. Should have been Byron or Emelia. I hope Jamie doesn’t go. He’s so handsome I love everything about his face. <333 I think Scott should go, he's just a dull weight? I kinda miss Brendan and the old fish lady and Emily at this point. But I'll be rooting for Jamie. <3

5 Culinary Boner { 05.26.14 at 11:50 am }

George, mate. Take a bow. Your tater and carrot peeling staff dinners are confirmed by these US chefs to be ‘world class’ (though in the wrong category, mate):

FFS, George, stop being such a tightarse.

Here are some selections from the linked article…

“The Worst:
Tomato Skin Pasta–all of the tomato skins that won’t go through the food mill over penne pasta with olive oil and garlic. Even the addition of basil and Parmesan didn’t help.”

“The Best:
At Le Bernardin after a long hard Saturday night service we would have Wagyu Fried Rice mixed with all the stations’s leftover vegetables and herbs. Then we would add eggs, a lot of ginger, garlic, sriracha, and a few splashes of our special imported Japanese soy sauce. One cook would whip this up while the rest of us cleaned so when we were all finished we could sit down together and celebrate the end of the week. An added bonus was the one ice cold beer we got on Saturday nights. Double bonus: anything left over from Michael Laiskonis in the pastry kitchen.”

6 Smythe { 05.26.14 at 12:27 pm }

Do not agree with Scott going into the bottom 3. There was no comment about the taste of the dish just that it was “pedestrian” and that he was not pushing himself to create a MC “quality ” dish. However, Emelia’s dish consisted of a very bad mousse and some fruit, Byron’s dish was poorly conceived and Renae’s dish appeared to have no redeeming qualities. One of these should have been put up instead of Scott or actually all of them should have been put up for possible elimination.

So the MC class of 2014 consists of the best cooks ever. Sure there are good and very good cooks here but there are also some of the worse cooks.

Who dresses Matt? He criticizes items not working together on a dish but his clothes sure don’t work well together. An animal print ascot, a polka dot kerchief and plaid pants???

Maybe George thinks he is trying to challenge the junior chefs by having them cook leftovers or maybe he is trying to show what he does to be a nose to tail kind of chef and cook everything (the in thing nowadays) but it seems that he is just being cheap.

7 Adrianna { 05.26.14 at 12:37 pm }

I agree that Scott should not be bottom 3. Should’ve been Emilia, who was also not getting a good edit with her pouty expressions. With a failed mousse it was inherently just berries and chocolate. And the irony that it was her recipe that got Brent into top 3!

Sarah’s steak dish from the mystery box did not look that impressive. Also she kept referring to her “partner” and “mother Inlaw” but shouldn’t one be married to have a mother Inlaw, or is that just my conservative Asian background talking, lol.

8 daisy { 05.26.14 at 12:39 pm }

Smythe, I suppose the trouble is sometimes the judges will call a dish simple and ‘honest, cooking from the heart. And then later the same type of food might be called pedestrian and too easy. And it’s up to the contestants to flip the coin on the day.

We are doing bfast for family dinner next week and I have decided to make bubble and squeak; maybe not out of scraps but you are supposed to use left overs.
“I got this”. Woolif is on banana bread.

9 James { 05.26.14 at 12:51 pm }

So overrated it’s not funny.
Let’s undercook something again, shall we?

10 Jay { 05.26.14 at 12:53 pm }

Have to agree that Emilia is not presenting well with her pouty expressions and arrogance (‘about time’) is never an attractive quality. I was sorry to see Scott in the bottom 3 as it really did seem there were several inferior dishes. Where is the idea that Jamie is such a great cook coming from (besides Jamie himself) he’s done poorly more often than well.
I’ve been back in hospital (working on my triumph over adversity back story just in case I ever want a reality TV gig) and not up to making comments but the regulars here have kept me smiling – thanks gice!

11 Evan { 05.26.14 at 1:02 pm }

The best thing about last night’s episode was seeing Colin and Brent step up to the plate, and serve some enticing looking food.
6 or 7 people could have been up for elimination, a whole lot of them didn’t cope too well with the invention test.
Tonight’s elimination challenge involves a dessert…..are any of the 3 boys good at doing desserts? It might be a total trainwreck, and funnily enough Scott might come out ahead of Steven and Jamie(who has already crowned himself the winner of Masterchef 2014)

12 Evan { 05.26.14 at 1:03 pm }

Ben is my current favourite contestant, I think he will be there until the very end.

13 brain dead dave { 05.26.14 at 1:10 pm }

Smythe , there are three companies that dress Jowl$y, their names fly past on the credits mercifully quickly. Jowl$y described Byron’s dish as “jumbled” while he’s pompously standing there in a conservative jacket with plaid golf trousers and clashing accessories.

Jamie says in tonight’s promo he didn’t come onto the show to fail miserably yet he’s failed miserably in that endeavour on almost every occasion. His cooking from the mouth style isn’t working. I expect his back story to get a massive caning tonight.

Cheers Jay, hope you’re out of hospital soon.

The dessert for elimination looks tough and agree with Evan that Scott might get through better than the other two.

14 brain dead dave { 05.26.14 at 1:22 pm }

Yep, Scott does very badly on the promo I just saw , so he’s safe.

15 Jay { 05.26.14 at 1:27 pm }

Nice description:’Jamie’s cooking from the mouth style”
Thanks for your good wishes BDD but you’ve done your bit – if laughter is the best medicine you really should have been a doctor.

16 Evan { 05.26.14 at 1:33 pm }

The promos are always deliberately deceptive.
Scott did pretty well in the previous elimination challenge he was in, and Steven ought to be used to the pressure tests by now.
So possibly Jamie goes home – no doubt we are in for more of “I am doing it for my wife and sick daughter”.

17 Sugarcube { 05.26.14 at 1:41 pm }

Scotty’s going home, my friends.
I’m pretty sure his food is too “homey” for this season. Would like to see how many bullets Steven, Jamie, and Sean can dodge.

18 Sugarcube { 05.26.14 at 1:44 pm }

Compared to Steven’s food, which is just plain shit, haha.

19 brain dead dave { 05.26.14 at 1:49 pm }

If Steven, Jamie and Sean are representative of “Australia’s Best Home Cooks Ever”,we’re in deep $hit.

20 Adrianna { 05.26.14 at 1:57 pm }

I’m not sure about you guys in other states, but here in Perth, the promo on TV for tonight’s episode features Stephen heavily – “will WA be falling??”.
In other words, he’ll probably be safe.

21 emp { 05.26.14 at 2:02 pm }

Adrianna @20 we don’t have that promo but for last night’s ep here in VIC they were advertising Victoria’s Emilia v Victoria’s Brent.

22 brain dead dave { 05.26.14 at 2:04 pm }

I got one promo tailored for SA in Adelaide that only featured Scotty in a world of pain.
Then there’s another promo that appears non state specific and bangs on about the Leaning Tower Of Pastry..

23 Smythe { 05.26.14 at 2:09 pm }

Jay, hope you get well soon!

Jamie….he knew that the dal was not cooked so why even serve it. They still haven’t learned to NOT serve something that is not up to par. Instead of grinning while Gary and Matt were tasting his food he should have been hanging his head in shame. On the other hand, he could have tried to convince them that he presented the dal the way he did for extra texture. :-)

Daisy, there is no consistency with their judging just like w/ MKR.

Brain Dead, I’m surprised Matt’s jacket wasn’t striped. It would have worked perfectly with his poorly matched outfit. I still think he needs to add a hat to enhance his look.

24 Jay { 05.26.14 at 2:28 pm }

Thanks Smythe – I might be past my best before but I’m certainly not to my use by date!
Hanging his head in shame doesn’t really seem to be Jamie’s way – as I remember after serving the crunchy lentils he was shown telling us what a good cook he is. Along with Emilia he does seem to being shown as smug and occasionally whiny. Self belief is all very well but a little humility goes a long way.

I much prefer Scott’s back story of reinventing himself because of a forced career change to Jamie’s poor me I haven’t been able to follow my dream because of my family. As for Steven someone previously suggested if he really wants to be a chef why not consider an apprenticeship? What a novel concept – training to follow your food dream!

25 Sandii { 05.26.14 at 2:29 pm }

I was a bit annoyed when they said Scotts dish was too simple. I would eat simple over the pumpkin mess that Renae made. Or even the unset mousse that Emelia made.

26 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.26.14 at 2:59 pm }

They don’t/can’t change their recipe around at the last minute as I’m pretty sure they’ve already been allowed to organise what they are going to cook.

I don’t even call Sarah her name anymore – just ‘teachers’ pet’. It’s BEYOND obvious. Gary certainly has a stiffy for her.

Agreed about the steak business. The judges keep seeming to move the goal posts constantly to suit who they want to stay and who they want to go. End of the day it’s not like WE at home can taste the food – the very cold food.

27 stephen { 05.26.14 at 3:11 pm }

I think emilia should have been bottom three, scott should not be there. Byrons dish may have been jumbled but the judges didnt comment on the taste, so maybe individual elements tasted ok. I think steven should go as his cooking is b grade, but on the other hand I would like jamie gone as he is so smug. Having said that it is a cooking not personality competition so see ya steven, and jamie is easy on the eye at least. Still wish George could learn how to eat, my three year old nephew handles a fork better than him.

28 daisy { 05.26.14 at 4:14 pm }

Let’s all chip in and buy George a book on table etiquette.

I heard Sandy someone has a good one called “Peas and Queues”. I ordered it for myself when I heard her interview at the Sydney Writers Festival.
Can George read?

29 daisy { 05.26.14 at 4:17 pm }

My granny, who was born and raised in Sri Lanka where she grew up eating with her hands, knew how to handle cutlery better than George. I never saw her put a knife in her mouth ever.
As a small child it was fun sitting at her knees being fed by hand. It’s harder to do than it looks.

30 James { 05.26.14 at 4:44 pm }

Hi Gidgitvonlarue, there is no planning at all – everything you see cooked comes from their heads the minute the challenge starts.

31 Littlepetal { 05.26.14 at 5:17 pm }

Jamie has been travelling. He said he spent 6 months in India. He also said he cooked those food ALL THE TIME. Some episode ago, he was also cooking some other food all the time. He didn’t even know he was using brown lentils which will not soften instead of the red lentils that cooks quickly. How can you make dahl when it was all dry!!!!!!!! He didn’t even try to add in more liquid to the dahl.

Also he did say at the start of MC he was studying Accounts (not sure whether in uni or what). If food is his dream, he should be doing an apprenticeship in the food industry. Even his job is a bartender. Why not work in the kitchen and learn more. All he is interested is winning the money.

I have watched the promo at The Living Room and I know who is going home. :)

32 Anonymous { 05.26.14 at 5:40 pm }

When they showed Jamie’s pan, it looked like he was frying the lentils in oil. I don’t think that’s a standard cooking method for any dried legume.

33 Simon { 05.26.14 at 5:53 pm }

Given that Masterchef is often a competition of speed, I don’t get why people don’t opt for the pressure cooker more often, particularly Jamie who would have had more than ample time to finish a daal from dried lentils in that time.

As for Scott, I get the feeling that they were just making an example of him. Given it was a 1 hour challenge, sauteing some veggies, placing hunks of pre-made bread and a sprinkle of cheese is not that far removed from assembling, say, a mushroom toasted cheese sandwich. It was a pretty lame dish and while it might have tasted better than some (though no indication was given if it was any good), at least the others that bombed attempted to apply some creativity and technique to their invention test.

Jamie’s apparent overconfidence in his abilities is really starting to get old. Hope to see either him or well past his use-by date Steven go tonight.

34 Jay { 05.26.14 at 6:02 pm }

LP 31 – I thought they were brown lentils when he was talking about red – thanks for confirming. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed his words don’t match his actions. I agree he’s just after the money. He’s mentioned that he’d wanted to be a chef since he was 6 (I think I’ve heard him say 12 also) and yet no apprenticeship even pre baby? People have been known to juggle an apprenticeship and parenthood.
I think sometimes they forget that there is actually only 1 winner, and contestants such as Poh and Justine who have gone on to media roles 1) could cook and 2) had personalities that appealed to a broad audience.
That’s my rant over with.

35 Carole { 05.26.14 at 6:47 pm }

They did the same thing last year with all the scraps.

I agree Daisy, the judges are very contradictory sometimes. They’ll criticize one contestant for doing something a certain way, then praise another one for the same thing.

I hate it when they go round while they are cooking and ask each what they are doing and they’ll say ‘is that enough’? which then really puts them off their game and makes them doubt themselves. Sometimes they say a dish isn’t up to ‘MasterChef standard’ & other times they compliment plain & simple food. They should make up their minds.

I would have been thrown by gelatin being a meat product too.

What is wrong with their pasta machine? So many people have had trouble with it, and they all say they have made pasta heaps of times at home and never had a problem.

36 brain dead dave { 05.26.14 at 6:59 pm }

I get the feeling that if it had been Sarah who made the vegetable pie, there’d be no end to the superlatives Jowl$y et al would be bleating. Vive le difference between teacher’s pet and disposable bogan.

I think the pasta machine’s okay, just that several of these “best evah cooks” don’t know which way to turn the handle.

37 Gabby { 05.26.14 at 7:04 pm }

Littlepetal @31 and Jay @34 you are spot on with your takings on Jamie. I heard him and his rants about having made the lentils many times while he lived in India. As you also said he versed the same about the Spanish egg dish he made that failed to cook the eggs.
Always talking about wanting to be a chef but not doing anything about it.
He is not ringing true enough.
Money, money, money is the big prize, not being involved in the food industry, I would say for Jamie, and maybe one or two others.
Have to agree with you others about Sarah being the blue eyed girl that can do no wrong, talk about it sticking out like the proverbial.

38 Sugarcube { 05.26.14 at 8:13 pm }

Seeya Scotty.

39 emp { 05.26.14 at 9:00 pm }

Steven is the luckiest guy since those other lucky guys that we see on reality tv.

40 Sandii { 05.26.14 at 9:20 pm }

Naw he was my fave

41 Littlepetal { 05.26.14 at 9:45 pm }

MC never get it right. Last year challenges were too easy. This year some of the challenges are too difficult for the contestants with their current skills and then not give them enough time to complete the task. What’s the point of presenting a dish that is not good???

42 Littlepetal { 05.26.14 at 9:47 pm }

Also they are trying to tell us these are the best cooks and they have to up the ante. Scott was in a lot of pain tonight. The challenge was too difficult for him.

43 emp { 05.26.14 at 9:50 pm }

I don’t think the challenge was particularly hard. It was all about the pastry really. So one could have missed a few elements yet would still be saved if he made a good pastry. Scott just didn’t have the desert or pastry skills needed.

44 Littlepetal { 05.26.14 at 10:01 pm }

I read an interview with Christy Tania where she said she takes 2 and 1/2 hrs to do the dessert. Giving the contestants only 3 hours to do it is really pushing them. They need time to read through the recipe.

45 daisy { 05.26.14 at 10:12 pm }

That challenge was way to hard. They were there because they were in the bottom three, not the top.
But fell asleep on the couch just before they started making it. Zzzzzzzzz.

46 LM { 05.27.14 at 6:12 am }

Did anyone else notice how Scott snubbed Christy when he was shaking the judges hands!? Haha he totally skipped over her, like f#*% you bitch!

47 MT { 05.27.14 at 4:53 pm }

Agree with all said about Sarah being the fav and all I think when they salivate over her is that they have looked her up on the internet and have seen her semi naked. Makes me feel blerk.
The poor Jamie show can stop already. I’m pretty sure he knew how women get pregnant so cry me a river mate.
As for the scraps being made into a meal, I’m fine with left overs but the vegie peels go to the guinea pigs. I don’t like George much at all anymore.
Emelia let the power go to her head and it went there really fast.
Still can’t stand Rachael, I’m trying but everytime she screws up her face when she fake smiles, she loses me again.
Sean has a superiority complex and doesn’t look friendly at all.

48 Sammy { 06.07.14 at 12:14 am }

The whole Rachael doing charity is BS…. She looks like a cold evil bitch through and through…

Sarah the model…ughh.. couldnt agree with MT more…

Overall, very few like-able characters in the show,,,,except tash maybe…