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Masterchef Australia – The Pressure Test Claims Another Scalp

Christie Tanner from Om Nom in the Adelphi Hotel set the pressure test and she told the Masterchef contestants she was similar to them. What she meant was she had another career, as a project manager, before becoming a chef. However that is where the similarity ends instead of going on a reality show to follow her food dream she flew to France and worked her way from the bottom up.

The dish tonight was Mango Alfonso it was a profiterole with mango mousse, a fondant, tempered white chocolate, shiso, poached, sorbet and foam, and some spheres. Renae said Christine was the female Zumbo. Helloooo I think she is good enough and does not have to be compared to anyone.

Scott looked pale when he saw that the dish was a dessert and that it was a three page recipe. Christine told them that if you are a chef you need to know how to do choux pastry. But even before he got to the choux pastry he was having issues. He forgot to put the lemongrass in the coconut milk. He strained the gelatine with Christine asking him “Why would you do that?”.  And then he forgot to put the stabiliser in the sorbet. Christine suggested he do it again. He did and was way behind

Jamie was sailing through it and even took the time to talk himself up about his choux pastry skills. He told the judges after he got into the top 50 he went home and made it seven times until he got it perfect. He might be cocky but at least he came in prepped for the competition. However his did not look great when he put his first batch in the oven as they were too flat. He had to make two more batches before he had a decent mix. This put him way behind and it meant after he plated up there were missing elements like the mango/shiso ball and also the white chocolate.

Both Steven and Scott also had to do their choux twice.

Steven’s was the best looking dish and he managed to get all the elements on the plate. So he was safe. In fact George called it exceptional.

Scott’s was tasted next, there were missing elements but the sorbet was good but the choux pastry was bad.

Jamie’s plate looked a bit under done not helped that a few of his profiteroles toppled off. However as they fell after time had been called the judges were able to taste them. This was a fair call.

He had filled some of the profiteroles with shiso cream going off the recipe. His rationale was to showcase his making of the shiso cream. There were other missing elements as well. Matt was pontificating about how it tasted good but as it was a pressure test and it was about replicating a dish whether he should be penalised for free-styling. It was just there way of were trying to ramp up the tension but it was clear Scott was the one who was going home, the reason was the challenge was all about the choux pastry.

He is currently working as a carpenter building a restaurant in Adelaide and he will be working in the kitchen, clearly his back must be getting a bit better.

Masterchef Australia on Sunday to Thursday night at 7.30pm on TEN.


1 GG { 05.26.14 at 10:30 pm }

Helloooo, her name’s Christie not Christine (which you actually named correctly the first time)

2 Evan { 05.26.14 at 11:24 pm }

Christie Tanner came across as being rather pushy and rude, I thought – not much empathy from her for the 3 guys having to replicate that stupid looking dessert.
Poor Scott, I felt for him, he was way out of his depth. Indeed I almost thought that the judges would give him a 2nd chance, and send the arrogant Jamie home instead……..yes, the same Jamie who bragged about making that pastry 7 times before at the Masterchef house.
I just realised that out of the 18 remaining contestants, only 7 of them are blokes – Jamie, Steven, Sean, Colin, Brent, Ben, Byron.
No doubt a few of the girls will be culled, to even up the balance between the sexes.

3 Wild rice { 05.26.14 at 11:40 pm }

What’s with the editing of the peanut gallery. They just stood by and observed the piping of wrong filling into a profiterole; why not yell out instructions as per usual.
Each contestant has their own style and cuisines; how galling to play circus pony and jump through hoops with this dessert, but same every year so comes as no surprise

4 Anonymous { 05.27.14 at 3:16 am }

@GG people make mistakes…
@RR it’s Christy Tania

5 cherub { 05.27.14 at 3:51 am }

Perhaps GG didn’t mean to come across as rude and overly picky.

6 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.27.14 at 4:22 am }

This ‘test’ was bullshit on every level of wank. This show has really lost the plot. I don’t even watch it live – I record it and even then with nothing to watch I struggle to watch it. Even no savoury chef could have done this wank of a dessert. This crap is usually left until the last 3 shows – not now with SO many contestants! It’s really just a bit of a joke when it’s not meant to be like When Love Comes to Town or I Wanna Marry Harry. Masterechef is meant to be high end, well structured. Sheesh!

7 Smythe { 05.27.14 at 5:11 am }

Gidgit, #6 They said they were going to make things harder this year so they pushed these kinds of challenges up sooner. I also don’t watch it live. Easier to get past the crap. I wasn’t surprised Steven did well. He does his best with recipes but when it comes to invention and doing things on his own accord he generally fails.

Scott created his own problems by saying from the get go that this wasn’t do-able (or something similar). Self-fulfilling prophecy. He got very flustered and it was obvious he was unable to settle himself down and concentrate.

Evan, I also think Jamie comes off arrogant. I was hoping he would be eliminated.

8 Sugarcube { 05.27.14 at 8:10 am }

I thought the Shannon Bennett challenge seemed okay, but the Rivers & Lakes pressure test and this dessert test is just plain stupid so early on.
They’re getting rid of good people too early because the challenges are too hard at this point of the competition! The contestants haven’t even had a chance to learn anything!!!

9 Shellbot { 05.27.14 at 8:19 am }

As someone mentioned her name is Christy Tania. I think that following a recipe and knowing how to make all the elements in that dish are definitely worthwhile skills to have as a chef no matter where you end up working. It will probably work in Steven and Jamie’s favour now that they have had the chance to make all those different elements, doing them all in one challenge may have been a bit much though as 2 didn’t even complete…

10 donae { 05.27.14 at 8:32 am }

Well someone has to go home, it is a competition and life and competitions are never fair.

11 Lebay { 05.27.14 at 9:14 am }

What happened to the the best food cooked simply. There is a wonder in getting the freshest ingredients and just cooking them. As a former chef, Im over this total wankery. Usually, if the food is over complicated its a) second class and needs to be ‘worked’ and b) touched by too many hands. Ekk. I just want to see simple food, with nothing to hide.

I loved the ‘garbage’ box challenge. Staff meals are a challenge, but whilst using off cuts, Ive never used peels etc except in stocks/broths.

12 Littlepetal { 05.27.14 at 9:23 am }

Christy said she can do the dessert in 2.5 hrs and then only gave 3 hrs to the contestants to replicate. Christy will be familiar with the techniques for all the elements and these 3 blokes have to read the long rrecipe and to follow step by step.

I read that Christy come from a wealthy Indonesian family. The story mentioned she was pampered at home and attending private fashion shows at powerhouses like Hermes was not unusual. She was also the youngest female project manager at IBM in Singapore. Thus she truly follows her passion and willing to start from the bottom. Even before she went to Paris, she was already selling birthday and wedding cakes while working in IBM.

13 Benji { 05.27.14 at 10:35 am }

I actually really liked Christy. She had a pleasant confidence about her. I’d rather have her on the show than the annual Zumbo challenge. (Though, looking at her cakes, I’m not sure that she’s as refined as Adriano Zumbo just yet.)

I don’t think this challenge was too hard. Scott made little mistakes that accumulated on his plate, sending him home, and they all messed up the choux pastry. But if they had been more patient with their choux and got it right the first try (hard to do in that timed environment, I know), they would have had a much easier time. It would have been more fun to watch the dessert specialists try this one, though.

I liked Jamie to begin with, but his motivations made me think twice about him. He basically admitted that he’s only in it for the money and the fame.

Steven kept using the word “glyth.” I had no idea what he meant until he said it the third of fourth time. “Ohhh, Goliath!”

14 Littlepetal { 05.27.14 at 10:44 am }
15 Adrianna { 05.27.14 at 11:51 am }

Littlepetal @ 12, v interesting info on Christie. So she could afford to quit her job and pursue her dreams, unlike some who’d have no choice but to continue with their jobs. Although, like someone here mentioned before, if you’re serious about wanting to be a chef, you get an apprenticeship, not join a reality cooking show.

I thought Christie was interesting to watch. And I didn’t really care who went home between those 3. I think it’ll be more interesting when the show gets down to maybe top 12.

Also, I didn’t think the dessert was all that appetizing. Too many different elements. Personally I like simple clean stuff too especially with desserts. Although I would have liked to try the Rivers and Lakes dish.

16 Littlepetal { 05.27.14 at 12:04 pm }

The dessert remind me of Zumbo Pear’s Perfection

I was very disappointed when he stopped making them. It was the best dessert from his patisserie. Didn’t fancy much from his new creations

17 Smythe { 05.27.14 at 12:17 pm }

The 5th season of MC US has started w/ one of the judges, Joe Bastianich, exclaiming, “The greatest cooks in America.” Wonder if they will be the best cooks ever in the US just like we are now seeing the best cooks ever on MC Aus LOL :-)

18 Jas { 05.27.14 at 12:41 pm }

I really liked Christy, she was very direct with them, (“why would you do that?”, “you need to do it again”), which was good. Sometimes tip toeing around gets on my nerves.

19 Smythe { 05.27.14 at 12:44 pm }

And Gordon Ramsey claims that the contestants will be doing battle in the biggest cooking competition anywhere in the world today. A bit of hyperbole there.

20 abc { 05.27.14 at 1:24 pm }

Haven’t been able to catch up with the show for real long now!!! What all did i miss? @daisy @littlrpetal

21 Sarah { 05.27.14 at 1:28 pm }

I think you will find a couple more books from last year’s series will be out soon, including the Moslem girl whose name I cannot remember:-)

22 daisy { 05.27.14 at 1:40 pm }

Aaaw abc, I have been hopeless. I start watching then get distracted or fall asleep. I will try and do better tonight.

Sarah….aaaagh, thanks for reminding us of the Smearer. Amina was the one from a previous season. Sulky Samira was last year’s.

23 Andrea { 05.27.14 at 2:04 pm }

These stupid challenges to create something that a professional chef has had many years perfecting never works. How can these contestants hope to do as well or better than the chefs?
The ones who stay under the radar, not top three or bottom three, usually coast through to the end stages.
Look at the last two years winners, we didn’t really know they existed til about half way through.

24 Gidgitvonlarue { 05.27.14 at 2:28 pm }

Haha – I was drunk when I made that post! ‘Tad’ passionate and over the top.

25 daisy { 05.27.14 at 2:32 pm }

GVL; are you going to do WLCTT drunk tonight. And will we need to get drunk first to read it?

26 Littlepetal { 05.27.14 at 2:33 pm }

Gidgitvonlarue-Wow! You made sense even drunk!!! Wonder what you will say when sober!!! :-)

27 nibehlung { 05.27.14 at 2:59 pm }

I don’t know what to say but Poor Scott :(

I’m more upset about this than I thought I would.

28 LM { 05.27.14 at 4:07 pm }

Did anyone else notice how Scott snubbed Christy when he was shaking the judges hands!? Haha he totally skipped over her, like f#*% you bitch!

29 Robin { 05.27.14 at 5:51 pm }

I liked Christy too. Part of it was the way she was smiling at them sort of like she was amused by how seriously they were taking it. I understand that the contestants are under a lot of pressure and the competition is 24/7 but some of them act like they will be killed if they mess up a dish. I guess thats part of how the producers want them to feel so there will be more drama.

30 daisy { 05.27.14 at 5:56 pm }

Littlepetal@26, she didn’t ever shlurr her words. Very impressive.
I don’t want to encourage bad habits, but I vote she does WLCTT stoned. A sort of Cheech and Chong meets the Playboy mansion.

31 Carole { 05.27.14 at 6:03 pm }

I agree with those that have said that challenge was ridiculously hard for this early in the comp. They never allow enough time for these complicated challenges. When all 3 stuffed up their pastry and had to start again, they should have added an extra half hour for them. I’ve made choux pastry heaps of times, but my recipes have always said to leave it on the stove when I add the eggs. I thought Daniel would be going for a while there.

32 lulu { 05.27.14 at 6:21 pm }

I don’t mind Jamie so much. As self-assured as he seems, he’s suitably self-deprecating when he stuffs up.
And so what if he’s in it for the money? Do people actually believe that all the contestants have a ‘food dream?’ They just want to be on the telly.
Christie was cool.

33 Ali { 05.27.14 at 6:55 pm }

If I was Scott and knew I couldn’t replicate the dessert, I would still create two round choux balls and one long eclair and fill them all with mango mousse, with an extra squirt of white foam oozing from the eclair. Then I’d arrange the two balls side by side with the submarine eclair hanging down the centre.

When it came to tasting, instead of playing “mother”, George would defer to Christy Tania who would break both of Scott’s balls and cut his sausage eclair in half to serve up on some platters.

And that’s pretty much the entire episode.

34 Georgie { 05.27.14 at 7:29 pm }

Rofl Ali – I could just picture that on the plate. Scott could have also piped ‘Tossers’ around the side of the plate with mango mousse so they could all dip their sausage and balls in it.

35 daisy { 05.27.14 at 8:17 pm }

WA WIN News story on old, substandard boys toilets at a High School : Interviewed mum says, “Well my boys hold on as long as they can and do their business at home”. Aaaaaah!
“Thanks mum. I can expect to have my head flushed down those substandard toilets tomorrow”.

36 Ari { 05.28.14 at 12:06 am }

Loved Christie! She looked like a silent killer. Just really enjoyed watching these guys suffer lmao. And Jamie. JAMIE. How could you hate that stache man DILF. He may be slightly cocky but I love how he laughs about mistakes a lot. Sigh. His wife is so lucky.