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Reality Tidbits – Wednesday Night

The Voice Kids promo is out and there are rumours that the winner has already been annointed. It is the kid in the hipster beanie, Ethan Karpathy. I am calling bollocks as surely there will be some public voting aspect to the show. It is ironic that the promo features the Black Eyed Peas Let’s Get It Started as this was the sanitised version of the original Let’s Get Retarded. (Source:

Lauryn Eagle appears to be done and dusted with Todd Carney as she is now using dating app Tinder. She might meet Shane Warne on there as he is threatening to sign up. But have to confess was hoping he is so dumb that he would mistakenly sign up with Grindr where he would find a very different clientele. (Source: Daily Mail)

Geoffrey Edelsten lashes out at Brynne saying “She was obsessed by money”. Why did he think she married him? (Source: Daily Mail)

So a guy goes on What Really Happens In Bali, says he has shagged 100 women in four months, and now is getting an agent. What is wrong with the world? (Source: Daily Mail)

The next season of Survivor will be filmed in Nicaragua and it will be a Blood v Water where family competes together. It will be all new players. (Source: Reality Blurred)

Adam Lambert will be touring Australia with Queen so could be fans are either going to love it or hate it.

If you need a lurid sex scandal Katie Price’s marriage has imploded again with news he was bonking her best friend.  Peter Andre is starting to look like a catch. (Source: Daily Mail)

Maddi from House Rules talks about her boob job. No this is not a compelling back story but apparently it is the best thing she has ever done. Yes I rolled my eyes at that. (Source: Daily Mail)

Jade Albany from Big Brother’s day on a plate and there is not chocolate. (Source: Pop Sugar)



1 daisy { 05.29.14 at 8:19 am }

Oh Geoffrey Egghead is an idiot if he thinks those much younger women are marrying him for any reason other than money. Wake up Geoffrey, you goose. If you want to marry these women, go ahead, but don’t kid yourself.
If there was a younger, wealthy man than you offering, you wouldn’t stand a chance.
Stop complaining about the girls and just pay up. You’ll be having to fork out for the current one too.
I don’t care that the gold diggers marry the guys who can afford to pay for them, but pleeeease don’t be an old fool and kid yourself.

2 daisy { 05.29.14 at 8:23 am }

And sucked in Jade. We used to look like that while chowing down chips, chicko rolls and kit kats, and the only exercise we got was swimming and chasing boys.
Must have been something in the air in the 70s.

3 Twinkle { 05.29.14 at 8:26 am }

I’m probably going against the grain here by saying I don’t like Maddi – she comes across as a bit thick (“Carol’s parting comments to us WAS …”; “I would OF …”) and annoying. And I find it very creepy that she and Lloyd have the exact same smile – they look like siblings!

4 Ryan { 05.29.14 at 10:16 am }

The only reason people are saying that kid will win the Voice Kids is because he looks exactly like a shrunken Ricky Martin.

5 Gabby { 05.29.14 at 1:43 pm }

That guy Todd on the Bali show was atrocious! Only one thing worse than seeing him as your son on the show last night would have been seeing your daughter going off with him.
What a disgusting character he was. Even when he was bragging to other guys, they looked at him as if he was some kind of loser.
It won’t be long before he needs a trip to the STD clinic.
He made my skin crawl, yuk!
I didn’t mind some of the other stories.

TWINKLE, thanks for answering my question on the other HR thread the other day, cheers.

Geoffrey must really have his head up his backside if he thinks these 20 something girls love him for his looks, charm and personality. Or maybe we are missing something here.

I didn’t feel compelled to read Maddi’s back story about her boobs, didn’t draw me in at all.

6 Shellbot { 05.29.14 at 2:27 pm }

I saw Jade Albany on tv the other day doing an infomercial for Delonghi heaters… I guess you have to start somewhere after BB…