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The Voice Australia – Mentor Says It Is About The Look Not The Voice

Kirk Pengilly has admitted that once the blind auditions are over that the show becomes about image. His comments confirm what most viewers guessed that looks are  apart of getting the singer further on this reality TV show.

He will be mentoring on Kylie’s team. I wonder what he will think of Kat Jade and her cat  ears and it will interesting what advice he gives the singers and Kylie.

The other mentors are, Havana Brown and Megan Washington.

Kirk told the Daily Telegraph:

Pengilly, from supergroup INXS, told Confidential “I’d love to say looks don’t matter, but we all know that’s not how it is.

“In this day and age, how you look is a big part of the whole package. Image has always been a big part of the industry. I remember, growing up as a kid, bands really had an image, and they set the fashions. It’s important.”

But he said reality singing shows are valid.

“It’s a great way to discover talent and engage a massive audience. Yes, it’s a fast track to the industry, but it’s really they do with it afterwards,” Pengilly said.

However maybe Team Joel will be happy to have mentor Megan Washington as some of his team have criticised him for not spending much time with them.

Holly Tapp told TV WEEK that “You don’t get as much time as I thouht you would get”. Holly 22 said. It’s usually like you just settle in and are having a good time, and then it’s onto the next thing”.

Doug Williams said the same thing. “We didn’t get a chance to get as deep into things as I would have liked”.

Adrian Swift from NINE says the coaches spend as much time as possible with each team member, given their busy schedules. “We always try to make sure the time is equally spread,” Adrian explains. “I think you’ll find 99 per cent of The Voice artists are really happy with the amount of time they get with their coaches.”





1 daisy { 06.02.14 at 7:36 pm }

Will said as much. I will try and quote him:
Every so often someone comes along who everyone in the music industry wants to work with; they look good, they perform well, and they might be able to sing a bit, or not much.

Ever listened to Jlo sing? I did recently for the first time just to see how she compared to Idol contestants. I was shocked at how weak her voice was.

2 Eliza { 06.03.14 at 12:31 am }

Who needs to be able to sing well when we have auto tune?!

It’s true though, it’s all about the ‘package’ which mainly consists of whether someone is good-looking or not. Or quirky.. quirky can work too.

3 daisy { 06.03.14 at 12:36 am }

Hey Eliza, how bad was Eleanor Rigby. It was crucified.

4 Eliza { 06.03.14 at 1:39 am }

Hey Daisy! Wasn’t great, was it?! My mum didn’t like it. Plus, the guy Ricky put through kind of scares me with all his tattoos! If you closed your eyes, it sounded like you were listening to Eleanor Rigby The Musical. It’s always disappointing on The Voice when you get pairings where you’d prefer neither to go through and pairings where both deserve the chance more.

Fav night of the week tomorrow.. It’s WLCTT night. There wasn’t a re-cap of the last episode though, was there? I get too impatient with my thoughts and usually forget by the next day what I was thinking.

P.S Have you watched any Burning Love yet.. I keep going on about it I know but it is seriously funny. I am still laughing. I think the 3rd season is a spoof of Bachelor Pad where they are competing to win $900. The first bach was freaking hilarious and I love the bad boy in season 2.

5 daisy { 06.03.14 at 2:05 am }

OK, I will definitely check out Burning Love. Just keeping up as it is, but I will google and try BL.

Tomorrow is my biggy too with Orphan Black etc. I will meet you after WLCTT on its last thread.
I reckon Abbie isn’t going to choose someone until later. She is going for the exposure and so will keep trawling.

6 daisy { 06.03.14 at 2:08 am }

PS, the saves mostly rescued the better ones, but now we will see some not so good pass the good ones.
I think we all hate that part. But if they are really good, hopefully they will get good work.

7 Blake { 06.03.14 at 9:13 am }

I’m going to guess that the people complaining about a lack of time with their coach are the ones who didn’t make it through the round about to be shown next week…

8 Deano { 06.03.14 at 1:41 pm }

Thank goodness for Daisy & Eliza. Otherwise this blogs comments would be dead. Eleanor Rigby was butchered as badly as Pierce Brosnan singing SOS.. And what image is a guy with neck tattoos portraying?

9 brain dead dave { 06.03.14 at 1:49 pm }

With the massively distracting tattoos on show, it was like watching a life term prisoner singing Eleanor Rigby.

It’s never been one of my favourite Beatles songs but it didn’t deserve that.

10 Deano { 06.03.14 at 1:53 pm }

Hi BDD. Any betting odds for the voice winner? Open field of class 3 and maidens.

11 daisy { 06.03.14 at 3:58 pm }

Deano, BDD it was sort of Eleanor Rigby meets the Chainsaw Massacres.
The black safari suit on tattoo guy was tragic too.

12 brain dead dave { 06.03.14 at 5:56 pm }

I’m going to have to play Aretha’s Eleanor Rigby a few times to get over what happened last night. It looked and sounded awful.

Hi Deano, I haven’t been to $portsbet to check on this. If it was all public voting they might run a book but with the judges involved there could be ducks and drakes and too risky for them. Haven’t been to their website since Big Brother.

13 daisy { 06.03.14 at 6:21 pm }

They sang it like this; get really angry and yell like you are yelling in someone’s face.
They started soft but Ricky to come out strong and that the Beatles kind of punched it out.
Really, I thought the Beatles sang it mellow.
This was angry heavy metal and sure didn’t match the lyrics, which flies in the face of all their, “Connect with the lyrics” talk.

14 Deano { 06.03.14 at 7:24 pm }

Thanks BDD. yes Daisy, lyrics and voice / appearance didn’t match. Roll on the voice finals. Then big brother will be back