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The Voice Australia – The Third Battle Round With Some Interesting Results confirmed whether the judges actually decided on who they were going to take through in rehearsals or whether they DO make their decisions on the battle round performance.

Will decided to go with the indigenous duo KT after seeing them perform against Tasha. Will told Joel that Tasha Amaroso had been all over them in rehearsal of the song The Cave but in the live performance she missed a lot of notes. Also there is something about Zachariah and his cousin that is quite compelling to watch. If Zach had come in as a solo singer he could have been a contender. Kylie said she felt nervous throughout the performance. Maybe she was just wondering if Zach would hug her and this time he did.

In another great battle was Kat Jade and Hayley Jensen from Team Kylie. They were singing Katy Perry’s Roar and surprise surprise they got to meet Katy herself. It is a wonder they did not pass out with excitement. Kylie went with Kat over Hayley and it was the right decision. Sure Hayley can crack out a near note perfect performance but she is not exciting to watch, whereas Kat has something adorkable about her and she does hit some interesting notes.

Speaking of interesting was the Sabrina Batshon and Lionel Cole battle. Sabrina for some reason was sitting on his lap and then she was in tears about not coping with criticism. Is she going to be able to cope with the live shows if she gets past the show down. Lionel was getting a bit shirty about the fact Ricky was asking about his famous family. He says he has been trying to get away from it. They were singing Beauty and Beast and it was great as they both made each other look great. Lionel in particular did a great job supporting Sabrina. Ricky went with Sabrina but the other three judges went for the save and he picked to go on Team Kylie. Will looked stunned.

Then there were the more dull battles between Tom Oliver and John Lyngaurd. Both are on Team Kylie and neither did a great job singing Counting Stars. Tom started off very weak and John only had to stay in tune and he was through. Surprisingly Ricky and said they would pick Tom, and Joel was genuinely shocked as he thought John was far better.

Another pair that was not great was Frank Lakoudis and Harry from Team Joel singing Under A Bridge. Harry got to play his guitar which must have peeved a few of the other boy with guitar guys off. Frank was very nervous which was effecting his voice. But he powered it home. Ricky said he would go on Harry as did, but Joel went with Frank.

Team Ricky was up again with C Major v Carly singing Where Have You Been. Carly was getting psyched out that C Major looked like her ex boyfriend.  She did not elaborate on whether the ex and her had broken up on good or bad terms. She was good but she just looked overshadowed on stage. Will LIKED Carly but he went with C Major as did Ricky. Will after getting a pep talk from Ricky buzzed into save her but he looked unsure if he had made the right decision.

What were your favourites last night and were the right decisions made?

The final battle round is tonight and then it is the showdowns. The coaches are joined by their mentors. Megan Washington returns to be a mentor for Joel Madden, Kylie has Kirk Pengilly which will give her the INXS connection again, Will has his best mate Apl.Dy.Ap and Ricky will have Havana Brown. To be honest I am not sure what the mentors bring to the table each year but it gives a different dynamic.

The Voice Australia final battle round on tonight.


1 daisy { 06.02.14 at 1:04 pm }

“Will look stunned”.
RR, he always looks stunned.

Agree on Hayley and Kat but it didn’t matter because I wouldn’t ecpect either to get far.

On skirt guy choosing Kylie (who said he is known for his name? He is skirt guy. Known for his skirt and chunky kankles), maybe he has now worked out ‘don’t go on the team with the best singers). He has had time to suss out who his competitors would be on each team. And he might have reasonably guessed if he didn’t get through he might get saved. Team Kylie might have been a good move.
I hope he doesn’t start wearing kitten heels to go with his frock.

2 daisy { 06.03.14 at 12:19 am }

Blaagggghhh! Ricky really f***ed up as a coach with the Eleanor Rigby song.
Bad song choice for his guys and he should never have let them go out and butcher it. Unbelievable how bad that was. Neither guy should go through on that performance.

I like Matt (Ordinary People)’s voice.

3 daisy { 06.03.14 at 12:23 am }

I like Jackson Thomas.

4 brain dead dave { 06.03.14 at 12:28 am }

I just happened to catch Eleanor Rigby while channel surfing.

Those vocal vandals were both TERRIBLE and Ricky pretended he was getting off on it.

5 daisy { 06.03.14 at 12:34 am }

It couldn’t have been worse if they had been trying to screw up.
My ears are still bleeding, and my eyes a bit, like a miracle statue.

What was Ricky thinking letting them go on like that?

6 Deano { 06.03.14 at 1:50 pm }

I was shattered that Tasha Amaroso didn’t get through. She’s cute. And can sing. Or am I just a shallow reality TV male fan…