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Masterchef Australia – Was Tash The Saviour Or The Saboteur?

Was Tash the saviour or the saboteur? Most people have experienced doing a project with a group where you have absolutely no control off and you can see it going pear-shaped.

It was team challenge night and they were four teams competing to make the most profit at the Queen Victoria Night Markets.

When are the teams in the challenges which are profit driven going to realise it is not about the food but it about making something semi-decent for quick sale.

Tash got this and queried why you would do labour intensive empanadas when you could do something quick and easy which could bring in lots of profit. However you get the feeling there was some off screen dynamics going on. Tash probably is opinionated and a control freak and Ben, Brent and Rachael were blocking her suggestions.

But also with Tash sulking about it did it stop the team from getting it together? I would say no she did the crucial pastry for the dish, but she also suggested she did not think much about Rachael’s cooking skills as she was reluctant to let her do the aioli.

Rachael did not appreciate it tell her to hand over the blender and eventually after captain Brent sorted it out she did.

The red team’s night was going from bad to worse with the judges telling them not to do three different empanadas. So they mixed their vegetarian mix in with the chorizo. With Tash now telling them since it was larger she would have to make the pastry more robust. Cue her going back to standing over the mix master.  By the time it was time to start selling they did not have enough ready.

Tash was nagging about the churros and towards the end of the challenge Brent decided it might be a good idea. They were the most expensive churros in the world at two for $10 but it probably meant their loss was not as humiliating.

Meanwhile the yellow team captained by Kira and filled with the good looking girl girls “got it” and just put out a Mexi-Cali Wrap just fancy way to describe a fried chicken sandwich. No stress and they sold $1500 more product then their closest rival.

Meanwhile the blue team who were making Korean buns were miffed when they turned up to the markets to find there was not a steam oven. Were they thinking the equipment from the Masterchef kitchen was going to on hand at the stalls. There was no blast chillers, sous vide machines etc. Though as there were swish signs up over their stalls I expect their food was pre-planned and maybe they were told or assumed a steam oven would be there for them….

They too got cracked off by the judges for wanting to do three different buns for the customers in the end they settled for two. With Emelia telling her team mates that the vegetarian option did not matter. Cue former vego Renae’s sad face. They struggled to get buns out and were pulled in the second lowest profit. They also had the strategy to spend a low amount at Coles so they had $350 already in their profit kitty. To be fair I don’t think this was the reason they flopped, it was output issues. 

The Green team started off the challenge in a kumbaya fashion wanting to work with a consensus. Amy realised early this was not going to work and that some one had to make decisions so appointed herself as captain.

They were making burgers at first they were going to do beef, lamb and a vegetarian burgers. The judges stepped in, again, and said just make one. They went with the traditional beef with chips. Even though they had a hiccup with the chips they still made the second most amount of profit.

The profits were Yellow team made $3884, Green, $2328, Blue $2051 and red $1600.

This means Brent, Ben, Tash or Rachael will be going to be going home tonight. Unfortunately it looks like one of those unfair auction challenges which was what Jules Allen got unfairly eliminated on last year.



1 Sandii { 06.06.14 at 6:47 am }

Benji, I officially called it the other day between Brent and Emily. I think I saw one spoon feed the other tonight in the master class

2 Littlepetal { 06.06.14 at 7:45 am }

Sandii #51- I saw that too.

3 Fijane { 06.06.14 at 8:01 am }

Emp @ 47, I’ve been loving the ‘announcements’ of the eliminations this season. Finally, they have dropped the fifteen minutes of drawing out the tension, and they just get on and say the result without fluffing around, especially when the result is as obvious as it was last night.
Congratulations, Shine for listening to the fans – pity it took so mnay seasons to do it. It is the main reason I have returned to MC after a few years off.

4 Littlepetal { 06.06.14 at 8:06 am }

I thought Tash has some technique in deboning the fish. She could have left it in as done in all Asian restaurant.

The forage basket is a dud. Whoever gets it will struggle.

5 Getsurenka { 06.06.14 at 8:47 am }

And here I thought Brent is gay. That’s why he’s so chummy with the girls. I do hope he has better taste than Emelia if he’s straight.

Tash was awesome last night. She had the least time but displayed a real technique and mastery of her dish. Not a minor feat I thought. Brent’s dish look good too.

Ben was so sneaky and smarmy last night with his attempt to fake-bid everyone. I can’t believe only Tash saw through his trickery. The others look like fools.

6 Evan { 06.06.14 at 9:19 am }

Brent has become a serious contender for the title!
Rachael’s comeuppence was predictable, I guess, and probably well deserved(because she was mostly responsible for the red team losing the challenge the preceding day). Why on earth she thought serving up burnt pork would be acceptable is a mystery.
Something else I noticed this week – Byron and Georgia very affectionate with each other a few times.

7 Evan { 06.06.14 at 9:20 am }

I should add to the above that Tash is another obvious contender to win the 200 grand and the car.

8 Adrianna { 06.06.14 at 1:58 pm }

Edit- wrong page,

9 Sammy { 06.07.14 at 12:20 am }

Ben and Rachael should be eliminated in a combo 2 for 1 deal…