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Go Back To Where You Came From Is Back With A Third Series

SBS has announced a suite of new documentaries including a third series of Go Back To Where You Came From. This time it will be a non-celebrity series.

Here are the details of the four docos from the press release:

DNA Nation (working title) – Blackfella Films

DNA is an epic story of genetic time travel. A story about who we are, where we came from and how we are all related to one another. Our DNA holds deep secrets to our past. Now in an Australian scientific and television first, three prominent and diverse Australians will journey from Africa to Australia following the path that their ancestors and their DNA took. Members of the Australian public will also take part in this unique experiment. They will donate their DNA which is analysed by world leading scientists. The results will create a genetic map stretching across the globe and 200,000 years back in time. DNA Nation is a ground breaking documentary series that challenges the way we think about Australia, the world and ourselves.

Harry – Jotz production

A single documentary exploring the life of Heritier Lumumba (aka “Harry”) directed by Jeff Daniels. The story of an immigrant boy from Brazil who becomes an AFL star. A black man in a white world – Harry searches for his own identity in a country and culture that he feels never really accepts him. From the slums of Rio de Janeiro to the dizzying heights of Australian celebrity this is the story of a boy who becomes a man by forging his own perilous path through other’s expectations.

Struggle Street – Keo Films Australia

Filmed over 5 months, this 3-part (x60mins) observational documentary series, follows the residents of areas of Sydney’s West. Gritty issues will be embraced through their everyday experiences, but through it all will come; joy, humour and triumphs that are still very much part of everyday life, despite often overwhelming challenges.

Go Back To Where You Came From Series 3 – Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder

The International Emmy-winning and ground-breaking series returns for a 3rd season. Almost 2 years after series 2, the asylum-seeker debate is still a hot button topic. Six Australians agree to challenge their strong views on asylum seekers by embarking on a dangerous journey on which they’ll see the world as refugees. Plugging into the current issues, countries and debate, this series will once again ignite a national discussion about an issue that refuses to go away