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The Voice Australia – The First Showdown And Team Joel Is Weak

Hopefully Joel has one good singer on his team as at the moment he appears to have the weakest team out of the four and considering Kylie’s is not that strong that is saying something. confirmed it by saying that Team Ricky was fierce. However this will mean a strong singer will be gone while some weaklings survive on another team. Oh well the singers should know the drill by now as they are in their third season.

The mentors joined the show for the first time last night, and I am not really sure what they added to it except that there was more filler in the episode. For a show that is watched by the family they need to think of the children as it dragged on and that was with a 6.30pm start.

It is always good to see Megan Washington on our screen and it would be great if the four mentors got to perform on the show. As they get little screen time.

The way the showdowns work is the coach selects three of their team to sing off against each other and then they eliminated one. The performer does get to sing individually on stage so it is a pretty level playing field.

The first showdown was Team Ricky and he pitched Matthew, C-Major and Thando against each other.

C Major was singing Blurred Lines and he tore it apart and included some killer dance moves. There was a spontaneous standing ovation.  Thando sang Sex On Fire. C Major looked underwhelmed from the sidelines. It was just OK. Matthew Garwood who is the tattooed pop/opera singer sang Mama. He is like a bad boy version of Harrison Craig and the show focused on the shock that he had all these tattoos on him with a voice that did not match. Ricky chose C Major and Thando.

Next it was Team Will  and it was Gabriel and Cecilia, Julian Simonz and Carly duking it out.

Apl.di.ap was grinning like a cheshire cat at Carly when he saw her. She is gorgeous but for the second time nerves hit her on stage and she was very shaky particularly in the beginning. Will chose the duo of Gabriel and Cecilia who did a beautiful version of Titanium, probably leaving Kylie wonder why she ever flicked them. It seems if you have an instrument it does help. Also Will went with Julian whose wife got to sit in’s seat for the showdown. Will went across and sat with Kylie taking his back pack with him. Now what is in that bag he was clutching.

On Team Kylie it was Candice the karaoke queen versus Lionel ‘I have a famous relative’ Cole  and John Linguard who I still have no idea who he is. Yes I have watched all episodes.

Candice sang Katy Perry in her karaoke style. Problem for her is there is a great voice but nothing original about her. Hopefully she will get a gig on Carol’s at Christmast time.

Lionel Cole sang Georgia On My Mind, he is no Steve Clisby but he does know how to work a crowd but lacks the charisma that Steve Clisby has.  John Lingard who sang a banal version of I Will Follow You Into The Dark was the first to be chosen. Candice seemed to know she was going to be eliminated and she did not look happy at all when Kylie told her she was keeping Lionel over her.

Even Joel looked underwhelmed at his teams singing. And if Frank Liotis is looking good then there is a problem. Soli who cracked her way through the song and even her parents looked like they were clapping out of tune.  If you have a big voice you have to nail it. Blake sang Pompeii and he mangled it.  And then Frank came on and looked good singing Keep The Faith. He was chosen as was Soli.

Who did you like?

There are three more showdowns on this week.

The Voice Australia on 7.30pm on NINE.


1 Laura { 06.09.14 at 12:55 pm }

Gabriel and Cecilia are just amazing. (BTW they were originally Team Ricky, RR!) They are too good for this show.

Yes Candice looked MAD. I wonder what went on behind the scenes there…

I think Lionel is better than Steve Clisby – his voice is stronger.

2 Reality Raver { 06.09.14 at 1:10 pm }

Laura – whoops sorry my bad. Agree re: Candice something was going on it was like she knew she had no hope. I wonder if the judges gave a review of the songs but was edited out.

3 daisy { 06.09.14 at 1:15 pm }

I think my favourite singer, or at least one of, is the brother from the brother and sister team. The sister would be better as back up for him atm.
C major did a good job. Thando will be out soon. I thought she was weak last night.

I think Lionel’s voice is at least as good as SC but please put some pants on. Why oh why keep flashing those enormous kankles when you can wear trousers?

It was so easy to pickmwho would be eliminated and who would be chosen from last night’s batch.

4 daisy { 06.09.14 at 1:21 pm }

RR, do you think Candice was just cheesed off at being put against those two singers. They showed her at the start going, “No not them” so she herself must have already been convinced they were better than her.
But really, might not the same outcome happened ifvshe had been pitted against others in her team. Someone last night said something tonthe effect that they shouldn’t have chosen a team with such good singers. Was that Candice? Does anyone remember whonsaid it?
It’s a lesson to all of them. Forget the mentor and choose the crappiest team.

5 Ralphie { 06.09.14 at 1:47 pm }

Who the hell is Megan Washington? And who the hell is the blonde tart who is Ricky’s mentor? I hope she looks back to see how ridiculous she looked – all that flesh showing, not appropriate for the time slot. All I could see was cleavage (or lack there of).

6 rldbt { 06.09.14 at 2:06 pm }

My whole family were so shocked when Ricky dropped Matthew who has the most amazing and soul reaching voice of anyone in the competition. Was it because of his tatts or was it that Ricky thinks he can only sing one way. The truth is Matthew can sing any type of song in any key and has been trained to the highest level of voice control of any other Voice entrant. I am so upset about his treatment and would really like to know the reasons why Ricky chose to do this. Is there any chance the people who watch this show can be given a reason why a performer is dropped, who seems to them to be worth keeping in the show

7 daisy { 06.09.14 at 2:22 pm }

Rldbt are you a family friend? If so, am sorry but I didn’t really like this guy’s singing at all and agree with Ricky’s choice.

It wasn’t the genre. I just didn’t think he cut it. Mind you, I think Thando also could have gone last night.

8 Mark { 06.09.14 at 2:23 pm }


bit of a strange brew last night. The blonde tart is a DJ (apparently) but why for f*%k’s sake do we have a DJ as mentor on a singing show? Eye candy? Or for that matter why even have any of them, they don’t seem to add anything.

It’s getting to the interesting stage where the differences between really good singers and great singers starts to appear.

Unfortunately nerves and the judges prejudices also start to show. (Or is that the producers’ prejudices? Didn’t have this conversation last year?)

This means great singers will fall while mediocre ones progress.

Thando and Soli are great singers but last night their performances were ordinary. They seemed truly overwhelmed by the occasion.

As for Candace, I’m with Joel as he said she totally owned it. I thought she was by far the best of Kylie’s bunch, so no wonder she looked peed off.

Kylie showed her commercial instincts and went with the pretty boy crooner John Linguard and crowd pleaser Lionel.

I like Lionel, but I thought he really struggled vocally last night. I think we’ve seen his best, but obviously the producers want a crowd favourite. The fix is in people. If he makes it thru another round we’ll know for sure.

And speaking of Lionel, are we seeing some insincerity there? “I’m pissed off about being compared to my famous uncle all the time that’s why I sang his biggest hit “Unforgettable” at the audition. And my famous cousin, and she sang that song too and had a hit with it.”

Go figure.

9 daisy { 06.09.14 at 2:30 pm }

Mark I thought Lionel’ s behaviour was insincere but put it down to nerves and insecurity that make him try too hard and come across as a bit of a dick…who flashes his dick in a dress.
It was funny hearing the other guy’s running comentary on him, eg “Awkward” and “Sometimes you can over sing”.

10 Eliza { 06.09.14 at 4:42 pm }

I want to know what was with the comment Kylie made to Lionel in the on stage practice package when she said something along the lines of “look at me and don’t milk it for the cameras” and John said “that was awkward”. What was going on there?! I am not a big fan of Lionel and not sure he has the likability of Steve Clisby.

I agree Candice was good and she can sing well but it’s at that point now where they want ‘likability’, ‘originality’ and ‘marketability’ i.e. if you are a girl, you must either be like Adele, be really quirky, or be skinny and hot to be ‘successful’. Broad generalisation but it’s pretty much how the market is atm.

I am really bored by Thando and Soli too. I don’t know, I must have different ears to the rest of you, but as I commented on another thread, the bro sis combo sound like cats mating when they sing together. It hurts my head.

Mark, yep, it’s all about trying to fool us that the coaches are making all the decisions when really it is the producers. Maybe the coaches get a bit of input!

I like Megan Washington (mentor) I find her to be articulate in her advice (rather than just smile when she sees a hottie). I like her music too.. she is a lesser known more indie style artist. She’s quite hipster though as well so I find she does come across a bit ‘too cool for school’.

I thought “what the..” though when I heard that DJ Havana Brown was going to be a mentor. Can’t say she is known for her ‘singing’.. Her outfit was totally inappropriate for a family show too.

11 daisy { 06.09.14 at 8:45 pm }

Yeah, Candice lacked an XFactor quality.

I reckon it’s just the sister who is shrill in the brother and sister act. She might sound better in a lower key.

12 Calorie Loader { 06.09.14 at 8:46 pm }

Daisy@4 Yes, it was indeed Candice that regretted choosing Kylie’s team. I agree with you Daisy re choosing teams, besides it seems as if they do not have anywhere near as much time with their mentors as expected if recent comments from some contestants are anything to go by. She has an amazing voice and it is a shame she is gone.

Did anyone else think Julian sounded a lot flatter than previous performances and seemed to in fact be put off by his wife sitting in the red chair?

13 Calorie Loader { 06.09.14 at 8:53 pm }

‘Daisy @ 9 ‘Lionel comes across as a bit of a dick…who flashes his dick in a dress.’ 😆 It was a close one when he jumped off stage and the skirt rode up wasn’t it?

C Major’s expressions were awesome while watching his fellow competitors on the monitor. Both boys looked like they were shitting themselves when Thando was performing.

14 daisy { 06.09.14 at 8:54 pm }

Oooh Calorie good to have your valuable input. And thanks for the info re Candice.
I think the wife in the chair was silly dramatics. I wonder if the producers suggested it. It definitely seemed to throw hubby.

15 Calorie Loader { 06.09.14 at 8:58 pm }

Cheers Daisy, you’re welcome. Highly likely that it was a producer driven move but then again Will seems as if he likes making spur of the moment decisions which makes for good telly. Julian sounded a million times better in rehearsal so I’m guessing the wife move threw him as well as a bigger stage.

16 daisy { 06.09.14 at 9:04 pm }

Cranking up the ‘awwwwh, look at the newly weds’ is a bit sickening.
Does anyone have a favourite yet? I am trying to remember everyone I liked.

17 daisy { 06.09.14 at 9:53 pm }

Blagggh, is that Louise chick channeling an 80 s Bowie look or Pats from Ab Fab. I can’t stand her style of dress or sledge hammer singing.

18 daisy { 06.09.14 at 9:58 pm }

Hey Calorie@13 perhaps that was what the ‘awkward’ moment was. Perhaps Lionel accidentally revealed a bit more of his talent than Kylie cared to see. Knackers King Cole.

19 daisy { 06.09.14 at 11:06 pm }

Uggghhkk, Louise. Cheesy drag show. What was that Toni Colette movie about the two girls pretending to be guys pretending to be girls. And again singing to tenderize abalone.

20 daisy { 06.09.14 at 11:23 pm }

Bloody hell. I’d hate to be on Ricky’s team tonight. Can’t they chuck off Thando and let all of these three through.
This is the team not to be on if you want to win.

Can we have another save?

21 Eliza { 06.10.14 at 12:55 am }

Daisy #17.. Oh my gosh, Louise did look like Patsy!! I love Patsy though.. that look works on her. I can’t believe Louise must only be about a year older than me.. argh.

The newly weds thing is a-nnoy-ing.

I start to get confused who is on each team.. Just remembered who was team Ricky and I said the same thing when I watched tonight as you, Daisy. Can they get rid of Thando so the 3 from tonight could stay.

Are we allowed to actually start naming names yet? I don’t want to get yelled at.

22 daisy { 06.10.14 at 1:24 am }

Eliza we can say who we liked without giving it away. Hat boy on the piano is coming up next week. I liked him. The crooner.

Kat was enjoyable. Love Jackson. Surfer girl was good. I liked pretty girl from Hi 5.
I agree with the judges choices.
Voice girl needs to take a lesson from surfer girl Laurellee and get some light and shade.
She is also badly in need of some styling help so she doesn’t look like an 80s drag queen. I preferred opera girl tonight, NOT singing opera.

23 daisy { 06.10.14 at 1:25 am }

Eliza I haven’t watched tonight’s WLCTT yet. I will watch it in the morning.

24 Eliza { 06.10.14 at 1:33 am }

WLCTT wasn’t on tonight.. it’s on tomorrow and Wednesday :)

I liked all 3 from team Ricky.. Hi Five girl has a good voice and looked like she was channeling DJ Havana Brown with her outfit tonight. Jackson is good and I also liked Brandon too (ok, I think he is hot) but the song choice was bad.. good one producers..

Team Kylie were ok.. I like the guy, Robbie and Kat was ok. I am over the cat ears and the I am so cute thing. Please, give the girl some decent clothing! Johanna has a good voice but I think she would get lost in it all.

The guy with the guitar on team Joel was quite good. Laura Leigh has a nice voice and she loves Christina Aguilera! I don’t mind though as the two songs she has sung are two of my fav songs of hers. I haven’t been a fan of Jess.. there’s something in her tone I don’t like.

Anya on team Will was great and I like that guy even though his voice isn’t that strong. We need some eye candy even though he should be 10 years older 😉 Voice lady does need to learn to tone it down. She is an assault on the eyes and ears.

25 daisy { 06.10.14 at 1:41 am }

Yeah, I thought Hi5 girl had borrowed the djs tarty dress. A cheesy choice. I’m not being prudish. This is purely from a fashion perspective. I hate too tight dresses. It’s a bit weather girlish. I like to see the cut and flow of good fabric.
Cat ears, bunny ears are both always lame. But a donkey tail on Lionel might work. Or a Lionel tail.
Perhaps that’s what embarrassed Kylie yesterday. His Lionel tail.
Which one was Jess. Mohawk girl? I don’t know how she or tattoo guy got chosen. If they wanted opera that old looking 18 yr old butcher would have been better.

26 daisy { 06.10.14 at 1:44 am }

Oh yeah, spunky guy on Will’s team struggled. But he can be worked on.

Hey could you imagine having Voice lady’s CD? Waaaaah!!!

27 Eliza { 06.10.14 at 1:59 am }

I think that is the CD you’d listen to if you wanted to give yourself a headache!

Yep, Jess is mohawk girl.

Argh, donkey tail and Lionel is inducing bad, bad mental images..

Spunky guy.. haha.. I like it. Let’s call him that from now on. I think because most people my age look 10 years older than me it is ok thinking a 19 year old is hot.

I better be a good girl and get to sleep.. it’s already 2am again! My night owl-ism has been really bad lately. I am sure there will be more to say when the new posts come out!

28 daisy { 06.10.14 at 2:01 am }

Night Eliza. Midnight here. It’s nice and peaceful with the bush and no cars.
See you tomorrow.

29 Calorie Loader { 06.10.14 at 2:44 am }

That’s it Daisy @ 18, you’ve nailed it! 😛 Obviously Kylie wasn’t averse to it as she asked him to look directly at her, don’t milk it for the cameras-or perhaps she was protecting us.

30 daisy { 06.10.14 at 5:24 am }

Yes Calorie. Kind of her. But she’s more used to famous tail than we are.

31 Meep { 06.10.14 at 7:33 am }

Personally, I think the producers and/or the coaches have already decided who they want in the Finals (the Finals, not just the Live Shows). By knocking out some very good singers, like Matthew, and maybe even Louise aka Voice Lady (though she’s quite a bit over the top, she was definitely better vocally than Jacob, who never really impressed me at all), they pave the way for the one’s they want to win, or who they think are more marketable.

This is how I think it’s going to play out…

For Team Joel: Frank Lakoudis (though Isaac McGovern might get through by viewer voting).

For Team Kyle: Kat Jade (with Johnny Rollins being her competition in the Lives).

For Team Ricky: C Major (though Emily Oh could knock him out in the Lives by viewer voting).

For Team Will: Matt Verevis (though Julian Simonsz could knock him out in the Lives by viewer voting, if too many people buy into the “just married, how sweet” overkill promoting)

What do you think?

32 daisy { 06.10.14 at 9:18 am }

I think you are right meep. Styling and marketability will definitely play a huge part now. But I think if we ourselves were judges we would already have our top 5 or so too. I am already earmarking the ones I think should be in the final lne up.
I am happy with the judges elimination choices. There is one guy still in who, although has potential, is struggling to sing and is definitely there for hotness. He is the cute guy with a pony tail, but not Jackson.

33 Mark { 06.10.14 at 10:10 am }

@Meep, yeh I don’t get Jacob either. How he keeps getting thru is a mystery as he always seems to be the weakest singer.

Not that I’m a fan of Louise, she’s entertaining in a very bogan way. I mean mullet, as much boob flash as you can get away with and a skin tight outfit from a 70’s David Bowie drag show was all a bit OTT. How there was no serious wardrobe malfunction is a wonder.

I expect to see her soon on Paulie Fenech’s Bogan Hunters.

34 Meep { 06.11.14 at 10:46 am }

daisy – I’d be interested to know who you’ve earmarked for the Lives and the Finals. I’m not looking for arguments as to who is/isn’t better, but it’s always fun to read about someone else’s view of things. btw – Is the “pony-tail guy” you were talking about the one on Will’s team? If so, that’s Jacob, the one I said that Louise was better than if you only counted vocals.

Mark – I’m sure Jacob will be out in the Sing-Offs. btw – I’m from the U.S. and had to look up Paulie Fenech’s Bogan Hunter. *snurt* I think you hit the nail on the head on Louise showing up on the show, unless she comes back here to the U.S. and keeps on with the Cabaret job. While she’s very talented vocally (though, as daisy said, she needs to utilize the light/dark shades in her vocals), I don’t think she’s learned how to scale up/down the performance to the type of stage and the size of audience. Her performance in the Showdowns would have worked for a huge stadium stage with a massive light-show, but failed miserably for the smaller “The Voice” stage.

As for next week, I’m looking forward to it very much! My predictions for the last Showdown episode and the Sing-offs:


Will: Lives – Matt, Sing-Off – ZK, Gone – Chita

Kylie: Lives – Johnny, Sing-Off – Rosie, Gone – Megan*

Joel: Lives – Doug, Sing-Off – Taila, Gone – Holly

Ricky: Lives – Elly, Sing-Off – Sabrina, Gone – Josh

Sing-Offs winner…

Will: Julian

Kylie: Robbie

Joel: This is a tough one to pick, but I’m thinking Taila due to her interesting voice

Ricky: Fely

*If you’re scratching your head why I picked Rosie over Megan, it’s due to Rosie’s versatility. Megan seems one-dimensional, in that she only seems to sing ballads from musicals.

What do you think?

35 Meep { 06.11.14 at 10:55 am }

On a separate note, I personally think they should bring the viewer voting in earlier. Like for the Sing-Offs – I mean, come on, let the audience have a chance to do a “Save” for their favorite!

36 Eliza { 06.11.14 at 3:16 pm }

Meep, wow, you have a great memory for remembering all the contestants! I am struggling with some of those names and I am usually great with names and faces.. maybe more with people I meet in person then.

I definitely agree with your predictions for’s team. Can’t see that going any other way! Especially considering that Chita’s battle wasn’t even shown.

I can’t remember the girls on Kylie’s team :S but I too think that Johnny has the best chance of going straight through.

I am not as sure on who Joel will pick. I think there could be the possibility that he puts Talia straight through and Doug for sing offs.. maybe. There isn’t really a country girl I don’t think.

With Ricky’s team too, I think he might put Sabrina through.Sure she had a chance on Aus Idol before but she has the best voice technically. I do agree though that I struggle to see him leaving Fely and Elly out of his team.. so it could still be one or the other of those two in the sing offs.

I can’t remember who else is in will’s sing offs off the top of my head but I hope it’s not Julian, I don’t find him or his voice interesting. I agree that Kylie will take Robbie. I do like him.

Agree that the public should get to vote on the final sing off!! That would be better!

Oh and yes, the pony tail guy we have been talking about is Jacob. They need some eye candy left!

37 Meep { 06.11.14 at 4:51 pm }

Eliza, it’s not memory, really, so not. Call me a goober, but I’ve created a whole Word document table with pictures and names for each team since the beginning. It might just be an American thing, what with our love of statistics and whatnot when it comes to sports, but I like to do this to keep track of everything/everyone, and have fun seeing if my predictions are correct. So far, my predictions as an “armchair coach” were mostly correct for the battles, and slightly less correct for the Showdowns (so far).

You could be right on flipping my prediction for Joel – his team is the hardest to figure out because there’s no real standout artist, except maybe Frank (but, honestly, my throat starts to hurt every time I hear him sing). Doug is so smooth, though. Regardless of whether it’s being chosen to go straight to the lives, or going to the sing-offs first, I think we’ll still see him in the lives along with Taila (while Soli and Laura-Leigh both have huge voices, I think they’re too bland, emotionally and visually, in their performances).

As for Ricky’s team, it’s interesting that you guess Sabrina to go straight through. She’s got a really lovely voice, but I just watched a sneak-peek preview of her singing “Queen of the Night” by Whitney Houston for the Showdowns. Er…um…ok. She’s got the voice to sing it, but I’m not sure she’s got the sass to BE it. Then again, I didn’t really picture Elly Oh wearing thigh high boots and a gold lame bikini top either, as I saw in the previews for the last Showdown episode. I could be so very wrong on this outcome. Fely is already in the Sing-Offs, so the prediction is more like which two out of the three do you think will go to the Lives: Fely, Elly, or Sabrina?

FYI – Will’s Sing-Off artists are (so far) Julian and Jacob (of the “why is he still here?” posts above by Mark and myself). I think ZK will be joining them. Wouldn’t it be cool if Will messed with everyone’s heads and put ZK through? It would be so like him to choose Mat Verevis as his choice to put through to the Finals, then have the two duos battle it out for the viewer votes (along with Anja).

Oh God! Just re-reading that last paragraph is making me think that’s what’s going to happen. They didn’t call him Sneaky Willie on The Voice UK without a reason. *head-desk*

38 Eliza { 06.12.14 at 1:28 am }

I was too distracted earlier on to put too much though in. I have since refreshed my memory on the contestants, especially team Kylie as I had a mental blank on Megan and Rosie (probably not a good sign for them though!)

In the last sing-off I think that:

Will will definitely pick Matt to go straight through, ZK sing-off, Chita is certainly gone.

Joel will either pick Taila or Doug (still not sure) to go straight through, then either for the sing-offs and Holly most likely will be gone.

Team Kylie is probably the hardest pick for me.. I am really not sure about it at all! I can’t remember how well Johnny sings. Rosie is quirky but wasn’t great in the battles from memory and Megan is unfortunately somewhat forgettable although after seeing her face I do recall her having a great voice. We are at that point though where great voice (like Candice) doesn’t always mean you’ll make it through though. I am still thinking that Johnny will make it in.

On team Ricky, Josh is a goner and am still not sure about Elly and Sabrina as to who will get to go straight through. My gut is still saying Sabrina though!

As for the save sing-off:

I too am thinking Will might go ZK. Julian, I am not sure he will get the votes/remain ‘interesting’ enough for the live shows. Will will already have a pretty boy in Mat so may ditch Jacob for this reason.

On team Joel, I think whoever out of Taila or Doug that goes to the sing offs will be through. Soli and Laura are definite goners. So I agree with you there.

Depending on which way Kylie goes, she could actually throw a spanner in the works and kick off Robbie. She already has an indie type artist in John so if she takes Johnny straight through then she might pick one of the girls for the save (whichever she doesn’t get rid of in the previous ep).

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky..with my prediction of Elly going to the sing-offs, it is still line ball between her and Fely. It will come down to Elly’s performance on Sunday night!

Wow.. this is fun keeping track of it like a sport.. I get where you are coming from!

By far team Will and team Ricky are the strongest so it’s tough to pick a winner out of those teams. I have a feeling that Isaac may be last man standing on team Joel and John on team Kylie.

39 ohdear { 06.12.14 at 2:25 am }

Meep@34, at this stage I can’t remember all the names. I am mostly preferring the guys’ voices such as the guy with the painted guitar. The pony tail guy who I like is Jackson. I also liked the hat guy crooner on the piano and the brother from the brother and sister team. And the hot hi5 girl who took their bad fashion advice when she already had a nice style of her own. She ended up replicating the dj girl’s outfit. There may be others such as the hippy guru chick, but I need my memory refreshing.

I do think it is reasonable to factor in personality now but it shouldn’t override the voice.

40 ohdear { 06.12.14 at 2:25 am }

Meep@34, at this stage I can’t remember all the names. I am mostly preferring the guys’ voices such as the guy with the painted guitar. The pony tail guy who I like is Jackson. I also liked the hat guy crooner on the piano and the brother from the brother and sister team. And the hot hi5 girl who took their bad fashion advice when she already had a nice style of her own. She ended up replicating the dj girl’s outfit. There may be others such as the hippy guru chick, but I need my memory refreshing.

I do think it is reasonable to factor in personality now but it shouldn’t override the voice.

41 daisy { 06.12.14 at 2:29 am }

Meep the ponytail guy I liked was Jackson. The other ponytail guy was put through on looks.

42 daisy { 06.12.14 at 2:31 am }

Meep the ponytail guy I liked was Jackson. The other ponytail guy was put through on looks.

I like the guy with the painted guitar.

43 Meep { 06.13.14 at 5:38 am }

Eliza – Very interesting thought about Kylie possibly throwing a spanner in the works and kicking off Robbie during the Sing-Offs. Though, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Kylie is getting tired of Lionel’s antics, and his “breaking the rules” – I don’t think he was supposed to leave the stage and approach the coaches (I think he was the only one who did that, if I remember correctly). So, I think the Sing-Offs may be the last time we see Lionel (hopefully). If she kicks Robbie off, that would leave her with Rosie (or Megan, if my prediction is incorrect, though I’m positive Johnnie will go through unless he completely messes up). I don’t think Rosie has the chops to make it any further than the sing-offs, though. But, if she is put through, it will most likely be as “cannon fodder” to get the 2 artists Kylie wants into the Semi-Finals.

Ricky’s team is driving me up the wall!! Can’t we just give one of the three (Elly, Fely, or Sabrina) to Joel, so we can see all three in the Semi-Finals? It’s times like this that I wish the AU version of The Voice followed the US format during the Showdowns and Lives, where the coaches can do one steal during the Showdowns (US equivalent is the Knockouts). Maybe we can start a “SAVE (Elly, Fely, or Sabrina)” campaign for whoever doesn’t make it in the Sing-Offs? After that, if they used the same format as the US, it would be purely public votes for the Live Shows through the Finals – putting them through based on highest public votes regardless of who the coach is (and, yes, a coach could end up with no-one in the Semi-Finals and/or the Finals). According to Wikipedia (taken with a grain of salt), they did this “due to the possibility of having multiple potential winners on the same team.” If that doesn’t describe Ricky’s team, I don’t know what does.

Damn…could you imagine the awesome line-up for the Semi-Finals and Finals if it was purely up to the public vote? Then again, we could end up with Lionel in the line-up. *shudder* Awesome voice, but he rubs me the wrong way with a cheese grater.

ohdear – You’re right in that the guys’ voices are really, really strong this season, and I’m also preferring them over the women’s voices. Hope this helps: 1) “guy with the painted guitar” is Isaac on Team Joel; 2) you’ve got Jackson from Team Ricky down pat (your favorite?); 3) “hat guy crooner on the piano” is Mat from Team Will; 4) “the brother and sister team” are Gabriel & Cecilia from Team Will, and; 5) the “hot hi5 girl who took bad fashion advice…” (LOL) is Fely from Team Ricky.

For the most part, I don’t think personalities can overshadow the voices at this stage; most of the contestants are of high caliber, vocally (and can I say I’m extremely impressed by the talent in Australia!). But, there are at least two that are in danger of pulling a “Louise, Voice Lady!!!” during their performances – Lionel and Kat. OK, maybe not that dramatically, but they could still end up OTT for their style.

daisy – @32 you mentioned “There is one guy still in who, although has potential, is struggling to sing and is definitely there for hotness. He is the cute guy with a pony tail, but not Jackson.” I think you were referring to Jacob from Team Will? Definitely through on looks. A “Harry Styles” or “Justin Beiber” wanna-be? I’m not very current with the teen idols of today (or yesterday, or the day before that…LOL).

Are you going to list your “earmarks?” Please? (I’d give you begging puppy-dog eyes, but it just makes me look constipated.)

44 Eliza { 06.13.14 at 2:42 pm }

Meep, I and others since the first season have been wanting the show to change format. I did not realise that the US version was different and this is exactly what most people want. It gets really annoying on this show when we have weaker singers/performers in some teams (I am looking at you Kylie/Joel) and teams like Ricky’s where there are a number of potential winners. The stronger singers get kicked off and we are left with weaker singers that are not as deserving. I guess in the end we would still come to the same conclusion, however it would be nicer (and make the show more interesting) to have the better performers stick around longer/improve their chances.

I like Robbie so I hope that Kylie doesn’t get rid of him, however if she does take Johnny through, then I have a feeling she will to keep some balance. I do have a feeling though that Johnny will be there regardless so then she would have John, Kat, Johnny and either Robbie, Megan or Rosie. I think John is the teachers pet on her team so she could pick a girl so as to not possibly take votes away from John.

Re the cute guy who is struggling, yep, that is Jacob. Through on hotness. The competition is too strong this year so I can’t see a way of them getting him through the next round. I think that piano boy Mat will have to take up the role of cute guy on team Will. I am not going to pretend that I don’t like eye candy on this show.. I am out of the teen idol phase though! I say because I look young I can get away with thinking a 19yr old is hot.

45 Meep { 06.14.14 at 5:24 am }

Eliza, it seems like every season The Voice US tweaks the format a little bit. They’ve been keeping the initial team size at 12 for the most part, then (for the most recent season) it goes like this:

Battle Rounds 1: Follows the same format as the AU version, also with 2 steals. Final tally is 8 contestants per team, total 32.

Battle Rounds 2: This took the place of the Knockouts (Showdowns in AU), but each coach has only one steal this time. Final tally is 5 contestants per team, total 20.

The Playoffs: This follows the same format as the Knockouts, except there are 5 contestants per team, and 2 are eliminated. Final tally is 3 contestants per team, total 12.

Live Shows: There are 5 weekly live shows, including the Finals. It’s pure public voting. All contestants perform on the same night, and results are the next night. The Bottom Three (Four in the Quarterfinals), who have the least public votes (regardless of team), perform again for an “Instant Save.” Public voting, except the “Instant Save,” is based on multiple public voting methods, including Twitter and iTunes downloads. The “Instant Save” is Twitter only. The weekly shows are as follows:

Week 1, Top 12: Starts with 12 contestants. Final tally is 10 contestants total, regardless of team.

Week 2, Top 10: Starts with 10 contestants. Final tally is 8 contestants total, regardless of team.

Week 3, Top 8 (Quarterfinals): Starts with 8 contestants. Final tally is 5 contestants total, regardless of team.

Week 4, Semi-Finals: Starts with 5 contestants. Final tally is 3 contestants total, regardless of team.

Week 4, Finals: Winner is chosen by public voting.

I kind of preferred the Season 5 voting, which started the public voting in the Playoffs, where the coach got to choose one contestant, and the other 2 were chosen by the public. But, with the US having 2 “Seasons” each year (something like Spring and Winter versions), it eats up a lot of the coaches’ time, so making the Playoffs pre-recorded probably gives them another 2 weeks per season for their own personal projects.

The US version is also 3-4 episodes longer. But, to be honest, by “Blind Audition 7” for this seasons AU version, I started to feel Blinds-fatigue. By the 8th one, I’m like “can we get on with the battles, please?!” Are there really that many contestants in the AU that they need 10 Blind Audition episodes?

I think the AU needs to cut the Blinds by at least 2 episodes, maybe three, and keep the team totals to no more than 12 initially. It may not seem like it’s that much of a difference, but when you think of the total, it would go from 56 to 48, and that’s a BIG difference, especially when it comes to the “back stories.” It would also give the viewers more chance to connect with the contestants, especially after the Battles. And, Oh God, the Knockouts. Do you realize that, by the upcoming last Knockout episode, we will have heard 36 individual performances?! Talk about fatigue! I can’t even remember how half of them sounded. If it wasn’t for my “cheat-sheet,” I would also be calling them “mohawk girl” and “painted-guitar guy.” If they kept the team sizes to 12, and had second Battle Rounds like the US, it would have only been 20. I can handle 20. I can’t handle 36. LOL

Although, if they followed the US format, this season for the AU version might have ended up being the “Ricky Show.” LOL The line-up would have ended up with a mixture of C Major, Elly, Fely, Sabrina, and Jackson. The only possible contender from another team would be Mat Verevis from Team Will. (Although, from the other posts on this page quite a few seem to favor Isaac McGovern from Team Joel.)

I like Robbie too, but he seems to only sing ballads, which makes him seem one-dimensional. I’d really like to hear him sing something more upbeat, to see if he can handle being more well-rounded. Kylie always seems to pick her contestants by her own personal tastes, and doesn’t really consider how the viewers “hear” them. John, is…John. I only remember him by the “tiny guitar,” and can’t really remember how he sounds. John, to me, is like Rosie and Megan to you…easily forgettable.

Btw – Is it just me, or does Mat from Team Will remind you of Michael Jackson when he sings? Not the vocal aspect, but they way his lips and teeth look when he sings.

46 Meep { 06.14.14 at 5:29 am }

Just had a thought…

A Finals line-up of a mixture of C Major, Elly, Fely, Sabrina, and Jackson?