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Guest Post: House Rules – The First Elimination

A big night on House Rules with the first elimination and we get to find what happens next. And no one can break down a House Rules recap better then Annajjj.

Over to you Annajjj:
Final reveal at the final house; it’s a school night so although we can still drink for ‘upcycle’ something tells me we’d be best off taking little sips. It’s going to be a long night.

Bomber and Mel are packing to come home and appear to be stealing the hotel pillows. Back at their house the teams are doing the final frantic rush to the finish. Continuity Fail as there’s no way those scenes are two hours out from being finished. The expensive chair for Abby arrives and it’s smaller than I remember. Brooke has found some old security screens to hang while Ryan scavenges for a bit of junk for a bed head. Surely with what these teams have saved in recycling furniture they could buy a couple of new pieces?

With 30 minutes to go we get in two drinks for a kitchen bench and tyres in the bedroom, then time is up! Tools down, step away from the pressed tin.

The judges arrive and open the (different to all the others) front door. There is quite a lot of junk in the hallway making it crowded. Wendy and Joe love the master bedroom and bathroom though and the word ‘hero’ makes it in twice.

Into Snow White’s zone where we get another look at the awful faux brick and oh look, maybe Bomber and Mel will actually like it. Pretty sure the judges won’t. Sure enough they hate it but really seem to like everything else in this room. Two more drinks in the bathroom for the vanity, the tiny mirrors are a fail and the wall quote is badly done, but overall the Snow Whites have done a good job. Australia starts to get a bit worried.

Ryan and Candy tell us they’ve upcycled more than anyone else and I’m not sure my liver can take this. There is more pressed metal in the lounge but it works quite well. Joe thinks the brick wall is ‘right on song’. Thanks Snellster, that’s just what this reality show needed; a new wanker expression.

Into the laundry and the judges love the laundry basket pulley system but the concept is a bit lost on me. Can anyone explain?

Ethan’s bedroom is lacking in personality although Kaitlin’s is pretty cool. The judges love little Abby’s room and especially the expensive little chair. The dining table is too small, fair call, and the kitchen splashback is horrible. The judges like the bathroom salad bowl sink but how does everyone automatically know this is a salad bowl? It looks like a failed colander to me.

The teams arrive at HomeBase and everyone is stressing about having to go home except for Lisa who is stressing about Team Bomb or Ryan and Candy having to go home. Jo slowly explains the rules again for Lisa’s benefit. Then the judges arrive; Joe having changed his pants mid-flight. Judges score and this bit seems to drag on even longer than usual and we drink four more times throughout it:

Adam and Lisa: 8 & 9
Cappers: 7 & 8 and Carole is disappointed but she tries to hide it.
Ryan and Cands: 7 & 7
Maddi and Lloyd: 6 & 7
Snow Whites: 8 & 7 and they are rapt. This is their best work yet and Brooke is stoked that they have finally been given the credit they deserve but doesn’t some of that credit go to McFlurry* who steered them away from ‘heading for disaster’?

Team Bomb arrive home to find their kids waiting patiently for them. Both families go into the house and awesome seems to be the general consensus to begin with. Jordan really likes his room and immediately Mel gets emotional. This is yours forever, she sobs and Jordan looks alarmed. He was hoping not to have to live with his father and his father’s girlfriend forever.

Abby goes into her room and sits on her special chair and Carole is delighted. Abby is prompted by Mel to love her room and then Kaitlin is prompted to like her room although her responses are a bit monosyllabic. Fair enough though, it must be a bit intimidating to have cameramen following you around in your own home. Easily-pleased Ethan is delighted with his very boring room. It’s amazeballs he declares but it isn’t.

Mel is not sure about the whiskey lounge although Bomber loves it. Is it just me or does Mel seem a bit pickier than expected? There doesn’t seem to be the same level of awe and appreciation that Bomber is showing.

Team Bomb arrive at HomeBase to deliver their scores:

Cappers: 7 which seems a little mean.
Ryandy: 6 and again a bit low with the scoring.
Adz and Lisa: 7
Mads and Lloyd: 6
Snow White: An 8! which is impressive for a team that used pictures of bricks instead of real ones. Australia starts counting on it’s….surely these two can’t actually be safe?

Things get serious now but first we go to another ad break and lucky we are not drinking for ad breaks or we’d all be on the floor by now. Several hours later we return and Jo announces the leaderboard for the SA renovation and, oh come on get on with it, then she drags out the final leaderboard scores:

Cappers: 107
Adam and Lisa: 105
Gosling and Crush: 103
Maddi and Lloyd: 101
Team Bomb: 97
Snow Whites: 91 and going home! Australia cheers!

I can’t pretend to be sad about this. Even though they were clearly victims of creative editing there was just too much unpleasantness to warm to this couple. We revisit some of their less awful moments then they leave the competition for good.

The leaderboard is wiped clean which seems to shock some people but not as much as the next announcement. Each team gets a whole house to renovate and presumably in one night since Wednesday is reveal night. This is a new and interesting twist. Wonder how these home owners were picked?

* I can’t remember who came up with this name but it’s brilliant.

House Rules on SEVEN tonight at 7.30pm


1 Tuppence { 06.10.14 at 10:02 pm }

The funniest thing on tonight’s show was Mel saying if Bomber farted it would get rid of the cockroaches.

2 Gabby { 06.10.14 at 10:15 pm }

Another thing I noticed was the fireplace in one of the lounge rooms, it was one of those old ones and Mel said to Bom ‘Do you like it?’ He replied, he did and she said something to the effect that she didn’t know how it was going to keep them warm. So obviously they didn’t score any decent heating out of the whole deal either.
No wonder she is spitting chips.
I bet she is regretting the day she chose her house rules.
I think Bom was as happy as a pig in the proverbial having all his crap around him.
Gidget I also heard the male judge say how amateurish the writing on the wall looked. Which it did, it just looked like one of the kids picked up a pen and wrote something just for the sake of it.

3 Bijou the cat { 06.10.14 at 10:25 pm }

I know this isn’t anything to do with the actual House Rules. But I was just gobsmacked to read this article about Mel. She seems to be a kind of woman who gets if she wants something. Everyone has different opinion but I don’t agree with this one.

4 kes { 06.11.14 at 1:20 am }

Love this blog, so many thought out opinions. As to Michael (bomber) n Mel, I read somewhere last week the whole getting together story and frankly it sounded desperate and very quick. They messaged and phone talked for up to a month,then had a date and the next day Mel went home shopping with Bomber.WTF! she was living in a Unit,didn’t state if she owned it, before it did say he was renting a house. The house was mortgagee sale for 361,000 and they took out a mortgage of 400,000. He also stated as his occupation as a “house husband” that has fortnightly w/end custody of his 3 kids. They had dated less than 10 months before going on this show and had been living together for under 2 months. Frankly, I can’t see this going the mile. Knowing what I know about dominant men with their own children and not getting anywhere in life after divorce, he would be very stuck in his ways.Then of course Mel with her very much wanted IVF little girl. Last night I saw a different side to her as most of the series she has dealt with basically putting up with bomber’s crappy temper and outbursts. I don’t see this going the hard miles it takes for a blended family, a guy who is super unconfident and a woman who has to hold it all together while teaching and making sure she can pay this huge mortgage. She in my opinion didn’t really think or search enough about this junk style for her home and was bitterly disappointed in what the guys served up. Not their fault, blame big mouth bomber, cos essentially it was for him, blah.

5 Smythe { 06.11.14 at 1:38 am }

Really thinking the house was purchased in hopes that they would be chosen for HR. Did not see the boys or the teenage girl running up and hugging Mel, although Mel did go up to the girl and then they hugged but it didn’t seem genuine. Kids could have been uncomfortable on camera, though.

I think the program should have a rule that the house needs to have been purchased 2 years before applying for the show or something like that. This way it will prevent people from just purchasing and coupling up just to be on the program.

6 kes { 06.11.14 at 2:07 am }

Great point Smythe and on the rules, would love to know that after these home improvements have been done,what is the contract rules about 1. selling the property 2. borrowing more money on the new equity in the home. I also had a thought would seven network be so cheeky to pop a caveat over the property with the owners permission as part of signing up for the show? I wonder

7 Agent 86 { 06.11.14 at 9:55 am }

I agree with everyone else about the need for greater clarity regarding the personal circumstances of the participants.

Sure, there is no public voting until the finale, but I’d still like to know when the participants purchased their homes (particularly if they were only purchased for the show), how many other homes they already own, how long they’ve been living in their homes either as an individual or as a couple, etc.

Bomber and Mel’s story seems to indicate that the house was solely purchased for the purpose of going on House Rules and the eventual re-sale. But, if that was the case, then I’m surprised that the “House Rules” didn’t dictate the restoration and use of heritage or traditional features which would surely appeal to a broader buyers market than “junk shop chic”.

And most of the other “before” scenes of the other houses all indicated that they’d barely been lived in. In particular, Maddie and Lloyd’s house seemed to be devoid of any personal touches. I recall thinking the same about Lisa and Adam’s house and Candy and Ryan’s house. Surely at least one of the couples would have started even minor “renovations” like painting or even just painting “test colours” on the walls?

8 Tuppence { 06.11.14 at 11:13 am }

When Mel and Bomber bought the house, the agent suggested they go on House Rules.

9 Carol (without the e) { 06.11.14 at 12:15 pm }

I love the idea of the hanging baskets in the laundry. When you are short on floor/bench space it’s a great idea.

I sometimes look at McFlurry and think her advice is a bit like cheating. It’s similar to the contestants upstairs in Masterchef yelling hints and reminders to the one that’s doing the test.

I know they have her so that the houses don’t end up looking like shit… but isn’t that a risk you take when you go on a show like this? Even if the Snow Whites stuffed up the styling… at least the house has 100% of floors and walls… which is better than how it was before the show. All she’s really doing is saving them from getting a horribly embarrassing score. But wouldn’t that be good TV???

The white bedroom for the teenaged boy… obviously he hadn’t seen the other kids rooms when he made his comment. I’m sure he’d be saying a LOT more now. How utterly pathetic was the effort in that room?!?!?!

The overly praised chair in the pink room was a lovely piece but the material used on the bum bit was just ghastly and didn’t really look right in that dainty little room. Also, the idea of Mel sitting in it… with the daughter on her lap… reading a story??? well it was just a bit of melancholic rambling from Carole. It wasn’t big enough to do that!!! A big rocking chair… or a chair like the ones in the loungeroom… yes… but not this tiny little thing.

AND… while we are on the subject of that chair…

How smart was that guy working in the house to suggest the chair that his wife makes?!?!?!?! As we know, you can find out where you can buy the goods online and now his wife will have a flourishing business due to the national advertising campaign that (might) have cost them nothing!!!

As for scoring… I think Mel’s disappointment in the work that was done was more about Bomber’s preferences than the work that was done. I didn’t realise it was her house. For some reason, maybe the full to the brim/overflowing garage, I thought it was Bombers house. It would take quite a while to gather that much crap!!! Imagine her shock when he moved in and brought all that with him!! And for him then to say he wanted it all used in the house?!?! Makes me wonder if she has a voice in that relationship. Sometimes he was lovely on the show… but then he had a “spit the dummy” attitude quite a bit.

I think the reason the houses don’t look “lived in” when they first arrive there… is because all of their personal items are removed for safe keeping. They might leave a few behind (specially marked?) for the “keep me” items.

10 Carol (without the e) { 06.11.14 at 12:19 pm }

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