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Reality Ravings | Australia's leading Reality TV blog! Says The Best Singer Won’t Win The Voice is telling us something we all know when he told the Daily Telegraph the best singer does not win singing shows like The Voice Australia.

He told the paper:

“It’s typical TV. They rarely vote for the person with the best voice. It isn’t really the best voice that wins, even though the show is called The Voice.

“There is something sentimental, tugging on emotion, or people gravitate to that (artist’s) personality that factors in on why someone wins.

“Although the beginning of the show is about the voice, the end of the show is always up for the people’s vote and the people always vote via emotions.’’

He is right, and it can depend on the compelling back story a singer has. Series one winner Karise Eden had the disadvantaged upbringing including being in foster care and last year Harrison Craig had the stutter and being abandoned by his father.

This is is different as they appear to have pulled back from pushing the sob stories, except perhaps if being a member of Hi-5 can be classified as being a traumatic experience…

The other thing could have mentioned is that the four best singers don’t even necessarily make it to the final. It is the best or most popular singer in each team. If there are a few good singers in the one team towards the end of the series they have to cannibalise each other.

However in “real life” the singer with the best voice does not necessarily make it to be the most famous or successful. Ms Minogue and Madonna are two examples and it is other reasons that made them international superstars and why fans love them. Maybe reality TV is mimicking real life.

The article also shows why he is a coach on the show. But have to say it is in a bit of speak:

“I wanted to come on the show because I have a label, through Universal, and it’s a great fishing pond, if you will, to find artists. And I noticed very few people who join these competitions come out to actually have careers,’’ he tells Switched On.

“If you could work out the politics in this stuff … you know how long that person can get to record music, when you can put it out, the contract they sign before you’ve even said ‘lights, camera, action’, there’s like heaps and heaps of politics.

“If you can work around the politics and get out of that little web, maybe these contenders have a shot at a career.

The article also has Kylie saying that she finds it difficult to watch herself on TV.


1 Mark { 06.11.14 at 11:13 am }

I’m beginning to like Will. He says it as it is. He also seems to be a very shrewd operator. Although how his comments will go down with the Voice producers will be interesting. Love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.

2 daisy { 06.11.14 at 11:37 am }

Yep. Will already alluded to this a couple of weeks ago and not just with regard to voters. He said music industry people liked to work with those with hotness, coolness or ‘schutzpa’, ‘that special thang’ and that only occasionally they had a good voice.
Luckily he didn’t look at Kylie or Joel. But I put Keith Urban and Jlo in the category of those also with myeh voices.
And girls, you will hate me for this, Michael Buble (zzzzz). Just to name a random few.
I think the introduction of the music video contributed to the demise of real talent in the music industry getting their due while the chaff gets raised to the top.

3 brain dead dave { 06.11.14 at 12:02 pm }

The audience don’t seem to care for the best singer. If they did they’d be home listening to something of lasting quality and not these desperate charlatans and their unbearable back stories.

What says is how it’s always been with reality talent shows.

All it takes is for one of these deluded warblers to pull a constipated ,distorted face and hit a long note and the crowd stand and cheer, regardless of how out of tune they are.

4 Ralphie { 06.11.14 at 12:10 pm }

I find it difficult to watch Kylie on TV as well.

5 Eliza { 06.11.14 at 3:03 pm }

Will is right but it is something that we have always known. I didn’t think I would like him but I really do.. he is funny and tells it quite straight. I watched the show on him with ‘Patsy’ and he seemed like a really nice guy. Sure they can edit it to look that way and show him doing good things but I seemed to believe it.

I am not going to pretend though that I don’t fall for the ‘package deals’.

6 Beckala { 06.11.14 at 4:50 pm }

I think last year’s X Factor with Dami winning showed that it CAN HAPPEN. Rare, but that was definitely against the “pretty boy/girl end up winning despite of talent” trend. Brilliant coaching and an amazing voice – and I find myself still playing her songs on YouTube occasionally, that’s how happy I was with her win.

But I completely see where Will is coming from.

7 Mark { 06.11.14 at 5:37 pm }

TV producers and record company execs have never forgotten what happened to them with Casey Donavan and Idol. Great singer and thoroughly deserving winner, and the Aussie public got that one right.

Shamefully the record execs had no idea how to market her. Probably didn’t even want to or try, and they dropped her from the contract ASAP. They didn’t want that happening again, but of course it did with several people including Damien Leith. Lovely guy and good crooner, but a lanky middle aged balding Irish guy with crooked teeth probably wasn’t what they had in mind.

I like to believe that the Aussie public knows exactly what is going on and is taking perverse delight in stiffing it to the producers every chance they get.

The producers of course will make damn sure that nobody gets thru to the finals who doesn’t fit their version of a marketable product.

Which explains the blandness of last year’s finals, and we’re probably headed the same way this year.

So my tip for winner based on blandness: either Jacob or John Linguard

8 daisy { 06.11.14 at 8:17 pm }

Mark, Casey has made no secret that she has a lot of issues and carries baggage so it might be that she might not have had the necessary focus, mental durability, and self management to put in the work and deal with music industry challenges.

But she’s young enough to get herself on track. I believe the Aboriginal community have been supportive of her career.

9 Mark { 06.12.14 at 10:56 am }


it was not mean’t to be a comment against Casey, far from it, so I apologise if it came across that way. I saw her on Living Black this week and she appeared in great shape, upbeat, articulate and completely at ease with the whole Idol experience. It was a very inspiring and uplifting interview, check it out if you get the chance.

My comment was directly aimed at the record and TV industries commercial meat grinder approach to new talent, or any talent for that matter.

For another take on that I recommend watching ‘Artifact’ Jared Leto and 30seconds to Mars long brutal battle with their own record company.

10 daisy { 06.12.14 at 11:12 am }

I didn’t take it that way Mark. And even if I had (which I didn’t), I think you are free to share your opinion, likes and dislikes.
Don’t worry about me. I only don’t like when people attack other posters.

On artefacts; I saw it and then recd the rerun for hubby. It was interesting.
Also I had never really known JL. He was kind of gorgeous in a relaxed 70s way.

11 daisy { 06.12.14 at 11:14 am }

Also what I was trying to say in a nice way is that I suspect Casey might not be that easy to work with.

I could be wrong.

12 Eliza { 06.12.14 at 2:57 pm }

Knew that you’d like Jared Leto, Daisy… hehe

He has amazing hair.

13 daisy { 06.12.14 at 4:42 pm }

And eyes. But I love that 70s casual look.

14 Brad { 06.12.14 at 5:39 pm }

Regardless of back story, Karise Eden was the best/most distinctive voice of her year. I would say that Ricky Martin’s team had the top 2 voices last year which ultimately saw the end of Miss Murphy prematurely.

15 daisy { 06.12.14 at 6:58 pm }

Loved Miss Murphy.

So size does not mean a biggish girl can’t be a beautiful lady (see Nicole Martini thread). It’s the difference when you behave with a beautiful manner.

16 Mark { 06.12.14 at 7:22 pm }

Nicole Martini?

oh, that’s now my new favourite blog. Hilarious.