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Masterchef Australia – The Way Gary Talked You Would Have Thought It Was Marion Eliminated Again.

Gary Mehigan told Sarah, Colin and Tracy who were in the elimination cook off “This was certainly not the outcome we expected, three of the best cooks in the competition.” Memo to Gary it was not cooking that put them there it was quiz on identifying classic food dishes which was the first challenge in the elimination episode.

It was disappointing that the contestants only got five dishes into sixteen as it was fun playing along at home. The contestants got to look at the dish then they had to write it down then show the judges the first three to get a dish wrong were in the cook off.

Colin was first one in when he identified Pad Thai as Thai Fried Rice. He needs to get glasses as there was no rice on that plate. Tracey and Sarah were the next ones to go to the cook off thinking Coq Au Vin was Cacciatore.

Matt was shocked, as Sarah said she knew French.

The elimination cook off was to make a dish with the ingredients that were in the five dishes identified. There was no access to the pantry or to the Masterchef garden. It gave them a lot to work with but they all went for chicken.

Colin decided to make a Pithivier with a chicken filling. At least the Larousse Gastronomique at my home was touched for the first time in 20 years to get the correct spelling of this dish. Colin was all about it had to be egg wash three times. Interestingly the Larousse recipe only has one layer of egg wash. Maybe he should have focused more on getting it cooked. Also he could have worked more on some side dishes. the four mushrooms and the bit of parsley did not look that appetising.

The judges like the pastry but thought the filling lacked flavour.

Also Colin was being melodramatic about if he was eliminated from the competition at this stage he would not be able to achieve his food dream of opening a restaurant at his winery. Really? Just open one.

Tracy  made Chicken Ballotine with Onion Butter Puree with Mushrooms. Perfect combinations of flavours said George so it was obvious she was going to be safe.

Sarah made Chicken Roulade with Chicken Popcorn with Chicken Jus.  Gary is smitten and told Sarah he did not want to see her there and that when she is in form she gives dishes that are some of the best they have seen in six years. What??? She is good but she is not that good.

After she left Gary said there is something very wrong with this dish and the chicken was raw. They decided to taste nothing of the dish. I am not sure why they did not try the popcorn chicken or the other elements but that would not have been as dramatic.

Nor would have eliminating them in the judges room as they normally do brought the tears as it did last night as they told Sarah she was going in front of the other contestants. It was overdone, sure Sarah was a good contestant but one of the iconic Masterchef contestants? I am not so sure.

Sarah is back in the UK and her aim is to return to Melbourne to open a Modern Indian restaurant. We will see more of her here in Australia as she has a modelling contract with Chadwicks.


1 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 11:31 am }

Thanks Ali for the link. So Heston episode was filmed in May. We did see some of contestants still around. It must be around the Top 6

2 Simon { 06.15.14 at 3:14 pm }

$13 for 2 of Heston’s pies. It better be darn good. Local bakeries that make excellent pies sell for around the same price and they’re ready to eat. I’m curious but I don’t know if I’m $7.50 per pie curious.

3 brain dead dave { 06.15.14 at 6:42 pm }

I’ll have to have a closer look for He$ton’s pies in Coles. Not highly visible this afternoon. I found big photos of Curtis hanging every which way. It’s disappointing if Heston’s pies aren’t ready to eat at that price.

4 LW { 06.15.14 at 6:55 pm }

My local Woolies looks like a Jamie Oliver store, seriously, how much money are they paying these guys?

5 daisy { 06.15.14 at 7:00 pm }

People wear their pjs, dressing gown and slippers to my local Woolies. (If you’re going to go to the shops in your pjs, might as well go the whole hog). Jamie and Curtis might be wasted on these customers.
And some of the customers are wasted.

6 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 7:03 pm }

Taking about Coles, I couldn’t find the folded buns that Jamie used in the team challenge. In fact I also can’t find them in Chinese grocery stores. They must have been ordered in advance.

7 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 7:05 pm }

Daisy-Chinese like to do that.

8 LW { 06.15.14 at 7:07 pm }

Daisy, my local is South Melbourne, and most of them seem to be fully clothed, even at nighttime. Lots of yupsters (hipster yuppies, that’s a thing now apparently…).

9 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 7:13 pm }

I will only try Heston’s Asian pork when Coles send me the offer where I get $10 back after spending $50. I usually get them quite frequently.

10 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 7:47 pm }

How do you show who you are in the cooking? Maybe Brent can can cook with some mud?

11 LW { 06.15.14 at 7:51 pm }

Ha! MPW is coming across like some weird cartoon villain. Where’s his white Persian cat?

12 emp { 06.15.14 at 7:55 pm }

The Heston pies are delicious but really expensive. The rosemary and lamb one is the best.

13 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 8:01 pm }

Not a word from Tash, Colin, Jamie or Byron

14 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 8:48 pm }

Byron is grilling zucchini again

15 emp { 06.15.14 at 8:54 pm }

Byron, Tash and Ben in the pressure test tomorrow!!!!

16 emp { 06.15.14 at 8:57 pm }

Damn it Ben’s dish is delicious !!!

17 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 8:58 pm }

It could be Amy in pressure test

18 Simon { 06.15.14 at 9:22 pm }

Marco is an impressive mentor, though throughout the episode I was expecting more Hannibal Lecter and not the sage master that he ended up being. Athos, Aramis and Porthos have got the intimidation and second guessing down pat but they could learn a thing or two about grounding and focusing the contestants to achieve their full potential.

I wonder if Byron’s pep talk will be enough to keep him from being eliminated tomorrow.

Also, absolutely loved Laura throughout this episode. She such a lovely person and so adorable :)

19 Simon { 06.15.14 at 9:34 pm }

Littlepetal #64, it looks like they’ve gone back to their old script of ignoring Colin & only using Georgia for reaction shots to Laura. Good to see often ignored Kira getting a little more attention.

20 Littlepetal { 06.15.14 at 9:41 pm }

Byron is out of his depth tonight. Wonder can he dodge the bullet again?

I thought Tracy will crumble tonight.

21 daisy { 06.15.14 at 9:59 pm }

Littlepetal@57, yeah in Vietnam too but it doesn’t count because they think it’s just a nice comfotable matching suit.
In China they have western style pjs as day wear on the store dummies.

LW, my friend has a pupster; a cravat wearing 1 yr old. Yupsters have designer pupsters.
I just wish she watched MC just once to see that he has been wearing Jowlsy’s Brokeback Mountain ensemble.

22 Evan { 06.15.14 at 10:31 pm }

Surely Byron can not dodge one more bullet tomorrow night, but perhaps he is inspired by Marco’s words of advice?
Surprised really that Tash and Amy are in the bottom 3 with Byron.
Far too much pimping of Laura tonight for my liking – I guess she is now the favourite of the judges, replacing Sarah.

23 Evan { 06.15.14 at 10:32 pm }

Tracy and Ben pretty fortunate they avoided disaster at the last minute with their dishes.

24 todd { 06.16.14 at 12:40 am }

I guess its bye bye byron?

25 Benji { 06.16.14 at 4:19 am }

@littlepetal 56
Are you referring to the “Korean steamed buns” farce of a gua bao? I think the Blue team made their dough from scratch. They showed Emelia measuring out yeast and pouring out sugar.
Coles doesn’t sell the ideal flour for bao dough, however, and I think the best substitution they could have made is bleached cake flour, or a combination of flours. But I’m not confident that they would have had the knowledge to do that either, since they didn’t even know what they were cooking.

26 Littlepetal { 06.16.14 at 7:26 am }

Benji, I heard Jamie said he bought 500 bao.

27 Joseph Skyrim { 06.16.14 at 9:10 am }

Just wanted to say Marco makes for good TV. ;p Also good that they showed everyone’s dishes in round 2.

28 Littlepetal { 06.16.14 at 9:17 am }

I think Tash will be in trouble tonight. Tears will save Amy. I hope it id time for Byron to go.

29 Anonymous { 06.16.14 at 9:40 am }

Except Jamie’s. @77

30 Simon { 06.16.14 at 9:51 am }

I trust that Tash will bounce back and the thing that will save her is her cooking, not some sob story about some tragic life event. She did look shocked though in the promo.

It kind of looks like they’ve returned to the old format of elimination, so it’s probably not one of the producer’s or judge’s favourites to go.

31 Evan { 06.16.14 at 9:53 am }

Logically Byron should go home – nice guy, but too many disasters lately, and his nerves always get the better of him.
Only Tash or Amy having a shocker tonight will give him one more chance.
HA, I noticed too how pissed off Emelia was when Laura was getting praised by the judges & Marco.
Top 10 prediction: Laura, Georgia, Rachel, Kira, Renae, Amy, Brent, Ben, Colin, Emelia
Thinking the next 3 to go will be Byron, Tash, Jamie.

32 Evan { 06.16.14 at 9:55 am }

Marco last night was far more sympathetic to the contestants than the supposed 3 real judges.
I teared up a bit when Marco gave that pep talk to Byron
How grumpy was George, indeed he has seemed very grumpy for the past week or so.

33 Simon { 06.16.14 at 10:19 am }

Evan, I noticed that too from Emelia. As least she had the decency to not talking down to Marco like she does with the judges.

34 Smythe { 06.16.14 at 10:53 am }

Hi Daisy, Hope you had a very good weekend and wishing u a good week.

Not surprised Amy going to the pressure test. The judges kept warning her about adding the capers to her dish. I think that Tracy has replaced Sarah as the judges “pet”. Or it could be Laura as per Evan #72. Byron continues to be lost. Maybe MPW’s advice will help him avoid elimination once again or maybe his luck has finally run out.

MPW actually makes me laugh. He is overly serious and glares at people with a threatening stare and yet he can be very kind, very supportive and offer up excellent advice. Don’t know how he is in an actual kitchen when he is not on camera.

Preston dressed up for MPW in his ringmaster’s costume.
MPW mistakenly called the the 3 Musketeers. Shouldn’t that have been the 3 Stooges.

I keep picturing the 3 of them in some kind of musical together: Matt P. playing the narrator sitting next to a fireplace w/ a pipe in his mouth and wearing a purple dressing gown with his large English bulldog by his side. Both are wearing cravats. Gary is playing any and every role ever played by Nathan Lane and George is playing the ratty nosy butler/henchman walking around with his head held upwards sniffing around in every nook and cranny.

35 Adrianna { 06.16.14 at 11:16 am }

Byron against Tash and Amy?? He’s gotta go, right reality TV gods??
Something about last night kinda made me a lil annoyed with the contestants. The fawning over Laura, the tears from Tracy and Amy, bleagh!
Can’t believe I’m saying this but bring on Emilia and her snarky smirks!

36 Smythe { 06.16.14 at 11:45 am }

Daisy, Forgot to mention, another GREAT OB episode.

37 daisy { 06.16.14 at 11:57 am }

When aren’t they great, Smythe.
If I could only watch one show, that would be it. My favs are Helena and Alison.

We have dld Orange but haven’t started watching yet.

38 fj { 06.16.14 at 12:59 pm }

Benji and Littlepetal – the blue team made the dough for the market challenge from scratch. Amelia made the dough I recall.

39 fj { 06.16.14 at 1:19 pm }

#77 Joseph and #79 – there were 13 contestants left last night I think and they only showed 10 dishes. I think they missed Jamie, Georgia and I can’t think who the 3rd one was? I agree #69 – poor Georgia doesn’t get much of a look in at all – such a shame as she seems like such a good cook.

40 Smythe { 06.16.14 at 1:27 pm }

They quickly showed Georgia’s dish for the invention test. I don’t remember what it was. Most air time this last episode was probably Tracy. I think the judges went overboard when it came to the difficulty of stuffing the neck. Clean it out and put the stuffing in it…big deal. It was a good idea, though, but they made too much out of it.

Daisy, I think you will really like Orange. As for OB, I like Allison and Helena has been growing on me. Sarah is OK and the new clone was an interesting twist and a surprise but not much screen time there. Wonder if he/she will return.

41 Alec C { 06.16.14 at 5:52 pm }

LW 54 how much are they paying these guys: My brothers GF is from England and moved to Alberta Canada – and a Canadian grocery chain had a cut out of Curtis or Jamie (both could be the same person really)

Tash is the only one I care for of the 3 – 2X ALLIMINATION! Redhead reminded me of Stan Smith from American Dad when he cries like a whale.