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Masterchef Australia – The Is No Tension In The Episodes Due To Editing

Masterchef Australia at the moment has as much suspense as a Mills & Boon novel the editing flags what is going to happen and who is going to win and who is going to lose.

Here’s a tip if you are trying to create suspense on who is going to be selected to have their plates tasted please showcase more then five contestants. In the Marco Pierre White mystery box six contestants were flagged Emelia, Amy, Brent, Laura, Kira and Tracy. The first five were picked to have their plates tasted and Tracy who had been sobbing about under cooked lobster looked like she was the one to miss out. But hang on Marco  decided he would like to taste one more dish. Cue fireball and commercial break. But really there was as much tension as there is in 20 year old pair of knickers as we all knew it was going to be Tracy as there had been no other on screen interactions with any of the contestants.

It is Marco Pierre White week on Masterchef Australia with him bringing his own brand of crazy. His schtick is a mix of fire and brimstone mixed with caring philosophical advice. He is as much of a stereotype as Gordon Ramsay is.

Marco set the mystery box which was lobster, white port, olive oil, ginger, carrots, cucumber, coriander, mixed spices and vine tomatoes.

Most of the contestants made ravioli or bisque. Gary had to go and background everyone that Marco’s signature dish was ravioli and this increased the cook’s nerves.

Tracy made Coriander Ravioli with Lobster and Kira as making a lobster Ravioli with a poached lobster tail. Bet you she is not game to tell him she does not eat carbs as I expect he would be pretty scathing about that.

Laura’s Pasta En Brodo won, which she based on her grandmother’s chicken recipe. Marco said it was she shared something of herself with them.

Emelia’s Lobster Ravioli was also praised as was Kira’s Poached Lobster tail. Brent’s Bisque was criticised because he had put vinegar in it, and Amy’s deep fried egg yolk was said to add nothing to the dish. Not sure why she did that.

Then Marco chose to try Tracy’s lobster she in tears told them it was undercooked but low and behold it was perfect.

Marco who appears to like Tracy told her that her plate told him that she was a very giving person. Was this some sort of MPW pick up line?

Laura then selected porcini mushrooms as the signature ingredient for the invention test over prosciutto and bottarga. The other twist was they were only allowed five ingredients and were unable to go back to the pantry.

Again we had the editing that flagged early who were top and bottom three as they only showcased six people. It did not take long to work out Amy, Tash and Byron were in trouble. And considering there were only three others given any screen time in that section of the episode it meant Laura, Tracy and Ben had to be top three.

Laura’s stuffed gnocchi looked gorgeous. Tracy made a sausage that looked more like a haggis and again she was crying about the possibility about it being undercooked. Ben was in theory looking dodgy with his attempt to turn cream into butter but his pasta worked.

Tash on the other hand had very ordinary gnocchi because she had picked the wrong potatoes and had not soaked the mushrooms. She knew she had served up a disastrous dish.

Byron’s spatchcock was so bad he said he wanted all his five ingredients off the plate. Marco took him aside and told him we all have bad days. “When I was a boy when I had a bad service the easiest thing to do is to beat yourself up.” He did not add so then I decided to verbally beat other people up…. I also note he did not offer him a job in any of his kitchens.

Amy’s dish was a bad combination of capers and porcini mushrooms, so she was bottom three as well. Byron, Tash and Amy have to replicate a Marco dish it will be interesting to see who goes home.


1 Littlepetal { 06.17.14 at 8:03 am }

I didn’t watch the first series of MC, thus I have no feelings for the contestants.

Julie Goodwin has finally opened her cooking school in Gosford. Brave lady to do. Good luck to her.

2 Evan { 06.17.14 at 8:13 am }

Yeah, the Channel 10 promo for tonight which I saw gives away who is cooking against the professional chef for the immunity pin, which makes me wonder whether it is even worth watching tonight?
Going to miss Byron, whereas they could have easily eliminated Tash instead and I honestly wouldn’t have cared too much.
Byron and Sarah going leaves a huge hole in Masterchef 2014, which I doubt that the remaining 12 contestants can adequately fill……….is anyone really that interested in watching the likes of Jamie, Colin, Emelia, Kira, Tracy etc?
The judges probably want a teenage winner this year, Laura or Georgia…….I bet that is where we are headed.

3 Evan { 06.17.14 at 8:17 am }

The sadness of last night for me was that Byron could have easily been mentored and encouraged over the next few weeks to do good cooking, if they had kept him around, whereas I doubt there is anything more you can do to make Tash or Amy appealing to the viewers.
Jamie and Colin I have zero interest in, Brent frankly is dull, and Ben is totally up himself.
These are the best cooks ever on Masterchef, as the judges and Channel 10 boast? Hardly

4 Joseph Skyrim { 06.17.14 at 8:27 am }

Byron wasn’t anywhere near a favourite but I felt bad to see him go, especially since if he had just poured a bit more sauce he would have still been in! Marco still continues to impress with his wisdom and glaring.

Looks like I don’t need to watch the first half (any?) of the episode tonight since the adverts give it away. The people that make it should really watch this clip about trailers and learn a thing or two…

@Evan – I actually would like Laura and/or Georgia to win. Surprisingly I wouldn’t mind Emelia winning either. Lots of other people still active though. ^_^

5 Simon { 06.17.14 at 8:29 am }

Evan, if this season doesn’t have the best cooks ever, which season in your mind had the best cooks?

6 Evan { 06.17.14 at 9:11 am }

Simon: Season 1 and Season 2, the likes of Julie, Poh, Justine, Chris, Adam, Callum, Marion etc.
Matt Preston kinda gave it away in an interview that he wants Laura or Georgia to win, so there is the first ever teenage Masterchef champion. I reckon it will be contrived that they are the final 2, the best friends cooking off against each other.
What will the producers put in the rest of the episodes? More of Jamie doing it for his family, or Colin fighting to win the 200K to open the restaurant in the winery, or Tracy proving to her kids that she is worthy etc. Can’t wait LOL
One result of eliminating Byron, a few other weak people who have been hiding under the radar now get exposed.

7 Littlepetal { 06.17.14 at 9:49 am }

Byron is lucky to lasted till now. Not sure he should be in the Top 24. He did try his best and hopefully he is happy working in the kitchen. I hope he doesn’t get bully.

8 daisy { 06.17.14 at 9:54 am }

I don’t care who wins this year. No one is really grabbing my attention.

9 Littlepetal { 06.17.14 at 10:11 am }

Neither do I!! But at least it is someone who can cook. Still a better winner than last year.

Surprise that rating was not great last night. Only 776,000

10 Smythe { 06.17.14 at 10:43 am }

Simon,I knew the judges would boot Byron since they had emphasized how important the sauce was and there was a definite lack of sauce on his plate. Sauce was a higher priority than well cooked lentils and raviolo. Byron has been struggling but, at least this time, he did put out a decent plate except for the sauce. In a restaurant this would be very easy to fix by just asking the server to bring more sauce whereas w/ Tash’s dish both the lentils and raviolo would need to be replaced. Would one honestly want to eat undercooked lentils and rubbery raviolo, but, on the other hand, would you want to eat dry food? However, once again, easier to just bring more sauce than refire.

When it comes to who wins, I am losing interest, but when it comes to who loses, I still put Emelia on the top of my list. :-)

11 Smythe { 06.17.14 at 10:51 am }

Joseph Skyrim #54 Why did I click on that link? I have never seen “Empire Strikes Back” and was waiting for the 3D sensurround, smellaround and Disney O’ round version which is coming out in 2018 Why bother going to see it now? Guess can always go for the experience but everything has been revealed.

Just kidding.

That was great, though. Thanks for posting. It’s very true. Too much being revealed in trailers today.

12 Roo { 06.17.14 at 11:08 am }

Last night they showed the 3 top contestants from Monday night having a chop off to cook for the ammunity pin. However an hour later I saw a promo showing the person who had obviously won that round doing the cook off against Marco’s former protegy. How weird that they gave that away before the show….!

13 daisy { 06.17.14 at 11:17 am }

I have to agree, Littlepetal. It is a huge improvement on last year.

I think I am tired of the same old format and rehashed jargon.

And George’s snouty expression.

14 Simon { 06.17.14 at 11:43 am }

Smythe, it would have been a different outcome if the sauce was poured at the table. However, the criteria they went with what was served, not what could have been served.

I’m also all for Emilia for going as well. Sooner rather than later. Ben too. I get the sense that Tash is not long for the comp given her recent slump. Hope she’s be able to pull herself out of it but I get the sense her heart’s not in it. She hesitated when she was asked whether she wanted to stay in the competition. If Tash does go, there aren’t that many people that I like that have the skill to make it to the finals. Laura’s about the only one for me. Would have been Colin too but given his last few dishes with it’s very basic presentation and technique, I don’t think he has the legs for it.

Roo, they’ve been projecting that sort of thing a number of times throughout the season, most notably with promo for the masterclasses showing the people what won’t be eliminated before or during the elimination that hasn’t come to a conclusion. Unfortunately, it’s kind of par for course. Don’t know why though. Whether it’s sloppy editing or the producers don’t care because they expect most of the audience to be too stupid to notice.

15 Smythe { 06.17.14 at 3:12 pm }

Hi Simon,
Just saying that judging from a diner’s perspective the choice would have probably been Byron’s dish since the issue would have been easier to resolve. I didn’t think Byron was one of the best cooks and didn’t like him at first but he grew on me as a person (at least based on what I saw) with his honesty and genuineness. I do like Tash and hope she does stay but she just doesn’t seem to have her heart in the competition lately. However, when it comes down to it, I’m not really a big supporter of anyone for the win at the moment. I liked Colin (didn’t think he had a chance to win, though) but then he made the comments about the winery and the restaurant and I was far from impressed.

I’m hoping no one wins ammunity.

16 lulu { 06.17.14 at 7:30 pm }


Well, not really, seeing it’s plastered all over Ch 10 land.
So we know it’s Miss Italy vs Goliath (?!) What an idiotic thing to do.
It’s a smack in the face to people who enjoy watching the pretend-suspense. They’ve been obvious in giving results away of late, but this takes the cake. Why watch, unless you want to hear Marco’s pearls of wisdom … ‘keep it simple’ and ‘cook from the heart’ blah blah.

Perhaps they want to improve their ratings by appealing to the younger demographic, hence advertising that a teenager is up against … oh whatever, lost interest.

17 brain dead dave { 06.17.14 at 7:50 pm }

Yep, I’ve been exhorted to get behind the South Australian Laura way before the alimination. I hope she doesn’t win ammunity because I’m being force fed Laura’s journey.

So I can watch House Rules tonight, $hine.

18 from wa { 06.17.14 at 8:37 pm }

Don’t believe the media bs about wa storms today. It was a normal winter day in Bussy and in Perth.