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The Voice Australia – Is Sabrina Starting To Struggle Is This Why She Did Not Go Oversea?

Long time reality viewers knew Sabrina Batshon was going to be controversial and it appears she has had a spectacular falling out with a close friend, Alex Haddad.

There is a lot of bitterness between Sabrina and Alex, an actor on Fat Pizza with legal threats from both sides.

The full article is here but it appear it is a rift that is not going to mend soon. Alex told Reality Ravings that they had been besties for seven months but he had known her for over five years. He says he wants people to know that she is a manipulater and he was duped by her and does not want the viewer to be either.

You have to wonder if NINE are now wondering what they got themselves into but Sabrina has been open with her struggles with mental illness. In fact it is very possible there would have to be some people in production that would know her from her days on Australian Idol.

Sabrina suffers from anxiety and depression which has culminated in a suicide attempt and also self harm. There is no doubt she is talented but is she up to the rigours of the live shows on The Voice Australia?

This latest tussle appears to be taking a toil with her thanking her supportive friends and fans and it hints at thoughts of self harm.

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 11.54.57 AM

Has she started to struggle? It appears that even though she said goodbye to her fellow Team Ricky team mates at the airport she does not go to New York with them.

The other people that appear to not go on the overseas trip is brother and sister duo Gabriel and Cecelia. Cecelia is under age so maybe they decided to not take them if their guardians could not go. Hopefully these mysteries will be revealed on Sunday night.

Let’s hope Shine Australia and NINE are ensuring Sabrina is getting all the psych support she requires.


1 ziii { 06.17.14 at 3:15 pm }

I can relate to

2 ziii { 06.17.14 at 3:27 pm }

Sorry didn’t mean to hit submit.

I think Sabrina needs a lot of support from the right people. As loudly and calming Ricky is, I think there needs to be someone else there. Sabrina has a great voice. But you don’t want to get sucked into every comment that people say about you. Not everyone is going to like you, what you wear etc etc.

I am way to self conscience to put myself out there, while I can relate the anxiety part. I don’t always believe in taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Each to their own.

3 daisy { 06.17.14 at 3:35 pm }

Call me a skeptic, but she blows the anxiety disorder trumpet pretty loudly that I can’t help but wonder if she isn’t using it as her thing. I am just not convinced.

4 brain dead dave { 06.17.14 at 3:45 pm }

People like this give me anxiety and depression. She crapped out on Idol and is now doing the attention seeking again.

5 Trent { 06.17.14 at 4:38 pm }

Oh no, How do you know both Sabrina and Gab & Cecilia do not get on the plane? That is dreadful news. I loved watching both of them?!

6 Aubergine { 06.17.14 at 5:00 pm }

What brain dead dave said.

7 sandra soteri { 06.17.14 at 7:21 pm }

As Sabrina stated just before her blind audition, she cant get on a plane,
the reason being, why she didnt get on that plane. Hopefully she can work
toward that in the future. As for the illness, unfortunately the questions
are shoved in her face constantly and she’s honest to a fault. Like her or
not, you know who your dealing with! They want a story, as for him,
he seems to be fighting this battle alone. People think they understand
mental illness, do we need to see her hospitalized or worse before we
realize we’ve gone to far. I, myself am more concerned about the person
living every moment trying to hurt someone just because she may not
have wanted more than friendship. I ponder about…….

8 Reality Raver { 06.17.14 at 9:20 pm }

Trent the promo on the website. Gab and cecelia were not shown with as the others were and Sabrina is not with the other three inNYC

9 Reality Raver { 06.17.14 at 9:27 pm }

I quite like Sabrina as at least she is not bland but am concerned about her mental health more so after the show finishes.

10 Thomas Hayden { 06.18.14 at 12:26 am }

I think Sabrina contradicts a lot of what she says and does, it is the mental condition, I think more leaning towards bipolar with different attitudes. I read that she can’t travel and then someone posts they were on a cruise somewhere, then she says she can’t go on motorways somewhere and I read she is going to Canberra, my concern is the top 8 have to tour, will she be overdosing with meds to tour? By the sounds of things she has done something really bad to annoy Alex, because from what I’ve read about him, he seems like a nice guy and seems like he was merely protecting Sabrina from people that wanted to get to know her because she was on TV, it also seems like Alex spend so much time with her from posts I’ve seen on his facebook page. But having a mental illness it’s impossible to reason with someone such as Sabrina, no matter what you say or do, some conditions won’t allow her to register she might have done something wrong. Hopefully they can resolve this and become friends again. As 5 years is a long friendship to let go because of fame and ego. And from the source where the story comes from with people wanting to use Sabrina for their self reasons.

11 Carol (without the e) { 06.18.14 at 1:31 pm }

Hmmm… not sure what to make of this.

Attention seeker? Quite possible. But there are better ways of getting the right kind of attention.

I have checked out both Facebook pages. On Sabrina’s wall there’s a lot of choochie coo type poses when she’s photographed with people. I looked at Alex’s Facebook page. He’s not the most attractive guy so maybe she doesn’t want to be linked to him as he’s not hot enough or good looking enough to be seen with now. I guess we’ll never know.

I’m certainly sympathetic to someone with a mental illness… but it seems way too easy for someone to be a petulant, attention seeking spoiled brat who blames depression for the downside of a tantrum over not getting their own way! Facebook is a haven for that type.

I have a friend who constantly posts attention seeking comments… complete crap that EVERYONE on their friend list ignores. However, when he puts up something positive or interesting, people respond. How long does it take someone to work out that their crap turns people away?

I hope Sabrina can get beyond all this and just focus on her positive stuff… because Australia will just thumb their nose at her if they think she’s attention seeking. She will be thrown to the anonymous Twitter typists… ala Tully (took me a few minutes to remember her name… isn’t that good?!?!)

12 daisy { 06.18.14 at 5:12 pm }

I haven’t seen the FB stuff, but on the Voice it comes across as fake and attention seeking. She made this her hook on Idol too.

I get the impression she is playing it up. And for her sake, I hope she is.

13 daisy { 06.23.14 at 11:45 pm }

Hmmm. It looks like I have to eat my words. Sabrina really didn’t get on the plane. Wow. I would have just taken some knock out drops and got someone to carry me on.

14 Carol (without the e) { 06.24.14 at 10:30 am }

Sabrina needs to overcome her fear of planes/flying.

If she wants to be a star (why else would she be on the show?) then she needs to realise that it involves travel. Even if you exclude long overseas flights… she would still have to be prepared to fly interstate. Imagine the cost of her tour if all the support staff/roadies etc had to sit around and wait for her to arrive by coach or train?!?!?!

How can she possibly be considered for the top 8 (and resulting tour) while ever she has this fear? It just can’t happen. Are they prepared to make allowances if they take her through? I hope so, or someone else is going to miss the experience of a national tour when Sabrina refuses to get on the plane. The person in 9th spot should be prepped for this when the 8 is decided and then immediately be included on the tour if she can’t control her fear.

If it was me I would have been looking for a really good hypnotist rather than miss out on seeing New York with the others. Drugs to knock me out would have also been high on the list.

15 M { 06.25.14 at 5:13 pm }

Sabrina is a lovely person. I wish her all the best for the voice and her career afterwards. Sabrina does get very anxious before getting on stage and only those that know her can attest to that. The rest are basing their opinon on speculation. Good on her for performing so well given what she is going through. Not everyone is an attention seeker just because they have shared their story and where they have come from. I think its sad pattern that I’ve noticed…mental illness = attention seeking. Not true. Wishing you all the best Sabrina and sending out positive energy for the rest of your journey on the voice. Just remember… Sceptics will always be sceptics and believers will always be believers. M

16 M { 06.25.14 at 5:16 pm }

:) peace out

17 Dazman { 07.02.14 at 2:41 pm }

Just hope the best singer wins The Voice rather than the one people feel sorry for the most. Hendo wasn`t the best in 2013 but won after tossing a story in the Sun Paper just days before the final regarding his stammer. Sure he’s courageous, but he wasn`t the best singer.