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House Rules – Even The Other Contestant’s Thought Bomber Was A Tool

Don’t expect the other contestant’s to be sending Christmas Cards to Bomber as he was not Mr Popularity on the set of House Rules.

TV Week is reporting that Brooke may have been the villain on screen but it was Bomber the other contestants were not liking.

TV WEEK writes:

Leading the anti-bomber crusade are Russell and Grant who said they noticed his petulance from the start.

“Grant and I picked it from week one when he reckon he was spewing [being sick],” Russell reveals. “It just went on and on and on. Everyone worked hard, even Mel, but he didn’t.”

Bomber of course denies it and said he bonded with all the contestants. However Maddi also told TV week “That he is an interesting character.” She also hints that he was not a hard worker saying “He is a little bit weird. If he’s stubbed his toe. God forbid, you won’t see him for the rest of the day.”




1 Eliza { 06.18.14 at 11:59 pm }

You could tell the way Bomber came across that it all wasn’t crafty editing!

Also, in the words of Ryan, “GO NSW!!!!!”

2 Danielle { 06.19.14 at 9:51 am }

I still can’t find any elimination interviews from Bomber and Mel! There might be radio interviews but that is unlikely. The only interviews they have previously were about her daughter. Mel must have been rich to afford IVF with sperm donation. There was an article in one magazine in which all the girls except Mel wore undergarments. Brooke talked about her tummy not being the same since having twins. Mel apparently refused to be involved, which was surprising since the article was very positive.

3 Andrea { 06.19.14 at 10:17 am }

It wouldn’t surprise me at all that Bomber was like that, so sooky all the time.
Eliza, I was so glad The Blues won at last!

4 Twinkle { 06.19.14 at 11:10 am }

Yeah … he didn’t exactly give me warm and fuzzy feelings when he berated Mel in episode 1. She, on the other hand, could do WAAAY better – she’s a little gem! (Although I do appreciate a lot of people went off her following her reaction to their own renovation, I think she’s a good person).

Danielle – interesting, eh? Someone mentioned in another post how there have been no TV, radio, print interviews … nothing! Maybe they have split.

I really wanted Mel and Bomber to win because they’re a bit older and Mel works so darned hard – probably harder than anyone else on the show except for Adam … and she just got stuck in and did stuff – she didn’t fart around like some of them. I don’t like Ryan and Candy – he pisses me off, actually. Adam is just so lovely, so I’d like to see him win; but Lisa just annoys me. Carole and Russell do not deserve to win, because of all the rumours and scandal surrounding them … but I think they will win. I think the fact that their mortgage isn’t a lot probably works in their favour.

5 Gabby { 06.19.14 at 12:14 pm }

I tried to give Bomber the benefit of the doubt for as long as I could but I had to give in and finally admit he was a loser.
I think Mel changed because she saw all the beautiful new items everyone else had acquired through the show and what did she end up with, Bom’s pile of shit from his shed, being disguised as junkshopshit, or whatever. Her fault for bowing down to his needs.
Twinkle I am with you about Ryan and Candy, also do not want Carole and Russ to win.
Very interesting about no interviews, they may very well have the shits with the whole show for not winning.
Andrea, we gave you this years win just because we wanted to be nice.

6 all happening { 06.19.14 at 12:47 pm }

Least NSW will shut up for a time now Gabby.

Wonder if Mel got flack from her students?

7 Stacey { 06.19.14 at 12:49 pm }

Hi guys! How are my favourite posters doing!! Sorry for the late – ass check in. I Have been watching this show most nights but have been a bit slack on reading your views. I’m not surprised people are not a fan of Bomber, he does come across very douchey, and while I realise everyone has their moments I thought Mel was an absolute cracker. Hard working, good looking and made a lot of effort. I really enjoyed their ‘junkyard chic’ design brief the most and was extremely excited about that particular reno to see what was produced. How is everybody here :)

8 brain dead dave { 06.19.14 at 1:08 pm }

I guess I lost faith in Bomber when he turned that little scratch on his shin into an Opera. Then there was the orange wardrobe doors fiasco and it’s all been downhill since then. Mel should smell the coffee and upcycle the hoarding pseudo brute. Bomber should be a cautionary tale to those contemplating website dating.

Hi Stacey.Good to hear from you.

9 Stacey { 06.19.14 at 1:50 pm }

Thanks BDD I have missed you! I read on another blog that people were promoting RR and their funny regulars. I couldn’t help but think of you and Andrea and Daisy :)

10 Gidgitvonlarue { 06.19.14 at 3:22 pm }

You could tell he was a big sooky hypochondriac. He carried on like a crazy woman when he just slightly scratched his shin – he didn’t even try to hide it or ‘toughen up’. And the amount of times he got his sook on because he wasn’t getting his way. Plus isn’t he meant to be a professional painter?? He never finished one paint job and from what I can see he’s not a very GOOD professional painter at all! Did everyone see the state of his house? We painted our entire living and kitchen – primer and two coats – in 2 days – and we are NOT professional painters. No excuse.

And I was a bit of a ‘go girl’ about Mel but she really went off the boil as well. Turns out they deserve each other!

11 Tragic { 06.19.14 at 3:32 pm }

Hi all, thought i would start adding to the conversation as a long time reader!?! I actually really like carol & russel? – they make me laugh and I can imagine me and Mr Tragic quite possibly coming off very similar on reality tv. Also Adam & Lisa are my favourites too, the fact that he seems like a stoner makes me like him even more 😉 they seem to really adore each other which i love.

12 Shellbot { 06.19.14 at 3:37 pm }

I think I saw on interiors addict that Mel and Bomber are doing no press. IA interview whoever had their house renovated that week and could only show the pictures for that one…

13 brain dead dave { 06.19.14 at 3:41 pm }

No press, hmm? I may have to go around and egg their house. Bomber would love that. He loves juvenile pranks.

14 Gabby { 06.19.14 at 4:46 pm }

Hi Stacey, nice to see your name around again.
I thought all the contestants were contracted to have to do interviews etc for a certain time after the end of the show.
They must really have the poops.

15 Andrea { 06.19.14 at 5:08 pm }

Hi Tragic, and Stacey, thank you, nice to hear from you again.
All Happening and Gabby, you can’t win all the time, it was the Blues turn. Gabby, remember your roots! Oh well, its only a game.
Shame HR wasn’t on last night, I want to see the gardens done, I’m liking Adam and Lisa more and more, Candy and Ryan are too fake for words, and Carole and Russell apparently own other homes. Maddie and Lloyd are okay too.

16 Eliza { 06.19.14 at 5:23 pm }

Hi Tragic – I’m with you.. I seem to like Carole and Russell for some reason and also like Adam and Lisa. I wasn’t too fond of Lisa at first, but she grew on me. I don’t mind Maddi and Lloyd, either but would prefer A&L to win based on their work on the show.

Stacey – well, hello.. nice to hear from you :)

Gabby – you can think whatever you like to make yourself feel better 😉

Andrea – the last time we won the series I was in high school and a bunch of us went dressed up in blue with big fluro signs.. we even ended up on TV. It has been a LONG time coming!

I am glad not having to hear Bomber constantly whinge and whine on the show.. it has been more pleasant viewing!

17 Gabby { 06.19.14 at 6:44 pm }

Andrea and Eliza, I am really happy N.S.W. won last night, congratulations to the both of you and to all our other commenters from N.S.W., well deserved.
Am I forgiven?
Carole and Russell give me the giggles at times the way they carry on and I don’t mind them but it makes me mad when I think of them owning numerous properties.
If that was their only property they would probably be up there as one of my favourite couples to win.

18 Anonymous { 06.19.14 at 8:50 pm }

just curious- has it been confirmed if/how many properties Carole & Russell do own? (or how mortgaged they are!)

19 Melly { 06.19.14 at 11:13 pm }

It’s getting to the pointy end so I’d better unlurk and give thanks to Annajjj and all the commenters here. You’re the icing on the House Rules cake!

My two bob:

I REALLY want the facts on how the Tassie Devils and their mohawked minions cohabit. Grant had the tightest, meanest mouth when he explained how he’d fought to keep the house, presumably from his ex wife. I’d love an interview with their exes!

I like Carol and Russell but absolutely won’t vote for them if they have other property. I doubt the producers will come clean, which I think is really unfair if people are supporting them because they think they’re battlers.

So it’s the lovely Adam and Lisa with Maddi and Lloyd a close second.

20 Eliza { 06.20.14 at 1:06 am }

LOL, Gabby.. I love a bit of sports related banter. You know we’re good!

Melly, I would love to know about Brooke and Grant too and how often they really do all live together/how he got the house. I also agree, don’t paint people as battlers if they are not.. the public certainly won’t stand for it!

21 Gabby { 06.20.14 at 9:17 am }

There was a comment a couple of weeks ago from someone in Tassie that knows Brooke and Grant’s setup and they said Grant’s kids definitely only stay there on alternate weekends. They live with their hairdresser mum who did their mullets for their TV debut.
Also it was quoted the other day the Bom’s kids are only weekend visitors as well.
As I said a couple of comments a go, I like Carole and Russ but no way should they be in the show if they own more than one property and they will not be getting my vote. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
They have already received too much under false pretences, in my opinion.

22 mm#8 { 06.20.14 at 8:34 pm }

Bomber is gone… kinda happy to just leave it at that… he is probably doing us a favour by going underground

Mel tho…. the spectacle has lost a bit I fear by her departure.. we like a fighter & that is Mel

hope all works out for them

23 Tuppence { 06.21.14 at 11:48 pm }

Agree with you Melly re Carol and Russell having multiple properties. Why should they be on if they are not “strugglers”, although I guess this is not a criteria for House Rules. Also, I am sick of Carole calling out “Russsselllll”. Am over it!

24 ExEssex { 06.22.14 at 7:19 pm }

I also wondered if it was a. ‘Rule’ that they had to be ‘battlers ‘. If not then it doesn’t really matter if carol and Russell own 15 properties, because they have made for really good tv. If they have BROKEN the rules then I think everyone deserves to be pissed off. I certainly will be.

I must admit… I just presumed that rusty and carol were. ‘Battlers ‘ at the start just because of the state if their home and their (I’m searching my brain for the right word). I can’t think of the right word. A bit bogan maybe? I don’t know.

I hope they haven’t broken the rules, because I’ve really enjoyed watching them.

25 rose { 06.23.14 at 12:58 am }

Hi lovely people!! I’m waiting impatiently for big brother Australia to start. I loved your show last season compared to the awful American season and I’m hooked. It has made me add a trip to Australia on my wish list. I have always wanted to see the stars in the southern hemisphere. I would want to stay a long time, a month or more. Maybe go to new Zealand too.
I live in New York but Australia seems expensive to me! Lol.

Oh and I have been reading about this show and the show called The Block, even though I haven’t watched either of them. I just enjoy this site so much.

26 rose { 06.23.14 at 1:03 am }

I have another question. How do people with no real high income jobs qualify for these huge mortgages in Australia?
It would be very hard to get these mortgages in the U.S. if you didn’t have a high income.

27 Eliza { 06.23.14 at 1:47 am }

Hi Rose! I have NY on my bucket list.. I would love to visit soon. Do you think it is cheaper than Aus? Sydney (where I live) is definitely up there in the $$$ stakes but I would have thought NY would be similar?

I have been to NZ a couple of times and have been able to have a nice stay doing 2 weeks per island. You could do less and stay less time and still see a fair bit due to it being nice and small. The South Island is stunning though.. wildlife and beautiful scenery everywhere! It is a must only 3 hours from Sydney.

28 Ex Essex { 06.23.14 at 7:52 pm }

NZ is stunning. I agree, the South Island is the way to go. I find NZ pretty reasonably priced. And NY is more expensive than Sydney!! Clothing is really expensive to buy here compared to the USA. But other than that I find Sydney the same or less expensive than NY

29 Kate { 06.24.14 at 10:35 am }

Hi All,

I only just found this site today and love it and all of your comments. I read yesterday about the contestants property portfolios. Only one of the houses is their only house and that they actually live in and it’s the Tassie Demon’s. Russell & the Mouth have 3, they live in a waterfront villa worth over $1M, have part ownership of swank apartment and bought the reno house. Bomber & Mel have their ‘own’ houses and he bought the reno house. Candy and Ryan have 2, Lloyd and Maddi live in swank waterside place and neighbours at reno house never see them. Adam & Lisa (my favs) live in a gorgeous big house and although they bought the reno house a while ago, neighbours rarely see them. The $ value of their portfolios were on the site. Russell and Mouth’s was about $2M I think!

30 Karl { 06.24.14 at 10:59 pm }

This show is a joke , and reeks of the way society is today.We have people living in there cars with kids , we have families in cues of hundreds just to get into a rental. The worst part is these people who cry and carry on when they see there investment houses done up is a joke because all there thinking then is how much it’s worth now for there port folios .Also they act as if there living in these house , it’s there @&&@ investment homes.
The show would have more appeal if no one had there own houses and
helped other people who also were strugglers and the prize being a large deposit for there own home.

31 Gayle { 06.25.14 at 11:02 am }

I was shocked to find they all owned other properties, but it did explain why they were all so good and knowledgeable about renovating, as I would have no idea where to start. However, what does annoy me now that I know the real story, is when some of them (Carole?) say if they won, it would be “life changing”. Also what annoys the hellthat out of me is the viewers were given the impression the “poor bastards” all lived in these shitholes!!!

32 Kate { 06.25.14 at 11:16 am }

Karl & Gayle you are both ‘dead on’. Why on earth can’t the show be more like the US version of ‘Move that Bus’ as edited as it is also but at least it is towards the needy. The list is endless regarding candidates, elderly, families with a disabled member, run down buildings made into some type of needy accom. Really pisses me off. I’m a sgl wheelchair bound mum with 2 gorgeous teenage boys, one disabled (mentally & physically) and live in a dump and pay almost ALL of my money on private rent. I’d kill (joke) to have someone come and just give me curtains and cushions, maybe a light fitting or 2. I know it’s a rental but that just goes to show…..the needy don’t have freaking ‘property portfolios’!!!!!

If I knew then what I know now I’d never even started watching the show.

33 Kassala { 06.25.14 at 8:38 pm }

Hi, I could not help but comment.
I have found out that all couples in House Rules own multiple properties. THAT SUCKS!
I refuse to vote for any of them. They do not need their mortgages paid for them, they need a reality check, and so do producers.

34 Kate { 06.25.14 at 8:49 pm }

@ ROSE. Hi Rose, every contestant on House Rules has at least one other property of a much higher value (that they actually live in) so of course they use their existing properties as collateral. Russell and Carrol have a property portfolio of around $3M.

35 Virginia { 06.27.14 at 2:47 pm }

Hi everyone, I am reading these comments and just thought I would add my bit about the properties they own. From what I have garnered – Adam and Lisa only own their one house together. Until 2005 Adam shared in ownership of a house with his father and he sold his share to put into this current house with Lisa. Ryan doesn’t own another property, the other property actually is owned by his parents. Maddie and Lloyd have a unit in Sydney. Mel owns the house on House Rules, but her and Bomber each had a house of their own already. Carol and Russell own three properties, one in Mandurah Bay they are trying to sell for 1.170 mill$$. The Tasmanians only had Grant’s house. So of the remaining contestants, only Carol and Russell are multiple property owners. Which means they won’t get my vote, which isn’t hard because Carol’s nagging and poor treatment of others is irritating.