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Update: House Rules – Most Of The Couples Have Other Properties?

Just spotted on Woman’s Day that they have done an expose on House Rules and who owns what properties.

Here is following up on the yarn as expected Russell and Carole are one team and Ryan was another, but I was surprised about Mel and Bomber:

According to Woman’s Day, five out of the six renovating couples aren’t the battlers they’ve been portrayed as, with each couple owning at least two properties – in one case worth up to $2.3 million.

Only the eliminated Tasmanian team of Brooke and Grant were found to be genuine “Aussie battlers” struggling to pay off their $262,000 family home.

While an entry condition for the show states that the renovated house must be the contestant’s “primary home”, an insider says for most of the couples the program was simply a “business decision” that would see the homes quickly sold or rented for profit.

After an “extensive investigation”, the mag reports:

* Carole and Russell claimed they were so strapped for cash they desperately needed the show to help them pay off their mortgage, but Woman’s Day claims “the pair are more than used to luxury living” and have amassed a $2.3 million property portfolio. One waterfront property alone, which is described as “an entertainer’s heaven” is reportedly currently on the market for $1.17 million. They are also joint owners of a luxury apartment with a $650,000 price tag.

* Candy and Ryan who this week confirmed their split, exchanged contracts on their Western Sydney property just weeks before filming and hadn’t even lived there prior to camera crews turning up. A neighbour claims a truck full of furniture from the Salvation Army turned up to make the house look lived in. Only Ryan’s name is on their renovated property and he owns another home in the same suburb.

* Bomber and Mel own a house each in Adelaide, both worth around $400,000. Fans claim they weren’t househunting after their first date to start a new life together, but rather Mel reportedly rushed to buy another home after being approved for the show. They therefore have three homes between them.

* Lisa and Adam also own another four-bedroom house worth $520,000 and neighbours living next to the house which appears on the show claim they don’t live there, have hardly ever seen them and the lights are never on. Both have claimed they were so desperate to get a free home makeover that they postponed their wedding.

* Maddi and Lloyd also own two properties which total approximately $940,000.Woman’s Day claim it’s unlikely they have an attachment to the rundown beachside home as it’s the second in their expanding portfolio. An insider claims the value has nearly doubled on the shabby home.

Adam and Lisa are denying the claims, and other people on this site are claiming Brooke was not living with Grant and all those kids in the house.

Unfortunately being in Thailand I can’t see the full article. I presume Russell and Carole are one team and Ryan is another one. But who else owns property?




1 New Home Building Brokers { 06.25.14 at 1:07 am }

One of our past Client’s Carole Bramston is enjoying her new career in the reality TV show House Rules.
We have got a good laugh watching and reading many media outlets release statements, suggesting all sorts of things about Carole. Including posts above!
They have absolutely no idea, and are so far off the mark!
We wish Carole all the best going forward, and look forward to catching up with her soon.
Read what Carole had to say about New Home Building Brokers.

2 Loller { 06.25.14 at 1:11 am }

So they don’t own that house on Leisure Way? Why, then, does Carole include that as her address in that Harcourts document?

3 something odd... { 06.25.14 at 1:41 am }

Just noticed the photo of “Carole” used in is the same (same hair, same top, same background) as in video of “Carole” on Sunrise – “Aussie Battlers Break Down on TV”.

What is going on here???

4 Haha ha { 06.25.14 at 1:51 am }

Nhbb carole has probably lied to you as she does it’s a habitual she goes from one male to another my friend was engaged to her a long while she then left him with an engagement ring on her and shacked up with Russell she is the black widow sucks up what she can get and then moves up to the next and don’t let her fool you about her kids used to belt them and hated her parents when you lie repeatedly it’s catches up

5 WTF { 06.25.14 at 9:03 am }

I read those testimonials and found something else quite interesting… Why was this testimonial image updated to just show Carole?

A quick Google search and this image pops up…

Interesting – very interesting but who is this other guy?? David??

6 KG { 06.25.14 at 9:44 am }

Heard Joh Griggs on radio this morning saying Womans Day story was a beat up of lies.

Her version is Adam did own a house with his dad – that was sold to buy house with Lisa. House that Womans Day is reporting as Ryan’s in same suburb is owned by his dad not by Ryan. And that Carole/Russell do have another property – bought for $900K with mortgage of over $800K.

She said ‘we’re not saying all these people are ‘battlers’ – we’re saying they’ re the same as you and me – people who own a house with a mortgage that they dream of getting paid off’. Obviously she is Ch7 employee but she spoke very well and was very vehement that WD was spreading lies?

7 WTF { 06.25.14 at 9:51 am }

If WD is all lies, why hasn’t House Rules publicly came out and made a statement? I’m not worried either way but feel taken for a ride by the show. If they’d simply told us that these contestants all had other properties and made that clear, we’d all see the show in a different light.

This beat-up about all of them being typical Aussie battlers is what is making people disappointed atm. Does this spell the end of HR??

8 Tuppence { 06.25.14 at 9:52 am }
9 Shell Shocked { 06.25.14 at 10:30 am }

I was wondering how Carol had such amazing skin (on her face) for someone her age. By the sounds of it, she may have had the money to splash out on laser and botox treatments.

10 Tuppence { 06.25.14 at 12:26 pm }
11 Eliza { 06.25.14 at 2:42 pm }

Here’s the link to the Daily Mail about Joh’s WSFM interview:

Shell Shocked, Carole is only 53.. the way the others carry on you’d think she was 73, then I would think she looks amazing haha. My mum is several years older than her and has better skin with no cosmetic help.

12 Well I Never { 06.25.14 at 3:03 pm }

Carole did go back and forth between Russell and David Raif for a few years. In fact she and Russ divorced about 3 years ago, not sure if they remarried. David left her because she couldn’t make up her mind which man to be with – she treated both of them very badly. I think Russ became the default setting when she was left alone.

She is a licensed real estate agent, the property they (David and her) had in Doubleview was a plot of land which has been sold. They (Russ and her) purchased the place in Mandurah about 18 months ago and never intended to live there.

13 Loller { 06.25.14 at 6:59 pm }

Hmmmmm. Adam & Lisa’s active Facebook page seems to have been deleted. I asked them to categorically deny owning another property (after they came out with some “must have lost the keys!” style “denial” and, today, the whole page is gone.

14 Julia { 06.25.14 at 8:29 pm }

I just don’t see why it’s such a big deal that they own other properties. I’m sure that if that is the case, they pay taxes & are not a burden on anyone else. They are just as deserving to have their mortgage paid off as a couple who is struggling if they win at this renovating game.

15 Erin { 06.25.14 at 8:51 pm }

It’s so obvious that this has been ‘put-on ‘ to create distrust in everyday viewers!
And people just eat-it-up. Why would you believe a website that anyone can edit?….

16 Jonica { 06.25.14 at 9:05 pm }

Hey guys

I just wanted to clear something up. I wrote the article for Woman’s Day. It took three weeks worth of investigating and we used a licenced and professional PI for a lot of it. We have 100 percent proof on all properties owned in the way of legal ownership registers.

Love your work everyone ! You should all be journalists !!

17 Loller { 06.25.14 at 9:12 pm }


I do hold a degree in journalism…… Decided to go into education, instead. :)

18 Jonica { 06.25.14 at 9:18 pm }

What a shame Loller. Never too late to change.

19 Jaycee47 { 06.25.14 at 9:39 pm }

This was on whirlpool forum:

It’s all a bit sad – did you read this bit by Mahina

Everything Carole says and implies is a lie ask her to see her wedding certificate ? I know for a fact she has not been married since 2002 because I met her at my grandfathers funeral whilst she was engaged to my uncle in 2009 I’m watching this show cracking up at her she has plenty of money and has owned many properties over the years …. Full of bullshit ps someone give her a couple of wines and see what happens !

They have only been together since 2010 and legal action was taking over several properties owned by her and my relative she was given money I’m not going to say how much but poor my arse!!!!! Wish the show would show the real her she’s def convincing she had us all sucked in to until she got way to drunk and was asking people if they wanted to feel her fake boobs haha she’s fake all over and people saying her and Russell can’t afford there mortgage …. Go google how much qantas staff get paid then tell me they can’t afford it !!! And research when she applied for the show she applied with the other man in her life not Russell… research my arse !!!! Rant over

Somehow I just can’t view Carole now in the same light….she has become so sure of herself….if only she knew what some people in WA were saying about her on social media!

Unfortunately we berated Brooke and thought she was the bitch when it was really Carole! Hope FFS they dont win!

20 Twinkle { 06.25.14 at 9:40 pm }

Jonica @ #116 – lovely to hear from you! And thank you for clarifying that. This is what I’ve been saying to all the naysayers on FB and Whirlpool – that it’s highly unlikely you would have gone to the trouble to write the article and provide photos if they weren’t kosher … besides, a lot more evidence has come forward since the article that backs the article 100%. Silly Joh gave an interview to today, saying it was all lies … I get the impression she’s quite naive, as opposed to trying to deceive us all even further.

To Julia @ #114, the issue is that we have all been fibbed to – the countless times Carole has blubbered into the camera about how winning would change their lives … actually, they’ve all played out their sob stories. Tonight I re-watched the show where they start doing up the units, and it was Lisa’s and Adam’s turn to give us their hard-done-by story … oh, and with Carole thrown in again too, for good measure. Why the need for the lies? The show’s format should be enough to make people want to tune in and watch – and the drama is already there without the lies.

LOLLER, well isn’t that interesting that their page has been deleted? Probably because they have never denied owning another home – I’ve seen Maddi and Lloyd come back with the same “Well, we must have lost the keys then” rubuttal which doesn’t categorically deny the allegations. I had a fight with someone on Whirlpool this afternoon who just refuses to believe the article … when I pointed out that Lisa and Adam’s bathroom was dirty as well as old and and ugly – as in dirty, like nobody had lived there for ages – I think I won that particular argument (unless they’re trying to think of a comeback).

21 Twinkle { 06.25.14 at 9:43 pm }

To Jaycee @ #119 – I think that same person has commented on here about Carole previously, too.

I wonder if the contestants from the first series were as shady. I know the stuff about Michelle and Steve’s ‘Grandpa’s Chair’ was BS, but for the most part the others really did seem genuine.

22 Julia { 06.25.14 at 10:32 pm }

Thanks for clarifying that twinkle, I hate a fake sob story too. If that is the issue then it is understandable that so many people are disappointed with these couples spouting so many lies about their circumstances. If they were honest then we really shouldn’t have a problem, whether they were well off or not. It is a renovating show, is it not?

23 Twinkle { 06.25.14 at 11:22 pm }

@ Julia, #122 – if there had been no hard luck stories, then there wouldn’t have been an issue. Aside from Michelle and Steve, I don’t recall any of last year’s contestants talking about how tough things had been for them.

To be fair, not all of the contestants this time have constantly gone on – but Carole most definitely has … with lots of tears; Mel and Bomber did; Brooke and Grant did … Maddi and Lloyd, and Lisa and Adam, have just talked of their plans to get married and start families.

The show itself has been sold to us as helping Aussie battlers get ahead – the pre-launch adverts and media emphasised how they were all trying to get ahead, and how winning this competition would solve all their problems.

24 deceived { 06.25.14 at 11:26 pm }

well what deceitful people!!! they go on an on about NEEDING to have their mortgage paid/desperation etc. Tell the damn truth – you are (except TAS couple) money hungry mongrels who want to trick people. Tell it how it is:

A) you want to fool people to make money
B) you want to lie about being needy
C) you don’t want deserving people to be given a go on the show

There are enough money-hungry selfish pigs in the consumer-driven world. Give the struggler a go. AND tell the truth

25 deceived { 06.25.14 at 11:28 pm }

As for it being a reno show – NO – because the show focuses so much on how this show will change lives. In reality it is changes bank balances.

I won’t be watching any more.

26 Twinkle { 06.25.14 at 11:35 pm }

Oh, PS Julia:

Another reason why people are so upset is because one of the rules clearly states that the residence being renovated must be the contestants’ main home (something to that extent) – it doesn’t state that they can’t own any other property, but they have to live at the house that’s being renovated.

With all the info that’s come out about buy/sell dates – people on Whirlpool, especially, have exposed listing information which points to the houses for Russell and Carole, Candy and Ryan, Mel and Bomber, (and possibly Lisa and Adam?) – being purchased a few weeks before filming started. And then there are reports that the neighbours of Candy and Ryan, and Lisa and Adam, having never seen the contestants living at their houses. Plus a Sallies truck pulled up to Candy and Ryan’s house with furniture a few days before filming.

So, quite a few of the contestants have broken that rule … so it would seem.

Are Maddi and Lloyd completely innocent in this picture? Who knows …

Someone said something very interesting about Maddi on FB tonight – apparently she has a one bedroom place in Brisbane she can’t sell … I wasn’t aware of a third property being thrown into the mix.

27 Twinkle { 06.25.14 at 11:37 pm }

I feel sorry for Brooke. So much was made of her being a hideous person – Candy has come out and said she’s not like that in reality – yet she and Grant were probably the ones who deserved to win the most. And still people are making rubbish up about them on the FB page, saying they’re selling their house / they’re splitting up … whatever’s wrong in the world is Brooke’s fault, apparently.

At least they have a nice house now though.

28 Eliza { 06.26.14 at 2:27 am }

Interesting, I went to school with a guy who is in real estate. He has posted on Facebook that CH7 have contacted him looking for couples in Western Sydney for next season of the show. Another agent has said that they contacted him last year. Just proves what we already know about people buying just before the show/buying for the show. If they lie about the ‘rule’ of couples living in the houses for at least two years, what is to say they don’t lie about everything else. The evidence is pretty stacked up against them. Just tell the truth!

29 Del { 06.26.14 at 3:45 am }

Excuse me? Has anyone noticed the “boat” parked outside Carole and Russel’s canal home? Don’t tell me they are struggling to pay their mortgage when theboat is worth as much as their luxury home. Icould pay a mortgage off on what it would cost for the running costs and maintenance of that boat.

30 Erin { 06.26.14 at 7:11 am }

Since you guys are so disturbed: why don’t you enter the show? They’re looking for more contestants. If you can talk the talk, walk the walk.

31 House Rules – Who The Hell Is Carole In A Relationship With And Other House Rules Gossip | reality ravings { 06.26.14 at 1:09 pm }

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32 stacey { 07.07.14 at 9:43 pm }

The only reality is its not a competition but a popularity contest. I will never watch this garbage again. What amazes me is how gullible people are to believe any of the rubbish that is force fed to them. There is nothing real about reality tv its all about ratings and making money by any means needed.

33 Dean Ashby { 08.20.14 at 4:41 pm }

It is sad and appalling indeed to know that there are indeed such people who take advantage of every possible situation there is. Such programs are there to help out needy people who are truly in need of assistance in a dire state. However, others are just out to reap profits. By doing that, they are just depriving worthy contestants of the help that they deserve just because of their greed. When they have another property, be it residential or commercial, they should just try alternative methods to produce profits there like renting out as accommodation or even self-storage, instead of cheating.