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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer Survivor

Spencer Bledsoe was a fan favourite and a lot of hoping that he would make it to the top two. His back was against the wall a lot of the times throughout the series and he was lucky to make it out of his original Brain’s tribe. But no one was going to take him before a jury as he would have been very tough to beat.

In this interview Spencer talks about his game play, whether lobbying occurs at Ponderosa and if he would have taken Tony to final two.

Reality Ravings: You played a fantastic game and your back was against the wall at different times. How devastating was it when you lost that last immunity challenge? Did you know that you were gone?

Spencer: I had a pretty good I idea I was in a lot of trouble. I definitely did think it was the most danger I had had in the game so far. It was pretty devastating and I knew how important it was going in.

 RR: Were you the only one that had realised that it had was a final two or had the others clicked onto it?

Spencer: I think other people had an open mind but I definitely would not put it past them to figure it out. I was the first person to openly say that. It was something that we were not really prepped for. It took a long time to sink in.

 RR: You said to Tony that if you took him to final two you would vote for him. But that is a false promise as you don’t vote. What was your logic behind that?

Spencer: I think I said if I had the chance I would bring him to final two with me. I also said that if he was in the final two and I was on the jury I would vote for him.

RR: It seemed pretty clear to a lot of viewers that if you had made it to the jury you would have won. Did you think that?

Spencer: I thought I had a good shot, but I was a little worried about Tony. If I was on the jury and I was voting for me and Tony and I had played the game I had played I would vote for Tony. I was making the assumption that other people would think similar to me. In retrospect I think I had a good chance but at the time I thought I had a better chance against Kass and Woo.

RR: Would you have kept your promise to Tony would you have taken him if he had saved you?

Spencer: No, no. [both laugh] I was trying to say anything I could. He was the one person I was worried about. If I had had the chance to take Kass ahead of Tony I certainly would have taken Kass.

RR: You are probably more of a student of the game then I am but one of the great things about your game play was your back was against the wall. And you managed to do the somersault double twist just as your flame was about to be snuffed. What do you think were your best moves in the game that kept you in and has any other player been on the way out as many times as you and managed to survive?

Spencer: I think you give me a little too much credit but I would say my best move was probably when I talked to Tony about an all girl alliance in the final seven and convinced him in his paranoia that he was in trouble. As far as having the most ups and downs I think I might have the record but then that is not something to be proud of. I think even though I had some bad luck I also had some good luck. I was responsible for my downs as well as my ups. One thing we can agree on it was a very extreme roller coaster ride.

RR: Kass said in one episode that she played the game like a man she made big moves and she betrayed people. Tony did the same thing and he is thought to be a great strategic player whereas she is just seen to be a bitch. What are your thoughts on that?

Spencer: First of all I don’t know what she means when she says she played like a man. I think women and men should be able to play strategically. I understand what she means but I would disagree that there is a certain way a man plays versus a woman. I would disagree that her game was similar to Tony’s. Tony had a good strategic rationale for many of his moves. And I think he made many many moves. Whereas Kass made essentially one move in the game which was to flip on Sarah. I think she would like to claim it was a good move strategically but I would disagree. While I do think there is a point to be made that men and women should not be held to different standards I don’t think Kass was the victim of any of that. I think Kass was judged based on her strategic play and I did not think her strategic play was anything like Tony’s.

RR: I think there is an expectation that women are meant to be nice.

Spencer:  I agree with that there was a player named Dawn and she played very cut throat and strategic and she was judged for that because she was  mother and it was unfair. My only point is that Kass thinks that is what happened to her but I think what happened to her was she played a poor strategic game and I think if she had been a man I and the other players would have had the same feelings about her.

RR: Fair enough. Back at Ponderosa do the jury talk about who they are voting for and is there lobbying?

Spencer: Yes there is some lobbying and people definitely are open about who are they are going to vote for. There is definitely some shifting at Ponderosa.

RR: Everyone on this blog was very disappointed that you did not win. If you go back on Survivor, which hopefully you will, how would you play it differently?

Spencer: If was lucky enough to be asked back I don’t think I would drastically change my approach but I would try work on some of my weaknesses. My weaknesses not being able to relate to everyone as well as others could, and think some of that is age and some of that is arrogance. Also persuasion skills and inter-personal skills, though I would not have a huge overhaul on my game or my approach I think I would want to emphasise that more. I was more focussed on strategy and sometimes lost sight of building relationships.

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1 daisy { 06.23.14 at 10:21 am }

If Spencer had won, or Tash, LJ, Jeremiah I would have continued to watch next year. But there have been too many seasons now where the jerks have taken home the money.