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Survivor Cagayan – Interview With Woo Hwang

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Woo Hwang was thought to have made the wrong strategic decision when he decided to take Tony with him to the final two, but in this interview he stands by his choice.

Reality Ravings: Congratulations to making it to final two, but after you were home watching the whole series on your couch, did you then go “OMG, Tony was conniving. Did you regret taking him to final two then?

Woo: Watching it I knew I had made the right decision. Regrets none whatsoever. Watching it play out I knew I had made the right decision.

RR: Did you tell Kass before the vote who you were going to take or was it a surprise to her?

Woo: After winning the challenge and going into final council obviously you consider both stories. To me it was about the honourable thing to do by taking someone who I thought was deserving to go. Also going to tribal councils you could see there was some facial movements that showed there was still some bitterness about Tony so I took that into consideration as well. He played a great game but he also betrayed a lot of people on the jury. You hope you get the points just for taking him.

RR: Everyone liked you Woo, but the criticism of your game was that there was no big moves as you found out jury love big moves. What would you say were your best moves in the game and your best decisions.

Woo: My best moves was just my game play strategy. I went into the game and kept it low key and aligned myself with the strongest alliance. As a martial arts instructor I am usually in the leadership role but for me to adapt to take second in command  right of the bat. I had Tony  and Cliff on my team and they are two alpha males and I knew that I would have to make adjustments in order to move forward. So my big moves were just those real subtle ones they were not very recognizable my ability to adapt and take second in command I thought I did a great job with that. What I did was underneath the radar.

RR: Have you applied many times for the show was this your first time Woo?

Woo: I have applied a couple of times and I had a buddy who told me to reapply again and I gave it another shot and I got in.

RR: Was there anything that surprised you about being on Survivor?

Woo:  the most surprising part is how tough it really is. You sit on the couch and watch it is one thing. But to be out there is a big wake up call and really experience being hungry, thirsty and tired. That was an eye opener.

RR: Back to when you were in the brawn tribe, you were aligned with Cliff. Did you think after he went that you were scrambling to get a new alliance?

Woo: I thought I was on the same page as Trish and Tony, but when Cliff got blindsided naturally I thought I had been blindsided as well. When Nicky quit I really thought I was on the bottom, which I was. Thankfully we won that immunity challenge. The next day we merged. If we had not I would have been the next to go.

RR: Last question what is next for you?

Woo: Post Survivor life continues, I am back in Newport Beach, and I am training as  a personal trainer and a martial arts instructor. I got a chance to catch some good waves this weekend and get some family time. It is back on the normal life.


1 daisy { 06.23.14 at 10:26 am }

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Totally suckered by Tony. Where is the integrity in that?
Also he stole the clue from Spencer so where was the integrity then? A very naive player, played by a conman.
And no RR, not everyone liked him.

When Woo thought that somehow there was integrity ingrained in taking Tony it really made me dislike him.

2 daisy { 06.23.14 at 10:31 am }

What he did showed false integrity. Had he taken Kass and won, he could have donated all or most of the money to helping the disadvantaged. That I could have respected. That would be integrity.

3 rose { 06.24.14 at 8:49 am }

I think you mean “Lindsey” quit. You have “after Nicky quit”