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Guest Post: House Rules – A Feel Good Challenge

Annajjj is back with another recap. Thanks again:
I missed last night’s episode but I’m very sorry to see Madllo go home. They were my second choice for the win.

Tonight is the second semi (demi-semi?) final and teams are renovating a house belonging to the Barnardos Family in NSW. Teams assemble in the front yard and are greeted by Joh who tells them the house is in desperate need of a makeover. Out come Jo, Sharon and Nicki who tell us this is a holiday home for needy kids and immediately all the teams get emotional. Inside the house it’s pretty run-down and the contestants can’t wait to get started.

Joh reminds everyone not to let their emotions get in the way; this is still a competition. Carole does’t need the warning. Not for one single minute in the past 8 weeks has she taken her eyes off the prize. She tries to boost up the viewer sympathy vote by telling us her own kids were so lucky to have had a better childhood than the Barnardos kids, even if they didn’t get their own special $400 reading/cuddling chairs.

The house is divided into three zones; two medium sized zones and one massive zone. Teams get to pick a card, any card, and Lisadz get the entire house minus a couple of bedrooms, the kitchen and one or two other rooms, which are divvied up between the Cappers and Ryandy. They all have 7 days to complete this renovation. 

House Rules are fairly standard:
Fun, family beach house
Safe and friendly for kids
Relaxed retro feel
Pops of colour (we miss you now Brooke!)
Creative easy care options – no one can quite work out what this means

The Cappers are determined not to lose. The Producers are also determined the Cappers won’t lose and they enlist first Chester, then McFlurry, to support the Capper’s vision of getting everything they fucking want all the fucking time. 

First up Chester! arrives to advise the Cappers to knock down the wall between their zone and Ryandy’s to maximise their view. Then McDawn-French adds her 70 cents worth, and tells the Cappers they really need to get the view at all costs. On second thoughts maybe McManipulator and Chester are doing this to stir up trouble and make viewers hate the Cappers more to increase the ratings….

Anyway Candy and I are getting very annoyed with the Capper’s demands although Ryan seems quite happy to support them, support anyone really, except Candy. No wonder she dumped him. 

In Lisadz’s zone they are trying to fit multiple bunk beds into their bedroom. Demolition begins and Adam starts sawing through the existing cupboard. What a shame Team Bomb aren’t here to rescue and upcycle it into some sort of table/shelf/bed-head monstrosity. 

McGuilt-Trip bounces back on set to hassle Ryandy about their games room wall. ‘That view belongs to everyone’ she tells them but it’s a goddam competition McStupid. They don’t have to give up their zone features to another team just because you say so. 

Candy is clearly unhappy but is forced into giving up the games room wall so the Capper’s can get their dining room view. ‘Well done. I knew you’d get your act together’ Carole smirks, making everyone except Gapper want to slap her. ‘We’re near the top of the leaderboard’ Gapper reminds her, ‘and we’re gonna get your mortgage paid off!’ Her mortgage? Hmmmmm. 

The Cappers decide to knock down the wall between the toilet and the bathroom and this seems a bit of a stupid idea. This house will hold 10 people and wouldn’t it make sense to have two separate loos rather than making one inaccessible whenever someone is using the bathroom?

Carole then gets pissed off with Gapper for ‘helping’ Adam with sourcing the cornicing both teams need. So it’s fine for you to demand the sea view for ‘the good of the project’ but you’re upset when Gapper arranges consistency with the cornicing? 

Ryandy are arguing again and Ryan takes out his frustrations on the demolition of the kitchen. Later he and Candy make a late night trip to Masters to redesign their kitchen to give Lisadz some space for their laundry. Well done gice. Hope you two teams are in the finals and we get rid of the annoying Cappers. Reveal and elimination on Sunday. 


1 Gabby { 06.26.14 at 10:45 am }

Thanks Anna for the recap. I am so over Carole. She never goes out of her way to help others but expects them to fall over backwards for her.
I taped last night and to tell you the truth I haven’t been bothered to watch it as yet.
It has lost it’s sparkle for me with the revelations.
Will continue to read the recaps and I am definitely going for Adam and Lisa for a win, merely because of Adam’s gorgeous big smile.
I am not happy with them though, due to the fact owning a four bedroom home and have never been seen living in the house that was renovated.
As far as I am concerned HR is a load of croc. It’s lost me.

2 Andrea { 06.26.14 at 10:50 am }

Can’t stand Carole any more, apart from the cheating allegations of multiple homes etc, she has become selfish and demanding. She wants everything her own way and won’t give an inch to anyone else. How smug she was to talk to Candy like that, and to tell Russell not to help anyone when the others have helped her with shopping etc.
I agree about putting the toilet in with the bathroom, its ridiculous, with 10 people in that house, a second separate toilet is a necessity.
Looks like Candy really snaps in the next episode, can’t blame her.
Adam and Lisa should win if they continue to stay happy and co operative as they have been doing so far.

3 ziii { 06.26.14 at 11:11 am }

Thanks for the recap Annajjj

I don’t mind Carole, yes she is demanding, but that wall did need to come down.

I agree about not having a separate toilet. I thought Carole was all for it when she built the glass toilet box.

Loved seeing Chester!

4 brain dead dave { 06.26.14 at 11:22 am }

Thanks , annajjj. I’m still watching but flicking over during the ads to Ma$terchef which is more fun just at the minute.Two reasons:

*her pussy whipped Jack Russell

Surely the public won’t vote for these portfolio packing, laminated “battlers”.

5 all happening { 06.26.14 at 11:25 am }

Great recap Annajjj as usual. Carol is a complete pain and two faced. Who was it that used M&L to get things done but then Gapper dares to help Bernardos by having matching cornices throughout the house and she loses it. I have never liked Candy but felt sorry for her but unfortunately she picked the wrong fight. The wall was a must to come down but toilet wall was a bad move.
I agree, Andrea about Carol being selfish and demanding. Nasty bitch.
They are saying on fb that Masters is over an hour each way to get to.

6 brain dead dave { 06.26.14 at 11:32 am }

It’s pretty dire for poor Candy, getting shat on by both Carole and Ryan. You can see she’s not up for kissing the Rhino, it’s like watching that cat try to get away from Pepe le Peu. She’d find a better bloke than Ryan in a doss house.

7 julie ann { 06.26.14 at 12:15 pm }

so over carol. I thought brooke was unpleasant but dictator carol is truly a piece of work.

8 Andrea { 06.26.14 at 12:16 pm }

Thanks All happening, have to agree with everyone above.
I think the public will vote for Adam and Lisa over The Cappers, hope so anyway!

9 Colleen { 06.26.14 at 12:33 pm }

I am wondering if Candy and Ryan were told to keep their relationship problems a secret up until now because something is happening in the next few episodes. I feel for them, it must be difficult to realise you need to part ways but can’t get away and have some time apart.

I’ve never liked Carole, but can Ryan and Candy seriously be in the GF with their problems, that would be really awkward on live TV.

The secret room thing last year was totally superfluous to the outcome.

10 brain dead dave { 06.26.14 at 12:36 pm }

Just one more demolition left for Candy and Ryan~ their relationship. Maybe one of those expert rent a shrinks on $unrise can sort them out.

11 all happening { 06.26.14 at 12:45 pm }

Watching C&R is sort of like watching a car crash. Even not liking them, I can’t help feel sorry for them. I am amazed at how many people are backing C&R. I am hoping A&L win.

12 kim { 06.26.14 at 12:56 pm }

more chester please!

13 Gidgitvonlarue { 06.26.14 at 3:28 pm }

Carole is a smiling assassin. Hope Candy punches her in her big saggy boobs next ep – now THAT would be entertaining!

14 Gidgitvonlarue { 06.26.14 at 3:35 pm }

Seriously though Carole is such a god damn hypocrite. One minute she’s stealing peoples stuff or demanding other teams get stuff from Masters for her and Russell (which they DO) – then she acts all selfish and won’t return the favour. Not only that they are doing this house for needy kids. Did she not cry like a baby saying her own kids ‘went without a pretty little girls bedroom’ yadda yadda so you would think she would put her own selfish needs aside and think ‘well, we are doing this for needy kids and families’. She really is a selfish bitch. It was the final straw when she went off at Russell for simply just SHOWING Adam where he can get the same cornicing. Jesus Christ woman. She really is horrid. I SO hope she gets booted next. She does not deserve to win this thing. Glad Adam and Lisa and Ryan and Candy are teaming up. Funny, the younger teams are more mature than the ‘mature’ teams!!

15 Shellbot { 06.26.14 at 4:44 pm }

Adam and Lisa are the only ones that can win I think, because it will be weird if Candy and Ryan win knowing that they have broken up and won’t live in the house together and they want to sell it anyway…

16 Fijane { 06.26.14 at 6:52 pm }

Agree with everything said. Really enjoying masterchef much more at the moment than HR. I no longer have any feeling for the remaining teams, and if it comes down to public voting again as some have suggested above, I won’t bother watching the GF.
Still really enjoy the recaps and comments here, though – well worth following.

17 Sophie { 06.26.14 at 8:10 pm }

I agree with most of the comments. I’m so over HR after the revelations that I haven’t been able to watch an episode. I was all for Adam and Lisa winning but now I couldn’t give a rats who wins. I cried at last years GF episode as I was so happy for the winners. Now the prize is just going to people who are already lucky/privileged. I suppose though any reall hard working couples trying to pay off a mortgage cannot afford to take the 3 months off from their jobs or businesses to do the show. If the show is going to continue to have these types of contestants then the prize needs to be smaller. I’d be happy to watch if they just ended up with a free Reno and maybe $10000.

18 Eliza { 06.27.14 at 12:13 am }

Adam & Lisa are the only couple I’d be ‘happy’ seeing ‘win’.

I had liked Carole but yes, her selfish side has been more so on show lately. For crying out loud, they all need to have the same cornice!

Never been a fan of Candy and Ryan. I don’t know if it’s just a mix of Ryan’s assertiveness and that he is the actual owner of the house, but Candy has never seemed that into it.

19 Lenni { 06.27.14 at 3:21 pm }

Possible explanation as to why Russell is so compliant . The David thing, I mean.

20 Myra { 06.28.14 at 9:50 pm }

Thank you for that recap – great as always! I have not been able to catch up for a few weeks til now and wow I thought the producers pushed Maddi and Lloyd out with very low scores and were kissing Carole and Russell’s asses. They did an awful job on Maddi and Loyd’s front yard. I am all for Adam and Lisa to win. Carole could not possibly be more annoying and selfish. I was waiting for Candy to rush over and bitch slap her. Russell needs to grow a pair! Boy his mates must be giving him hell over the way she pushes him around. Even if Carole and Russell do win, bad karma is going to wrap around Carole like a hug when the show is over because of her selfish ways.

21 cuisinaire { 06.30.14 at 10:57 am }

Carole and Russell “over exposed” in The West Australian today. Spoiler alert…it would seem as though C & R will reveal reno work done on the home of a Perth family whose breadwinner was on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. Good PR by Ch7 with(hopefully) a positive outcome on one front for the family.

22 cuisinaire { 06.30.14 at 11:22 am }

Carole and Russell “over exposed” in The West Australian today. Spoiler alert…C & R will reveal reno work done on the home of a Perth family whose breadwinner was on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. Good PR by Ch7 and hopefully a positive outcome on one front for the family.

23 Myra { 07.01.14 at 1:01 pm }

OMG I don’t know about anyone else, but I could have punched Carole in the face over that damn wall. She originally went crazy and even had her other puppet (the other Carol) in on convincing Ryan and Candy that the wall had to come down and just because she realized it would not work (even though all of us at home knew that would not work with the large furniture she wanted) now she’s demanding that they change. I never heard my gringo Aussie husband ever say this nasty word that we Spanish woman call each other when it’s about to be an argument but he said it last night about Carole. Si

24 Cheryl { 07.02.14 at 10:01 pm }

Love Carole and Russel God I pray they win So glad Candy is gone Spoilt little pratt.

25 Stacey { 07.03.14 at 10:39 pm }

Carol did annoy me with her change of mind but the end results for both teams was unreal. Those rooms were much better with the wall.

26 daisy { 07.03.14 at 10:48 pm }

Hi little Stacey. When ever I see you pop up I always wish you the best of everything.